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Dreamed to have sex with a woman

Dreamed to have sex with a woman

Dreamed to have sex with a woman

How to have vaginal sexFAST FACTS:During vaginal sex the penis goes into the vagina.Foreplay is important. It gets you both sexually aroused and ready for penetrative sex. It makes vaginal sex more enjoyable for both partners.Having vaginal sex without using a condom puts you and your partner at risk of unplanned pregnancy, contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).Put a condom on an erect penis before it touches or enters the vagina.Discussing safer sex is an important part of having sex.Sex can be a lot of fun and very pleasurable, but its also normal to have questions and worries. You might be thinking about having sex for the first time and are not sure where to start. Or maybe you want more information on how to make it pleasurable and safe?Whatever your situation here are answers to some common questions about vaginal sex.What is vaginal sex?During vaginal sex (also known as penetrative vaginal sex, vaginal intercourse, sexual intercourse and just sex) the penis goes into the vagina.How do you have vaginal sex?There is no one right way of having vaginal sex, but there are a few things that you should think about before you do it.Its important that both people are enthusiastic about having sex and that no one is feeling pressured or forced into doing anything they dont want to do. Asking your partner and continuing to communicate as you progress is the best way to make sure you have their consent. It should also help make the experience more pleasurable for you both.Vaginal sex works best when both partners are aroused. This is why foreplay is important.What is foreplay?Foreplay (sometimes called heavy petting) is about getting both people sexually aroused (or turned on) and ready for penetrative sex, through kissing, stroking, caressing, rubbing and touching. Sometimes people also have oral sex as part of foreplay. The more aroused you both are, the better sex is likely to feel.Youll often know youre getting aroused from certain physical signs:for women, the vagina begins to moistenmen get an erection, which means their penis will get bigger and harden.Foreplay should be enjoyable for both partners and you may choose to not go any further than this stage. Many couples enjoy having foreplay for a long time before they move on to having vaginal sex.If you are both ready to have vaginal sex, the arousal created through foreplay will help the penis enter the vagina more easily.We spent ages on foreplay, kissing, fingering and lots of oral as it was both of our first times. When we did decide to have sex, we used a condom and lots of lube and he was very gentle, kept asking me if he was hurting me and how I felt. It did hurt a bit, but not as much as I was expecting. MayWhen should I put on a condom?Once you are both aroused and ready to have sex you can put on a male condom . This can be done by you or your partner. You can only put a condom on an erect penis and you should do this before the penis touches or enters the vagina.If you are using a female condom it can be put in up to eight hours before sex.How do you get the penis into the vagina?When you are ready, it helps if one of you uses your hand to gently guide the penis into the vagina. Take your time, and dont worry if it takes a few goes to guide it in properly this is very normal, especially when you are both getting used to each others bodies.Once the penis is inside, you can move your bodies so that the penis pushes into the vagina and then pulls partly out again. Do what comes naturally and feels good being slow and gentle is a good idea to start with so you can make sure you are both comfortable.He was very slow and rather than just pushing into me hard and fast, he took his time making sure I got used to his penis being inside me. He repeatedly asked me if I was ok or wanted him to stop. I told him no and I only felt slightly uncomfortable at first but then when he had fully entered me it felt amazing. He was slow and sensual. AshRemember that you can pause or stop at any point you want, the same is true for your partner. Just because you have started something doesnt mean you need to continue stopping is actually very normal. If you are not feeling comfortable with what you are doing you have the right to stop! If your partner wants to stop respect their wishes.Will it hurt and will the woman bleed?It can take a bit of time to get used to the sensation of sex, and some women can find it a little uncomfortable or painful at first. However, the pain should not be intense and if at any time the pain is too strong then you should stop. Taking things slowly, making sure the woman is fully aroused and using a good waterbased lubrication (oilbased lubricants like massage oils or Vaseline can cause a condom to break) can help penetration feel more comfortable.If its a womans first time having sex she may bleed a little. This is generally nothing to worry about. Though its perfectly normal to bleed the first time you have sex, its also perfectly normal not to bleed.If you continue to bleed every time you have sex then its a good idea to speak to a healthcare professional to check its nothing to worry about.What is the best position for vaginal sex?There is no one best position and different people will enjoy different things. One common position involves the woman lying down, with the man lying or sitting on top (also called the missionary position).However there are many different possible positions, the woman can be on top, or you can both lie on your sides. You dont have to be facing each other some people like having vaginal sex from behind meaning the womans back is turned towards the man.It is easiest to choose a position you both feel comfortable with and one that you can get into easily if you are having sex for the first time. As you get to know each others bodies better, you can experiment with different positions and work out what you both like.After a while you might find certain movements, positions and ways of touching that lead to one or both of you having an orgasm (also called coming or climaxing). Dont be too concerned if this doesnt happen straight away or even at all. It takes time to get to know what works for you sexually and for your partner and sex can be enjoyable whether you climax or not.You may want to experiment with sex toys, or having anal sex and oral sex as well as vaginal sex. Remember that if you do move from anal sex to vaginal sex you should put on a new condom to make sure you do not infect the vagina with bacteria.What are the risks of pregnancy, STIs and HIV from vaginal sex?Having vaginal sex without using a condom, even if its your first time, means you run the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, and puts you and your partner at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV .If youve had unprotected sex make sure you seek healthcare advice as soon as possible. Youll be able to access emergency contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and if you are worried that you have been exposed to HIV, you can take postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) to prevent HIV infection.While there are many different options for contraception, only condoms will protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. Talking to your partner about protection before you start having sex will help things go more smoothly. Being safe will help you both feel more relaxed and make sex more enjoyable.Though you might find bringing up the subject of safer sex embarrassing, its an important part of having sex. If you find it too difficult to discuss using protection then it could be a sign that you arent ready to start having sex just yet. Thats fine remember that there are lots of ways to enjoy being together and to explore your sexual feelings until the time is right.Deciding whether to have sex is a very personal thing. The main things to consider are whether it feels right, and whether you and your partner are both sure. Our article Am I ready for sex? will help you think about this.Photo credit: iStock.commonkeybusinessimages. Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply any health status or behaviour on the part of the people in the photo.

SHAREIn their recent paper entitled Sex Dreams, Wet Dreams, and Nocturnal Emissions ( Dreaming , 2011, Vol. 21, No. 3, 197212), Calvin KaiChing Yu and Wai Fu from Hong Kong Shue Yan University note that rigorous empirical studies of sex dreams are few and far between. Even though REM sleep is associated with prolonged erections in the male and clitoral engorgement and pelvic thrusting in the female, scientists have not pursued these leads concerning potential functions of REM sleep.Freud , however, was not as timid as modern psychological or biomedical scientists. Although he was not aware of the striking physiological sexual associations with REM sleep (nor indeed was he aware of REM sleep), he nevertheless correctly guessed or inferred that dreams had something to do with libidinal desires. When these libidinal desires conflicted with societal or moral norms they were repressed and then covered over with elaborate dream symbols and images. For Freud, dream interpretation all too often reduced to wading through the thicket of symbolic camoflauge thrown up by the dream machine in order to rediscover the original libidinal wishes that gave rise to them in the first place.Yu and Fu give due respect to Freuds work but move beyond it by providing a neural model of dreaming that is consistent with the modern cognitive neurosciences. Their model is similar to the one suggested by Mark Solms several years ago. Libidinal desires are thought to be mediated by mesolimbiccortical dopaminergic systems. The prefrontal cortices act to regulate and inhibit aggressive and libidinal desires. During REM sleep activation of the dopaminergic systems are heightened and the prefrontal regulatory systems are weakened. Since libidinal desires cannot be acted upon during sleep their satisfaction is hallucinated and these hallucinations are called dreams. Freud had originally suggested a very similar model and added that the hallucinations act to protect sleep.Yu and Fus study was simple in design. They gave a questionnaire on sex dreams to 58 young male college students but unlike previous studies the questionnaire included a fairly extensive list of sexual activities that respondents could indicate they had dreamed about. The list included such activities as kissing lips, foreplay, vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, and anal intercourse. Finally the authors asked respondents to indicate if they had ejaculated during a dream whether or not the ejaculation was in response to a dream image.Results showed that 95 of respondents (all of whom were male remember) had dreamed about sex with a woman, with the most common forms of sexual interaction being foreplay and vaginal intercourse. Most respondents reported that they dreamed of vaginal intercourse with a woman about 9 times a year. Approximately 80 of respondents reported having had a wet dream at least once. Interestingly, the women these young men dreamed about were most often complete strangers. In about a third of the sample the objects were female teachers. In about 10 of cases the objects were mothers of the dreamers. Almost 12 of heterosexual participants had dreamed about engaging in various types of homosexual activities.What should we make of these intriguing findings? Can they tell us anything about the functions or meaning of dreams? On the one hand the findings are banal. Should we be surprised that young men have sex dreams that involve fantasy objects or women they see on a daily basis? I am more surprised that sex dreams in these young men are not more frequent than 9 times a year. Can this negative result (the relative infrequency of sex dreams) be attributed to a social desirability effect? Were respondents just giving the researchers a watered down sanitized version of their dream lives? I do not think so. Yu and Fus results are consistent with other studies and responses were anonymous. They could have responded anyway they wished and noone would have guessed who they were.So then what do results tell us about dreams? Even when we ask young men about sex dreams it turns out that sex dreams are relatively rare occurring only about nine times a year! Similar results are obtained from young women. Dreams seem not to be primarily about sex.Given that sex is a central desire or concern for most people, particularly young people it cannot be that dreams are primarily reflections of everyday desires, affairs or concerns. Dreams have no consistent continuity with everyday life and therefore the continuity hypothesis of dreams (an all too popular theory of dreams these days) must be false.What about Freuds claims concerning the disguise of libidinal wishes in dreams? Yu and Fu find some evidence for this idea in their data but I confess I see no such evidence for Freuds position in any dataset on dreams that I have seen. Instead sex dreams are pretty explicit simulations of sexual interactions. Likewise dreams not involving sex appear to be about whatever themes they are aboutnot some buried libidinal drive.Although we can conclude that we know what dreams are NOT about (everyday life), we still unfortunately do not really understand what dreams are about.

Ami Angelowicz 4.8.11 4:00 pmShare br this article:AdvertisementHave you ever had a dream that was so gross or bizarre that you woke up and felt embarrassed to have even dreamed it? Dont worry, it happens to all of us. Just because you dreamed of having sex with your mother doesnt mean you are destined to gauge your eyes out like Oedipus. After the jump, the meaning behind five really disgusting yet very common dream symbols.Incestuous hookups: Dreams of hooking up or even having sex with your family members or close friends can be the most unsettling kind of dreams to have. Relax. You dont actually want to do your brother. And ewww, by the way. Sex dreams are about merging or connecting with someone. It can be a longing for love from that person, a symbol of the current state of your relationship with them, or even a desire to adopt some of that persons thoughts or attitudes as your own. After having an incestuous sexual dream, no need to feel ashamed. However, you may want to spend some time reflecting on your relationship with that person.Deformed genitals: Four breasts? Two penises? A penisvagina combo? A tail growing out of your ass? What the hell? In general, if you dream of weird crap going on with your genitals, it either has to do with your sexuality, creativity, or personality. Depending on the specific deformity, you may be questioning your sexuality or sexual desire. Is there guilt, shame, or anxiety surrounding your sex life or lack thereof? Maybe you are having a surge of creativity that needs to be released, if you will. Or maybe you are maturing, growing, or changing as a person. If you are a woman who dreams of having male genitalia or a man who dreams of having female genitalia, you may be in the process of developing the dormant side of your personality. Carl Jung referred to these as the animus (the inner masculine part of the female personality) and anima (the inner feminine part of the male personality). If you dream of having a peenvajay combo, it may be a symbol of harmony between your masculine and feminine side, not a revelation that you were secretly born a hermaphrodite.Bodily functions: In real life, you do your business behind closed doors, but in your dreams anything goes. A very common dream is peeingpoopingmenstruating in public. Toilet dreams are super embarrassing while were dreaming them and sometimes even when we wake up. These dreams are usually about anxiety, shame, or privacy and stem from a fear of exposing or expressing yourself especially creatively to others. Searching unsuccessfully for a toilet may indicate a conflict between wanting to share your talents with the world, but having a fear of doing so. Causing a toilet to overflow may represent loss of emotional control or an inability to harness your potential.Nudity: Weve all had that dream where we show up naked to school, work, or an important function. This does not mean you have a secret wish to join a nudist colony. Public nudity is a classic anxiety dream about being vulnerable and shedding your defenses in front of others. In a more intimate setting, naked dreams may indicate a fear of intimacy or showing your true feelings to others.Weird pregnancies: Both men and women can have weird pregnancy dreams. I had one once where a fetus was growing in my leg. WTF? In the dreaming universe, babies grow and are birthed from all kinds of bizarre places mouths, bellies, legs, or genitals. These dreams can freak the crap out of us. You may even wake up and run to the drug store to get a pregnancy test. Dont bother. It most likely has nothing to do with actual pregnancy, unless you are, in fact, pregnant. Pregnancy dreams are about new cycles or phases of our life. It may be a new idea, solution, creative endeavor, job, relationship, or even a new you that is gestating. Take it a symbol of new possibilities just around the corner. Woo hoo!Have you had any crazy dreams lately? Dying to know what their hidden meaning is? No need to rush to your therapists office. The Dreamweaver is here to help. Email me your funniest, weirdest, wildest, and wackiest dreams at encode emailprotected title emailprotected and Ill tell you whats going on. In the meantime, find out what other common dreams mean by reading my past columns .Advertisement

6 Common Sex DreamsDecodedFind out what standard steamy nighttime visions meanBy Sarah JioApr 29, 2013Youre happily married, so why did you have a sexually charged dream last night aboutthe copy guy at work (who, um, has a mullet!)? Could it mean that youre unhappy in your marriage? Secretly crushing on a man thats not the least bit your type? Have some kind of embarrassing sexual secret or problem? According to Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of Because It Feels Good: A Womans Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction, the answer is none of the above. Sex dreams are normal, she says (not to mention out of our control), and women shouldnt be embarrassed about them. Here, she and other experts decode the most common sex dreams.Advertisement Continue Reading Below1. The SameSex DreamAs shocking as it may sound to some, this dream is pretty common, says Dr. Herbenick. Many women dream about having sex with another woman at some point in their lives, even if, in waking life, theyre excited only by men, she says. So why does it happen? Well, for one, American culture has been a bit obsessed with the idea of two women making out for some years now, she says. (Think: Girls Gone Wild.) But when a heterosexual woman suddenly has a samesex dream, its most likely the slumbering minds expression of a strong female friendship. Samesex sex dreams can also be sparked by the emotional closeness that many women have with their best friends, she adds. In dreams, sometimes this closeness may take on a different level but it is unlikely to mean anything about your sexual orientation, unless you alsoin waking lifefind that you are interested in women.2. The Dream About the Guy Who Got AwayYou havent thought about your college boyfriend for years, so why did you have a wild dream about him last night? Dont blush, says Dr. Herbenick. Its not unusual for women to dream about past boyfriends from high school or college, even years after they are happily settled into a more grownup life with a family, she says. Does it mean somewhere, deep down, youre still in love with your ex? Probably not, she says. Its more likely to be your brain processing old memories. Images of an ex are stored along with thousands of other memories in your brain, she explains. Just as men often dream about their high school glory days of a making a winning pass or basketball shot, women may relive those early days of exploration, romance and excitement.According to Tina B. Tessina, PhD (a.k.a. Dr. Romance), a Long Beach, Californiabased psychotherapist and author of It Ends with You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction, this dream could also be a red flag. It may mean that a current experience has reminded you of the prior experience, or that youre trying to understand something from that old experience, she says, encouraging women to listen to what this dream may be trying to tell you. Perhaps someone you know now, or just met, reminds you of him, or youre concerned about repeating an old mistake. Theres nothing wrong with a little nostalgia or a trip down memory lane, adds Dr. Herbenick. Just dont take your dream as a sign that you need to look up Mr. College Boyfriend on Facebook.3. The Dream About Someone Youre Not Attracted to in Real LifeOccasionally, women may dream about someone they cant stand and are definitely not attracted to in real life, says Dr. Herbenick. Sexual feelings can be sparked by a range of emotionsincluding rage, which is a type of passion. And a passionate dream could signal feelings of angerin real lifetoward the subject of your dream, adds Dr. Tessina. It could mean youre angry at that person, and expressing your anger in your dream. But both say the bottom line is this: A dream is a dream. Dont get too hung up on it. Whats important is that women are able to separate their waking desires from their dreaming desires and know that their dreams dont have to dictate or suggest anything about their sex life, says Dr. Herbenick. Shrug it off and move on.Advertisement Continue Reading Below4. The Inappropriate Dream (About Your Friends Husband!)Youd never have an affair, much less with your best friends husband, so why in the world would you dream about it? The first explanation, says Dr. Tessina, is likely innocent curiosity. You may be curious on a subconscious level about what its like to be with him, she says. However, Dr. Herbenick offers another explanation. Its taboo, its exciting, its totally inappropriatebut those feelings can make it all the more sexy, she says. A small bit of research suggests that these extramarital dreams may be more likely to be experienced by those who are in a bit of a sex rut. Take this dream, she says, as a sign that you need to try to reintroduce the passion into your relationship. Are there ways of kissing or being kissed that youd like to reintroduce into your love life with your husband or partner? Might you sneak off to a hotel one weekend and leave the kids with your parents?5. The Dream About Your Husband, but with a Different FaceVoiceBodyYour husband is blond and thin, so why did he have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, dark hair and a French accent in your dream? Dr. Herbenick says that this dream could signal a need for more curiosity in a relationship. Sometimes we get lazy or bored and we think we know everything there is to know about our partner, she says. You know what hes going to say, what hes thinking, what hes going to eat for dinner or watch on television. But keep in mind that everyone, as predictable as they may seem, has an inner life of mystery and fascination, if only you allow yourself to be curious.Her advice? Think back to your dating days. Remember when you started dating and you would ask each other questions about life, the past, family and jobs? When did that stop? she says. When did you think there was nothing left to learn? Try to open yourself in a way that provokes good conversation. Ask about his day, his work, his dreams for his life or your family or an upcoming vacation. Ask questions in ways that you havent before or havent in a long time and share more of yourself, too. It may be that both of you are more interesting to each other than either of you has seen in a long time.6. The Dream About the Mystery Manthe Perfect KnightinShiningArmorHave you ever woken up from such a perfect, romantic dream that you felt sad to face your reality in the morning? Getting swept off your feet by a mystery man in a dream could be a signal that something is missing in your reallife relationship. Often we focus on the physical aspects of sex and how to make it betterhow to find the G spot, sex positions for easier orgasm and so on, Dr. Herbenick says. What we sometimes neglect, especially after weve been together for a long time, is the emotional side of sex. Dreaming about a mystery man who sweeps you off your feet can allow for a bit of emotional romance or some escapism, which theres nothing wrong with. If there are qualities in the mystery man that you enjoy, try to cultivate them in your own life.Sarah Jio is the health and fitness blogger for Glamour.com. Visit her blog, Vitamin G .WD wants to answer your toughest sex questions! Submit your most pressing sexual questions to wdsexualhealthgmail.com , and we will address the topic in an upcoming articleanonymity guaranteed.Advertisement Continue Reading Below

TweetDream having sex with sisterTHE DREAM I am having sex with my sister. She does not seem to be objecting though it was clearly something she did not expect.For men sister dreams can represent non sexual relationships with women. Think of any way in which this may feature in your thoughts eg I know she just wants to be friends or quite different thoughts I cannot stand her and would never have sex with her. Either way the dream shows that the mind has been focusing on a relationship with a woman which is non sexual.THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been involved in a situation with a woman at work. She was very attractive. The dreamer had been very upset recently suffering from severe depression and had made a fool of himself with her. He felt that she would probably be thinking that he fancied her and that was the reason why he had been very nervous and had acted strangely.THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often link to big events the day before without us having any obvious clues. They depict intuitive thoughts and key feelings. In this case the dreamer was worried a woman at work may be worried he was stalking her. This dream is entirely consistent with these thoughts. He was attracted to this woman but had tried to keep the relationship professional. A sister is someone who you should not have sex with as its inappropriate. So the dream depicts the worries that he might be seen to be acting inappropriately. The dream also shows his conflicting thoughts and emotions about this situation as his sister in the dream welcomes the sexual advances.Dream Dictionary MeaningsSEX WITH SISTER: The dreamers worry that a girl at work would think he had sexual feelings for her.SISTER : For a male this can represent someone whom it is inappropriate to have sexual feelings forDREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer I was nervous with this woman at work. I have been very depressed recently and I just acted stupidly. I just worry that she may think that I am attracted to her and obsessing about her even stalking her. Its really complicated because I think she maybe attracted to meSee how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight into a work relationshipDREAM BANK : Some other interesting dreams

How to Interpret Dreams About Sex Dream Translation and AnalysisPosted in February 10, 2011 2:03 pmh.admin 19 Comments Dreams about sex are showing you that you have a very close relationship with the person you are having a sexual relationship with, even if the relationship you have with this person is not sexually related. When you have sex with someone in dreams this means that you completely agree with this person.However, all the people who appear in your dreams are parts of your own personality. Therefore, the information you have is not related to them, but related to your psychological reality. Only later, after having passed through a process of mind development through dream translation, will you have direct information about other people in your dreams.Thus, when you see in a dream that you are making love to someone, this means that you totally agree with a certain part of your personality represented by this person. For example, if you are a woman and you see a dream in which you are making love with your father, this means that you completely agree with your onesided conscience, which is represented by the image of your father.Your parents always have a negative meaning in dreams because they represent your underdeveloped nature. You are basically a primate who must develop your intelligence through dream translation. Your father in dreams represents your ignorant conscience that keeps repeating the same mistakes. Your father can have a positive meaning only when the positive aspects of your personality are reflected in his behavior in a dream.Your mother represents your wild conscience, the terrible anticonscience that provokes mental illnesses within the human side of your conscience. Therefore, if you are a man and you see in a dream that you are making love with your mother, this means that you totally agree with the absurdity of your anticonscience. This is a very dangerous attitude. You must stop following the evil and absurd suggestions of your anticonscience because they will only lead you to craziness and despair.Write down your dreams everyday in a dream journal. Even if you are not able to translate their meaning today, some day you will be able to understand everything if you follow my lessons.Dreams about sex have another meaning when you are having a sexual relationship with your partner. The person you love doesnt represent a part of your own personality like the other people who appear in your dreams. Everything that you see about him or her in a dream is true and related to your relationship with this person.For example, you may dream that while you were making love, he or she was constantly avoiding you. This means that your partner is not feeling the same way you do when you are together. You must try to understand why your partner is not feeling happy with you. On the other hand, if you are having a sexual relationship with the person you love and feeling satisfied in a dream, this means that your relationship is healthy.The translation and analysis of dreams about love depend on the dreams context. The information you have is not given in a symbolic form, as happens in dreams that reflect your psychological problems. This information will help you understand if you are being cheated on, or how to fix a broken relationship..Christina Sponias continued Carl Jungs research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.Learn more at: http:www.scientificdreaminterpretation.comClick Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

Subscribe to Pleasure OrgasmDreams come so easy, and leave me wondering.Question: I am a 22 year old woman. I am in a very happy relationship with a man. When I was younger, I experimented with a couple girls, but I never found it to be as satisfying as being with a man. That was years ago, and I havent even thought about it until now. Last night, I had a very very naughty dream about a girl I am close to. I work with her. In the dream, she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, and I said yes, but only as long as my boyfriend could watch. Well, we got down to business, I reached orgasm with her, and she did as well, and then my boyfriend stepped in and took over with me, I dont remember what happened to her. It was really hot with him as well. What weirds me out is that it was super hot with the woman, and I woke up still fantasizing about it. I am happily heterosexual, and I love my boyfriend very much. I am not questioning my sexuality. I know where I am there. I am just wondering why in the world I would be dreaming such steamy dreams about a girl I work with. I dream about my man a lot, but there has never been a girl involved before. What are your thoughts?Sex DreamsI wouldnt give your dreams too much weight. In the years that Ive been answering questions for Kinsey Confidential and other magazines and newspapers, I have heard countless stories from people who have sex dreams that puzzle them because in their dreams they do different things than in real life, and in the dreams they were quite happy and aroused doing these different things.You name the combination and Ive heard it: lesbians who have sex dreams about men, straight men who have sex dreams about men, gay men who have sex dreams about women, and straight women like you who have sex dreams about women.Ive also heard from numerous people who are in monogamous relationships but who have sex dreams about coworkers, group sex, former partners, Hollywood movie stars, or someone who works at the coffee shop or restaurant they frequent.Dreams Are Not Well UnderstoodIn our dreams, all kinds of things are fair game. And dreams are not well understood. Sleep is also interesting because one thing we know about it is that roughly every 60 to 90 minutes women and men experience genital arousal during sleep. This pattern is good it brings increased blood flow to the genitals, which also brings more oxygen to the genitals to keep our genital tissue healthy.Some women and men wake up feeling aroused. Some people connect these feelings to sex dreams, but Ive also heard from people who recall feeling very aroused during their sleep while dreaming about very nonsexual things like gardening or their favorite childhood cartoon.Enjoy Your DreamsIf, in your waking life, you find that you are interested in being sexual with women or having a threesome with your boyfriend and someone else, those are ideas you can explore. Otherwise, enjoy the freedoms that you have in dreams to create and explore in any way that occurs.

Privacy Policy About UsThat was probably wrong. Women may have been shy about admitting to their dreams. Or maybe the increased sexual freedom of recent decades has led to sexier dreams.A new study out of the University of Montreal found that about 8 percent of both mens and womens dreams contain sexual activity.Womens dreams tend to be about reallife sexual partners, past or present, and women are more likely than men to dream about celebritiesrock stars, movie stars, and politicians (Brad Pitt, Bono and George Clooney were among the study subjects faves).Mens dreams are more likely than women to dream about imaginary, unknown people, and the encounters take place in public or in unknown settings.Men are also more likely to have sex with multiple partners. In their dreams.And what happens in these dreams? Sexual intercourse was the most common activity, followed by sexual propositions, kissing, fantasies, and masturbation, said study author Antonio Zadra, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at the university.Elizabeth, 25, of Nashville, Tenn., is typical. She says her first sex dream was as a teenager, involving a Party of Five star.I dreamed that Scott Wolf and I were flying through the air in a cardboard box having the wildest sex as we floated through the clouds, she says. It was utterly bizarre and totally comical. But to this date, its still the hottest and most memorable sex dream Ive ever had.She now sees it as a virgins idealized vision of sex. The last sex dream I had involved Eminem. My, how things have changed.Zadra says his research, presented last month at a sleep conference, is the first in decades to quantify the kinds of sex dreams people have.Do they mean anything? They might. Zadra said one theory of dreaming is that it reflects the dreamers waking state and concerns. And the difference between mens and womens dreams may be indicative of different waking needs, experiences, desire and attitudes with respect to sexuality.Researchers asked 64 men and 109 women (average age: 30) to record their nightly dreams for 2 to 4 weeks. They analyzed more than 3,500 dreams logged.The sexual revolution and changing cultural norms allow women to feel more comfortable and free to express their sexuality, some experts say.I think that women are having more sex dreams because since the birth control pill gave us more sexual freedom, social mores have shifted, and sex is seen as something that adds pleasure and gusto to life, not as a marital chore as it once was, says Cynthia Richmond, author of Dream Power and a columnist for the Arizona Republic.Whether women are actually dreaming more about sex or are just more willing to report their fantasies, its a good thing. When women dream about sex, they often wake up aroused, just as men do so take advantage of it.If I wake up feeling sexy, I feel sexy all day, and I want to get laid, so I call my guy, says Susan Crain Bakos, author of The Sex Bible. Pay attention to your body and listen. Your erotic brain is working, which means you want to have sex, so have more sex.The best part of having a sexy dream is waking up feeling frisky and then telling my boyfriend about it. And then turning dream to reality, says Ann, 27, of New York City.So why do women dream about current or past partners and public figures?Bakos says women tend to focus more on their partners qualities, whereas men focus on the act. Women have a stronger need than men to attach a personality to their fantasies, she says. Men are more comfortable focusing on body parts and sexual acts.Others say the people and objects in dreams are often symbolic.If a woman dreams of having sex with the President, she may want more power or authority, Richmond says.Or you may dream about your outgoing sisterinlaw if you wish your wife would be more confident and spontaneous.Sex therapist Laura Berman, Ph.D., wrote that a females more emotional connection with a lover explains why a dream may feature a past or current partner. And evolution could explain the celebrities: In ancient times (and now, to some extent), a woman would prefer a prominent male who could provide for her and any offspring.Women dreamed of celebrities in 9 percent of sex dreams. For men, the figure was 5 percent.Every once in a blue moon, Ill have a dream about a random celeb usually because we were talking about them that day, says April, 21, of Austin, Texas. Mostly my sex dreams are about me and my boy.Not surprisingly, multiple sex partners were reported twice as frequently in mens sexual dreams as in womens.But tell your girlfriend or wife there may be a scientific explanation.Biologically, men want to spread their semen as far as possible, and women want to protect their eggs, says Malcolm McKay, sex educator and therapist for the Seattle Institute for Sex Therapy, Education, and Research.How good were you in her dream? Both men and women reported having an orgasm in less than 5 percent of their sex dreams. And although womens partners had an orgasm in 4 percent of their dreams, heres how many of the male dream reports described their partners as having an orgasm: zero.Zadra says that fits the stereotype that many men only think of themselves during sex.One area where men and women agree? They tend to dream of the other person taking charge. Women initiated the sexual contact in one out of every four of their dreams, but men were the initiators in only one in every 10 of their dreams.Its true whenever I have a sex dream, its all about me, says David, 23, from Minneapolis. I think maybe women initiate the sex because its a fantasy, and what guy wouldnt want that?Gary, 32, of Troy, Mich., concurs. My sex dreams are intense but also laidback. Its always some anonymous girl, or sometimes more than one, and we sort of drift together I dont have to do much. She sort of offers herself.And when we start fooling around, its kind of quiet and sneaky, so nobody will notice. Like my wife, I suppose.Women were also almost four times more likely than men to describe at least part of the sexual activity as being unwanted. Does that mean you should get a little kinky and break out the handcuffs tonight? Not so fast, sheriff.For women, forced sex is a big fantasy because its all about removing responsibility and guilt so you enjoy it, says Bakos. I want my partner to be a little more dominant. I want to feel like he knows what hes doing and hes in control of the sex. I do like to be on top and initiate, but I want to feel like he has upper hand in dominance. I want to feel someone is taking care of me.What Our Dreams Mean for RealityJust because you have an erotic dream doesnt mean you should act upon it. But it could help you broach the topic.Sex dreams can rev up our actual sex lives, Richmond says. If your sexual dreams inspire you to try something new or to let go of some inhibitions, its a good way to open up a conversation with your partner, since youre talking about a dream and not requesting something of her.How do you do that? Describe your dream to her (pick carefully what details to tell her) and ask what she thinks about it. She may just fulfill your fantasy.April enjoyed making her dream a reality. Before my boyfriend came to visit me after wed been away from each other for 6 weeks, Id had dreams about hot, passionate sex in our hotel room. And yeah, we did.Talking about sex dreams with your partner almost always leads to sex. And its a good way to bring up fantasies you might feel shy talking about otherwise. You can say I just had the weirdest dream...but it was actually really hot. says Ann, 27, of New York City.On the other hand, I think the reason why sex dreams are so good is because youd never do it in real life. Its that naughty, says 26yearold Cristina from New York City.Once, she adds, I dreamed that I saw him have sex with another woman. When I told him, he then asked for explicit details. I felt jealous, which is kind of ridiculous since it was a dream and mine, no less.Which goes to show dont take dreams too seriously.Evidence: One woman in the study had an intensely erotic dream about a plant.

See what people are dreaming aboutDownload the DreamsCloud appSee what people are dreaming aboutWhat do Sex dreams mean?What do Sex dreams mean?Chat with a dreams coach todayWhat do dreams about sex mean?Since sex is so prevalent in our society, not to mention necessary for our survival as a species, it is no wonder that we dream of having sex. As with any dream symbol, what sex means to you in your dream will depend on your feelings about sex and your experience as a sexual being.Interpretations of sexual dreamsIn many cases, dreaming of sex isnt really about sex. From a psychological perspective, dreams about having sex may symbolize the merging of contrasting aspects of yourself or a need to incorporate aspects of your dream sex partner into yourself. Consider your dream partner and what it is that you admire or love about them for an idea of what you are trying to merge into yourself.In some instances it may be a safe way to release pent up or repressed sexual desire you may be exploring your own needs and desires or it may be compensating for a lack of having a physical relationship in waking life. It may also be suggestive of a need for emotional love or desire to be loved and wanted.Sexual partners in dreamsDreaming of sex with someone other than your spouse or significant other or with a fantasy lover may be wish fulfillment. Alternately, if you spend a lot of time having or thinking about sex in waking life, it may be a continuation of your waking life thoughts and actions.Sleeping with your ex may be an indication that you are coming to terms with and accepting the end of the relationship or that you have learned from the experience and you are incorporating what you learned into yourself. Your ex may also be representing a new relationship, perhaps as a warning that you dont want to repeat the same mistakes. If you are still in love with your ex, then dreams about having sex with your ex may be wish fulfillment.To have sex with a stranger may symbolize a new you that is emerging due to changes you are going through. The stranger may also indicate you are open to a change or a new opportunity that is underway.Having homosexual relations am I gay?If you are a heterosexual, having sex with a samesex partner does not mean you are homosexual or that you have homosexual desires. Instead it is usually an indication you are learning to love and accept yourself as you are, or you are merging or incorporating aspects of your dream partner into yourself.Interpretations of different sexual actsThe sexual act itself will also provide more insight as to the meaning of the dream. Search the dream dictionary for the specific sexual act for further analysis of your sex dreams. A standard missionary position may symbolize being bored or dissatisfied with your sex life, or your life in general. If you are doing or seeing something that you havent or wouldnt do in waking life, the dream may be providing the opportunity to safely experience it.To dream of a sadomasochistic act or acts may be an indication that you are hurting yourself, hurting others or are allowing others to hurt you in some aspect of waking life that doesnt necessarily have to relate to sex. You may be treating yourself badly or neglecting your health in waking life. It may also symbolize an emotionally or physically abusive relationship.Searching for a place to have intercourse may reflect your search for love in waking life or your desire for a more intimate physical or emotional relationship. Having sex in public may be an indication that you may regret revealing too much of yourself to others.To dream of having unprotected sex may be symbolizing your fear of getting pregnant. You may also be feeling unsafe or threatened in waking life.If you are unable to complete the sexual act then it may be suggestive of having an unsatisfactory waking sex life or an inability to express yourself or communicate with your waking life partner or it may be that there are opposing aspects of yourself that you are unable or unwilling to accept. It may also indicate an inability to complete something else in waking life. You may be feeling impotent, unfulfilled or ineffective in some aspect of waking life.Interpretation of watching pornIf you are watching others have sex, or watching a pornographic movie, you may be feeling insecure about your own sexuality. Watching others may be a way to safely learn about different sexual acts andor explore your own sexual needs and desires. It may also be suggestive of a need for emotional love or desire to be loved and wanted.Watching porn may symbolize boredom and a need for stimulation in other aspects of waking life or it may be compensating for a lack of sexual activity in waking life or may be filling a desire to watch it in waking life. Alternately, if you spend a lot of time watching or looking at porno in waking life, it may be a continuation of your waking life thoughts and actions.Metaphors Figures of Speech about SexConsider these common idioms related to or referring to sex that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you determine what your sexual dreams mean to you. A Sex Object (Seen Only As Someone To Have Sex With And Not For Their Character Or Personality). Better Than Sex (Extremely Satisfying Or Enjoyable). The Battle Of The Sexes (The Disagreements That Exist Between Men And Women Because Of Their Differences).Questions to ask yourself to interpret your dream of having Sex Who Am I Having Sex With? Am I Emotionally Engaged With My Dream Partner Or Is It Just Physical? What Sexual Act Am I Performing Or Seeing? Am I Enjoying It? Is It Passionate Or Do I Find It To Be Dull And Unexciting? Is It Fast Or Slow? What Parts Of The Body Are Involved? Who Is Doing What To Whom? Where Is The Act Being Performed? Is It Something That I Do Or Would Consider Doing In Waking Life? If Not, Why Not? Who Initiated The Sex?