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Fast sex with a prostitute

Fast sex with a prostitute

Fast sex with a prostitute

commentsShe describes herself as a party girl who always drinks in style but who is Catholic and a family person.This is Jennifer Thompson, the prostitute at the centre of the latest footballer sex scandal after selling her story about her sordid liaisons with Wayne Rooney to a national newspaper.The 21yearold claims she slept with the footballer seven times over a period of months often meeting him under the noses of teammates.Bloodsucker, moi? Jeni has, shall we say, something of an exhibitionist streakWAG wannabe: Prostitute Jennifer Thompson poses in sunglasses and a short dress (left) along with a footballers wifestyle designer bagHowever, despite charging him up to 200 an hour she has the cheek to describe sex with him as seedy and she takes the moral high ground over the fact that Rooney was with her when his wife Coleen was pregnant with their first child.So it is no surprise to learn that she aspires to be a glamour model.On her My Space page, writing under the name Juicy Jeni, Thompson lists an interest in laungerie.Good time girl: But Jennifer Thompson said she was shocked when Wayne Rooney allegedly invited her to the marital homeShe describes herself as 5ft6SlimSlender and says she is Catholic.Under her heroes, she names her mother and says she would like children someday. As her occupation, she lists Party Girl.At the time, she wrote: Im 20 years old.. I live in Bolton... Currently looking to persue a modelling career in glamour modelling laungerie!I am very much a family person i love my family to bits...and i love my friends toooo... Nothing makes me happier than to wake up in the morning knowing i have the best family in the world and the best friends i could think of!!!RELATED ARTICLES

Coming Out Of Hiding Chapter 1Grooming Her Future Chapter 2A Fleeting Choice Chapter 3Escape Chapter 4A Renegades Life Chapter 5Independent Prisoner Chapter 6A New Normal Chapter 7Full Circle Chapter 8Dig Deeper: Video Story, Panel Discussion Chapter 10Chapter 1The text from a pimp wakes up Jennifer Tucker before her alarm.6:44 a.m.She doesnt need the reminder. The 39yearold starred this May day in her pink appointment book three months ago.Tucker glances in her closet smiles as she sees the sparkly white gym shoes she bought just for today.Shoes make the girl.And this day makes the woman, she thinks.She wonders: Who will be out there? Will anyone recognize her? She anxiously twirls her damp ponytail into a spiral.She picks up her phone and reads the flirty text message from the pimp. He addresses her by her working name, Mercedes. They all do.Even now.Photo: A screenshot of the text message Tucker received from the pimp on May 20, 2017. Folks is a slang term for a pimp.They are relentless, she says.Standing in a slouchy purple Washington Huskies tshirt and gray leggings, she digs through the dresser in her Tacoma Hilltop bedroom, next to a nearlydeflated Mothers Day balloon and a pile full of clean clothes crumbled in a cardboard box.Ive been in hiding, I guess you could say, she shrugs. Just in my own protective bubble. I dont even go to King County.Actually, she says if reminding herself.I need a permission slip to go there.Shes feeling sheepish today. So, she whips around and digs through the rumpled clothes in that cardboard box finally finding the black hoodie, the one with RECOVERY on the back.This way, no one will notice the matching Mercedes symbols branded on each shoulder, the tattoos that once were her calling card in online escort ads.Looking at her reflection, Tucker dabs neutral powder on her face and applies mascara to her long lashes.She drowns herself in Victoria Secret body spray, downs a cup of coffee and exhales before she slams the door behind her.She squints in the sunlight as she heads out.Chapter 2Grooming Her FutureFor thousands of people who make their living in the sex trade, the road to prostitution begins as a choice.Its not an easy choice for most, but it often spells survival.Generally, when older people say that they chose to do it, it wasnt so much a choice, said Debra Boyer, executive director of the Organization For Prostitution Survivors in Seattle. It was an alternative to not being able to take care of their kids, to starving.For Tucker, whose troubled early life sometimes meant trading occasional tricks for cash, the spiral into fulltime prostitution started with a failed, abusive marriage.After she separated from her husband, Rodrigo, he then sent their 2yearold son and 7yearold daughter to Brazil to visit his family. That was July 2010.Rodrigo never sent them back.She couldnt afford to hire a lawyer to fight for her two youngest kids. She got laid off from her customer service job at the insurance company and after her separation, she left her Kirkland home behind. Her two oldest children were gone, too living with family members in other states.Photo: Jennifer Tucker poses with her four children before her separation in 2010. (Provided)So 32yearold Tucker reverted back to the one way she knew she could make some quick cash: She posted an ad online for sex. It worked a few times in her early 20s.A friend in Everett helped her write it.Just call me ask for my ULTIMATE gentlemens package, the Craigslist ad said. I got you coverd from top to bottom.It was just sex, she told herself.After all, her body had never been a sacred place.Bedtime StoriesTucker wasnt old enough to utter her first word the first time she was touched sexually. She was barely a year old when her then 16yearold foster brother fondled her genitals in his bedroom while her parents were at work. He did the same thing to her older sister, too.At 3, Tuckers parents divorced and her foster brother ran away from home. Tucker and her sister moved in with their godfather. They lived with him, his wife and their mom for the next four years.She remembers her godfathers brown hair and furry sideburns. But its the smell of machine oil that radiated when he came close to her that still sticks with her. He was a welder who worked on tractors. Every day he wore a soft white tshirt and blue jeans, and he drank from a keg in the entryway of his Ellensburg home. Sometimes, hed make Tucker and her sister drink the beer from a jamsized jar.Tuckers mother put her godfather in charge of punishing her when she acted out. Hed lock Tucker in his dark, musty basement for hours until he was ready to come downstairs for bedtime stories, four or five days a week. On those nights, Tucker stared at a photo of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket while her godfather stroked her private parts and read from a book of Disney classics.She squirmed. He demanded she sit still.It was almost like I was his wife for the intimate parts, but his wife was his wife for all the rest of the house, she explained.Most days, Tuckers godfather took her to work. Shed sit on his lap in the hot tractor cab, where hed put his rough hands down her pants. That smell of oil with a hint of bag balm. He coated his hands with that stuff every time he touched her.Often on the drive back home, hed pull over the big white van with no windows to touch her genitals on the captain seats in the back.And on Sundays, he would let her go to the public pool. But she didnt get to play with the rest of the kids. She sat on her godfathers knee in the Jacuzzi, where hed reach under water for the bottom of her suit.But she loved her godfather. She loved the way he made her feel needed. Thats why she didnt tell a soul.Although I was a very sad and lonely girl, he was my comfort, she said.Her sister broke the news of the abuse to their stepmom, Sheri, and father Bill Tucker right after Tuckers 7th birthday when a sexual abuse commercial came on the TV.In April 1985, Bill Tucker went to the police and attempted to press charges. But a month later, the City of Ellensburg lost the indepth recorded statements Tucker and her sister provided to police. The elder Tucker decided to drop the case because he didnt want to retraumatize his daughters, who moved back in with him as soon as he learned of the abuse.We were sickened, and I was furious, he said.Tuckers godfather was never charged with a crime. He died from cancer in 2002.Photo: A portrait of Jennifer Tucker as a young girl. (Provided)The things I went through as a younger child always had an effect on me, Tucker said. If it hadnt ever happened to me, I am pretty sure I would never have gotten into the lifestyle.RELATED: Why is Tucker sharing her story?Some studies estimate as many as 95 percent of sex workers suffered some form of childhood sexual abuse.If you are worried about your mothers boyfriend or somebody else climbing into bed with you when you are 4 years old, youre not going to have a normal childhood. Youre getting groomed, said Boyer, the prostitution expert.A child who has been sexually abused has to adapt to that to survive, which is basically preparing them to prostitute if that situation offers itself, she added.I Didnt Have Anything, YKnow?As an adult, that childhood trauma resurfaced for Tucker when her pictureperfect family fell apart in 2010.By July 2011, Tuckers youngest children were still in Brazil, and she was still selling herself. But she wasnt any good at marketing herself online and had no money to win her kids back. She barely had enough to survive.My behavior was erratic and completely different, she said. I lost my mind.Then a California man responded to her ad and promised to help her change that.He introduced himself as B.(It) kind of first started with Youre so pretty, and just a simple conversation for a month or two and then (he) asked if I would ever relocate, Tucker said. I mean, he was cute somebody that would be there for me. I was really lonely at the time.I didnt have anything, yknow?B was a flirtatious charmer, who said he wanted to be Jennifers boyfriend and righthand man. He told her how much more the girls were making in the adult entertainment world in California, and he promised to show her the ropes.He spouted big promises: Shed make more than enough money to get her kids back and shed have him right alongside her a trusty companion to help her through every step.She could tell by the oversized chinchilla fur coat, pinstripe top hat and the burgundy MercedesBenz in his photos that B really understood success. She was starting to fall in love again.Without a word to her father or stepmom, the 33yearold hopped in her 2002 green Volvo with 150 cash and headed down Interstate5 South to meet the glamorous life waiting for her in San Francisco.She was in for a whirlwind ride. But not the one she imagined.I didnt expect to be somebodys slave.Chapter 3A Fleeting ChoiceWhen Tucker pulled the Volvo into San Francisco, her heart was full and her hopes high. A new man, new dreams and the belief she would soon get her kids back.It didnt hurt that B was as handsome as she imagined.He was a muscular man in his 30s, with a neatlygroomed goatee. He dressed in crisp button downs, True Religion jeans and beige alligator leather shoes. A gold cross necklace dangled to his waist. When he smiled, the threekarat diamonds in his 24K gold grills shone.There was a crown tattooed on the left side of his neck. Every time he left, he told Tucker to kiss his crown.She would later learn all the pimps who owned girls had crown tattoos a badge of honor on the streets and in the industry.She may have been 33, but she was terribly nave.She wanted to believe B loved her. She thought they were going to be partners. She convinced herself B held a key to a better life.An alltoofamiliar tale, says Boyer, the sexindustry expert.That is often the story, and then once that exploiter has her confidence, he completely changes and starts to control everything because the only thing that matters to him is money, Boyer said.Tucker discovered the truth about B the first day she got there. He met her in the San Francisco motel room he booked in her name, but he told her he legally couldnt stay the night. Thats because he had to return to a halfway house every evening. Its where he was required to live for six months on his way out of a 30month federal sentence for forcing a Utah woman to work as a prostitute in several states.But B always knew just what to say. He was smooth. He chalked it up to a life lesson. He was a changed man, he told her. And Tucker was a woman in love.He told me he learned that all the extra (beatings and disrespect) was unnecessary and that treating a woman nicely would gain more respect. He said he would never be interested in having a corral of women again, she said.Deep down, I hoped everything would be OK.Photo: Jennifer Tucker takes a selfie in an Oregon motel room on her way to meet B in September 2010. (Provided)Besides, even if she wanted to go back home, she didnt have any money to get there. B charged Tucker a 1,600 choosing fee to be his girl. She made that money on the road to California, picking up johns in Portland and Eugene, Oregon.It was a pittance to pay, she thought, for his promise to help her get her kids back.He was always trying to make you feel better, but he could cut you real quick with two words, she said. One minute he was all loving and romantic and the next minute, he was calling you a bitch.With B, she morphed into Mercedes. He named her after another prized possession: His car.The mom who once dressed in modest sweaters and sweatshirts with her sons football team mascot became a woman for sale in risqu bustiers and thongs.Her first customers in San Francisco booked her online because she was afraid to find her business on the street.But that wasnt the way B worked.I was trying to tell (B) to post me on (Backpage.com) because thats what I was comfortable with. But he always thought thats what a lazy ho did, she said.B dropped her off on Long Beach Boulevard, a northsouth thoroughfare in Los Angeles County. Over the phone, he trained her to walk the blade a term used in the sex trade to describe areas of town that are known for prostitution.On a busy day, shed take in 2,000 from five to seven customers. She wasnt allowed to charge less than 200 for a halfhour trick.He said, I dont care what you have to do to get that money, and if its any less, were going to have a problem, Tucker recalled Bs words, mocking his raspy, highpitched voice.Photo: Jennifer Tucker poses as Mercedes in this photo, which she posted online in an ad for her services. The image has been edited for nudity.Tucker didnt get to keep a penny of those payments.B collected the cash and dashed any hope she had of ever getting her children back.I was pretty hopeless at the time, so rather than fixing a problem, I just checked out.B bought a powder blue Jaguar convertible and a Rolex watch with the money she made.He gave her just enough to pay for her cell phone bill each month. And he also gave her the 65 to pay for the matching crown tattoo on her left hip that signaled to other pimps that she belonged to him.Hers said PB, which stood for Pimpin B.For Christmas, B bought Tucker some Coach perfume and makeup. They slept together, and that physical contact gave her worth, she said.Just talking about him, I can still feel my loyalty to him, Tucker said.She wanted so desperately to please B.Eventually, the money she brought him wasnt enough.He said, If you want to make things better then go find someone else. I had to find a friend, Tucker said.She recruited Diamond, a 25yearold woman from Seattle, to join them. Diamond was Bs birthday present. Tucker trained the girl how to work.She didnt want to find out what would happen if she disappointed B again.The first time she let him down, he slammed her up against the mirror of their hotel.WATCH: My Feet Were Bloody Though, she was forced to work against her will long before B put his hands on her. Tucker was just too blinded by love to notice.Experts say many survivors of prostitution never selfidentify as sex trafficking victims, even though they frequently become so while working in the sex industry. Federal law defines sex trafficking as the recruitment, harboring, transportation, obtaining, patronizing or soliciting of a person for a commercial sex act. Its considered a federal crime when the sex act is motivated by force, fraud or coercion, or if the person is under 18.Often times, pimps become traffickers, but federal and local trafficking convictions are relatively rare. People in prostitution often form trauma bonds with their exploiters, and that leads them to misunderstand their own exploitation. Its easier for prosecutors to take traffickers down on different or lesser charges because victims are more likely to be loyal to their exploiter than the criminal justice system, experts say.RELATED: How sex traffickers target American girls, then profitSome people recognize (whats happening), but coming to terms with what it would take to get out of that situation, its easier to put it out of their mind, said Robert Beiser, executive director of the antitrafficking group, Seattle Against Slavery .This might not be the worst thing that happened to them, he added. So they can live through this, and maybe there are some benefits to it, even though its really horrible.WATCH: Its Already Been RobbedB never put his hands on Tucker again. But once was enough to give her the courage but not yet the means to flee.That wouldnt come until after she stood in a vineyard, with the barrel of a 12gauge pistol grip shotgun shoved down her throat.Chapter 4EscapeTucker was in tears the December day she decided to leave B, the man who had once promised so much and given so little. The man who destroyed any hope that she would get what she wanted more than anything else: Her children and a future.But in this breakup, there was no family or another support system to get her through it only the customer who helped her sneak away from B after he became angry with her for spending the money she earned that day on food. The customer picked her up after a full day of tricks on Long Beach Boulevard and took her closer to the Greyhound bus station.I left because I knew once B hit me that he would never love me the way he said he did, she said.That weekend, Diamond drove 33yearold Tucker around so she could meet with johns. One customer was waiting for her at a fancy vineyard in Santa Rosa, where she knew she would make a lot of cash maybe even enough to leave the state.About 30 minutes into the date, I started seeing men with heavy artillery on the security cameras, Tucker recalled. Then he took me into the bedroom.The blond man was a leader of a biker gang who had a close relationship with local pimps. He shoved the barrel of the shotgun down her throat before he raped her, she said.B told me to tell you hi, Tucker remembered the mans words. He said, Either you work for us, you work for him or you get out of our city.She never told the police.Had I done that, it would have either been my life or my freedom. How do you go to the police and tell them you were assaulted while selling your services? she said.Fleeing California would have been the perfect moment for Tucker to start over in theory a chance to leave the life she was starting to hate.But she got hung up on a simple, yet deeply complicated question that keeps women like her trapped every time: Where would she go?WATCH: Youre Just StuckUsually women are paying for a hotel a place to stay from night to night so they dont have any place to go, Boyer, the sex trafficking expert, said. They have been out of school, they dont have job skills, their families have not been supportive. They dont have any alternative way to make a living and to support themselves.In exchange for Tuckers services, one of her regular customers agreed to give her a place to stay for a few weeks and some extra money so she could leave town. Headed south, she left Diamond behind and picked up customers from state to state. She was on a mission to make enough money to send Christmas presents to her two oldest kids, living with relatives in Texas.Even though she escaped the man who controlled her, she was far from safety.When youre broke down to nothing, you dont see any options. Honestly, I didnt even have the strength emotionally or mentally to survive on my own, she said.Thats why when her car broke down in Mississippi on the way to Texas, Tucker said she ran to the next pimp who offered to help.You kind of get a sense of comfort in having something thats familiar, Tucker explained.This man paid for her bus ticket to Beaumont, Texas, where he picked her up and took her to his gated townhouse in Houston.He was nicer than B. He didnt beat her. Plus, when she brought in enough money, hed give her his time.Thats all she wanted, really someone to fill the lonely void.Sometimes, hed even bring her to his moms barbecues.WATCH: It Felt NormalTrafficked By The CustomerWhile Tucker loved the pimps who stole her hardearned cash, she despised the customers who paid for her services.I think you can be trafficked by the customer. Yknow what I mean? she said, as if the epiphany hit her right then.Youre just as much at their will as you are with any pimps when youre with them.Every time a customer left her motel, she would soak in the bath. But in a twisted way, the same men gave purpose to the lifestyle she couldnt kick.I used to justify it by saying I was taking perverts and child molesters off the streets, she said.Her customers ranged from young, lanky businessmen to 450pound and 85yearold men.Executives...people who were going to churches, military guys, colonels, regents, Tucker rattled off their occupations.As she moved from state to state 10 in total, she started using crystal meth. That was the easiest way to mask the shame of some things her buyers would make her do, she said.There was the man who would pay her to suck her toes.Another who once tied her to a cross and took pictures.Another who paid her 1,700 to spank him with a belt.Then there was John, a 46yearold man who fell in love with her. He told her he was ready to leave his wife.But none of those customers made her feel more uneasy than the men who compared her body parts to the young girls they raped.She was always prepared for the dates to turn dangerous fast.In Texas, one customer robbed her at knifepoint after he raped her for hours, she said.She stayed, succumbed really, because the money the men paid her was too good to pass up.Until one day she realized it would never be enough to buy her Texas pimps love.Chapter 5A Renegades LifeAt 34, Tucker ran away from her Texas pimp and hopped on a bus back to Washington.She was tired of competing for his attention with the three other women working for him.He promised a relationship and all he did was use me, she said. I wanted to be loved.She contemplated getting a different job. She even applied for a few.Office, coffee, restaurants. I had a resume, she said. Problem was, I couldnt explain what I had done for work since 2010.Tucker couldnt explain it to her family either.She didnt want her father to know she was a prostitute. Addicted to drugs, she couldnt imagine being welcomed back into his faithfilled home.The shame that comes along with being in the life becomes debilitating, said Marin Stewart, a prostitution survivor and a Friends of Youth advocate for sexually exploited youth. It literally shapes your view of the world, shapes your view of relationships, shapes your view of men and women and shapes your view of yourself.It makes it very, very difficult to see outside of the life that you have completely immersed yourself in, Stewart added.So Tucker went back to the life of paid sex work.She became a renegade. Its a prideful term prostitutes use to describe themselves when they work without a pimp.You can remove the pimp, but that behavior can still be within the person, Stewart said. Its so deeply ingrained in them that this is what I need to do to provide for myself. This is what I need to do to keep up my (drug) habit. This is what my selfworth is. I am good at this.Tucker made a name for herself with buyers spanning from Everett to Tacoma.I moved around a lot, she said. You dont want to stay in one spot for too long because then youll get caught, yknow?Some nights, though, she had to beg for business. It was the only way she could afford a place to sleep.This time, heroin not a pimp stole her cash.A boyfriend introduced Tucker to her new favorite vice.I Was Always StoppedBy 2014, the inside of a jail cell was almost as familiar to Tucker as the motels she rented each night.The first time I was arrested (for prostitution). (the cops) recognized my face from my online ads, she said. And then it was just all downhill from there.I was always stopped (by police).Experts say its common for prostitutes to face a life in and out of jail, usually for crimes they commit to please their pimps or to support a drug habit.Often times, people dont go into this (industry) addicted (to drugs), said Boyer, the Seattlebased sex trafficking expert. They will start using drugs to numb themselves, to get themselves through it. And then they have compounded the problem.Tucker had been arrested across the country so many times, she lost track of all the reasons why.She faced charges in Washington for crimes ranging from prostitution loitering and thirddegree theft to identity theft and felony drug offenses.Each time she got out of jail, she spiraled deeper into a state of despair.I hated everything about my life. I wanted to be a mom again...be part of a family. I hadnt talked to my family in two years, she said.But Tuckers dream of getting her kids back was already squashed. She lost that hope the moment B broke his promises.In May 2014, 36yearold Tucker was caught again arrested this time on a felony drug charge for possessing crystal meth. Police found her kneeling on a plastic bucket with a glass pipe in her hand. She was with a boyfriend, hiding between large shipping containers in a Fife parking lot.A Pierce County judge released Tucker from jail but ordered her to complete felony drug court. She had to show up for a monthly court review hearing, attend group sessions twice a week and take random drug tests.But in February 2015, Tucker stopped showing up.I stayed sober for a while until I just couldnt, she said. It was too much to still be working in the industry and not getting high.Police issued a warrant for her arrest.But hundreds of strangers found her first.Chapter 6Independent PrisonerThe day that everything changed began like all the rest.Now 37, Tucker woke up in a Federal Way motel bed and smoked twotenths of a gram of heroin that May morning in 2015 so she could get well.Photo: Tucker woke up in this motel on May 16, 2015. (Taylor Mirfendereski KING 5)With her long leopard print nails, she fastened her denim daisy duke shorts and dug out a sequined black tank top from the black and cream leather backpack she carried all her belongings in. She pulled her arms through the straps of her shirt, leaving her now faded Mercedes tattoos on full display. Then, she waited for her customers to arrive at her firstfloor room off of Pacific Highway.Photo: A screenshot of Jennifer Tuckers text conversation with a customer on the morning of May 16, 2015.She had two different appointments that morning, scheduled with men who requested oral sex.After the men left, Tucker put her clothes back on. She checked out of the motel and walked to the bakery next door with her bags, wearing thighhigh black leather boots.All she wanted was an iced mocha before moving to the next motel across town. But hundreds of people marching on the sidewalk in green shirts stopped her in her tracks.These people had signs that said Im not for sale and youre valuable, youre wanted, youre loved, she said.Photo: People march down the sidewalk with signs on May 15, 2015 in Federal Way. (Provided Brenda Oliver)It was an unusual sight on this stretch of Pacific Highway, where Tucker ran into junkies and prostitutes more than people who werent in the life of paid sex work.I think people just overlook us, yknow? Its just another crime being committed, and they dont realize how desolate the people that are stuck are, she said. I didnt even value myself so to even imagine that somebody else valued me was pretty hard to wrap myself around.Still, she couldnt help but think maybe, just maybe, there was finally a way out.I was tired of having to make such a big sacrifice, she said. I mean, every time you go on a date, you are putting your life at risk.In the crowd, Tucker spotted and walked up to two older women wearing glasses.They reminded her of her mom.I asked, What is this about? she said.The women were marching in an annual 5K called Break the Chains, organized by the Federal Way Coalition Against Trafficking . They chose that particular stretch of the Federal Way highway to reach prostitutes who were working and living in motels.Photo: A crowd bursts through a paper chain at the start of the Break the Chains 5K fundraiser on May 16, 2015 in Federal Way. (Provided Brenda Oliver)They told me they were raising awareness for sex trafficking and (were letting) people in the industry know that they were loved and that there were other options, she said.Tucker started to sob.They made me feel cared for, not as a hooker but as a person as Jennifer, she said. They could see my past what I did and they still cared.It had been nearly four years since Tucker drove that green Volvo to San Francisco. And this was the first time normal people made her feel normal, too.I think at that moment is when I decided I was going get out of the game, she said. That was like my goal to be able to win. To get out of it and stay out of it.The women asked Tucker to walk with them.She didnt.Because in her mind, she couldnt. Tuckers thoughts gripped her tighter than physical chains.I was like No, Ill be a hypocrite because I know what Ill do tomorrow, she said.It would take nine more months and a cop before she could walk away from this life.WATCH: Why Does A Woman Stay With A Man Who Beats Her?Its hard for the average person to understand. Its kind of like when youre in an abusive relationship...and people ask, Why is she still there? Yknow? He beats her every week until shes almost dead. Shes so stupid. Why is she still there? Theres a reason shes still there, she said.Everyone thinks only the ones who are pimped are captive. No, its everybody. Its a bondage thats probably one of the most difficult to break.The antitrafficking march couldnt break that bondage. But the two women cracked Tuckers hardened shell all because they cared.(After that day,) I would come out of my dates crying, she said.I was just trying to find a way out really.On February 4, 2016, Tucker showed up to a Tacoma motel. She had an appointment with a man in Room 208.I went to put my hand around his waist, and I felt his .45 cal pistol on his right hip, she said.I looked up and said Oh man.She knew her customer was a cop. Instead of cash, he had a warrant for her arrest.WATCH: Take Me From This Life, GodShe went to jail for four and a half months, finishing up the remainder of her sentence for a 2014 felony drug charge.God got a hold of me when I was in there, and it just changed everything, she said.Adjusting to her new life on the outside was a challenge she wasnt prepared for.Chapter 7A New NormalBill Tucker couldnt take his eyes off his sober daughter the morning he picked her up from jail in June 2016.So he took her to McDonalds to share a cup of coffee.It was the first time she had looked healthy in a long time, he said. She had color in her face. She didnt have (meth) sores. Her hair was not matted. It was actually shiny. It had a gloss to it.It was a stark contrast from the daughter he stumbled on in a Pierce County jail log when he was frantically searching for Tucker years earlier. That was the same day he learned she was a prostitute. It was the day he Googled her working name, Mercedes, in disbelief.I just balled. I stood in front of the computer and just stopped. That was my little girl, yknow? I just did not want to lose her, the elder Tucker cried as he described the sexual images of his daughter that popped up. I just felt desperate. I knew that the only way I could get her back was through the power of God.Now he finally had his youngest, 38yearold daughter back in his home at least her physical shell. And she wouldnt be leaving Pierce County anytime soon not without a permission slip from her community corrections officer.Tucker traded in her working name, Mercedes, for Jennifer, her given one. She swapped her sexy lingerie for a closet full of baggy sweatshirts heavy makeup for a natural look. She sold all of her heels and leather kneehigh boots on Ebay.She joined a Tacoma church and started to volunteer. She became a livein nanny for a family she met there, and she took a second job as a barista so she could go back to school for a theology degree.She even reunited with her two oldest kids, who she had rarely seen since they went to live in Texas.But inside, Tucker struggled.I think the hardest part is like its not the being done (with prostitution) part. Its just fitting in with normal people, she said. Knowing who you were and wondering if they know who you are.It was like debilitating. Id go into a crowd of people, and I just couldnt move, she added.Photo: Tucker prepares a womans order at a Tacoma cafe. (Taylor Mirfendereski KING 5)She didnt miss working as a prostitute. But she missed the people from her old life occasionally, even the men who sold her.I went through a lot of loneliness. Like, you have to grieve the loss of an old life, even though it was a hard life, Tucker said.Prostitution experts say thats one reason prostitutes who try to leave the sex industry struggle to stay out for long.When youre trying to leave that life behind you, usually the people youve surrounded yourself with dont celebrate you leaving, Stewart, the prostitution survivor and victim advocate, said. It makes them have to think about where they are. Youre constantly being pulled back there because of the whole thing about misery loves company.Photo: Jennifer Tucker (Taylor Mirfendereski KING 5)The first time Tucker convinced herself to hang out with normal people, she bumped into an old customer at a church party. He was sitting with his wife and two kids.Tucker was fully clothed, but she felt more naked and exposed than the day the man bought her in Federal Way in 2013.She froze.The man ignored her. He carried on with his family as if hed never purchased sex before.Tucker didnt just physically bump into old customers. They still called and texted daily, responding to the hundreds of online escort ads for Mercedes that she couldnt delete.Pimps contacted her, too.They wouldnt stop, she said.Tucker couldnt bring herself to change her phone number. She was too afraid to let go of the last tangible thing that tied her to her past life. Plus, she justified, her youngest kids in Brazil used that number to call her.On November 30, 2016 5 months and 12 days after her dad picked her up from jail Tucker relapsed on drugs.She got high on crystal meth. It happened on a day she decided to hang out with old friends.When I think about going around certain people, the first thing that goes to my mind is If I slip, Ill be OK, she said. As an addict, your mind goes into selfpreservation mode. How do you avoid these feelings?That was the last time Tucker said she used drugs. She spent 15 days in jail for failing her monthly courtmandated drug test.She cut off most of her old friends after that, but she still had to deal with customers who wouldnt stop texting her.Im very sorry to hear that youre not working anymore, one customer wrote. If you ever change your mind, I would love to meet you. I think you look beautiful.One day, Tucker decided to respond.WATCH: Tucker Responds To A CustomerI told them how purchasing a girl doesnt benefit them. It actually tears them down, and every time that you pay for a girls services, youre contributing to their demise. You know, cause it takes away your selfconfidence. It takes away our worth. It devalues us, Tucker proclaimed, with pride.I was pretty proud when I told them how it makes a girl feel, she added.It was a victory for Tucker.Experts call her a survivor.Tucker didnt see herself that way.Im an overcomer, she said.Chapter 8Full CircleWith the sun beaming, Tucker sheds her black RECOVERY sweatshirt as soon as she gets to Pacific Highway.A volunteer hands her the orange 5K tshirt. She puts it on and rolls up the sleeves.Its too hot to keep her Mercedes tattoos covered up.She twirls her ponytail into a ringlet, waiting for the race to start. The Federal Way mall parking lot is filled with families and church groups dogs, moms with strollers, high school students and runners decked out in brightlycolored tutus.Photo: Jennifer Tucker waits for the race to start in the Federal Way Commons parking lot on May 20, 2017. (Taylor Mirfendereski KING 5)Tucker looks from left to right, searching for something, for anything, familiar.Im here by myself, representing myself. she says, introducing herself to a small group of women. I dont know anybody here.She finds an odd solace in the company of these women, who tell Tucker that theyre representing their relative, Danica Childs. In 2009, the 17yearold disappeared after she was seen at a Kent motel associated with prostitution.She asks the women if she can walk with them. It would be unsettling to walk past her old stomping grounds alone, she thinks.A man blasts a horn at the starting line, as dozens burst through a chain made of purple construction paper.Tucker pops in her earbuds.She begins to hum gospel music as she cheerfully walks down Pacific Highway with her new friends who are holding signs.Photo: Team Danica walks down Pacific highway during the Break the Chains 5K fundraiser in Federal Way on May 20, 2017. (Taylor Mirfendereski KING 5)I feel better now that were around a bunch of people, she says. Its kind of nice knowing that there are people who understand (me).Its strange walking alongside traffic again. It reminds her of the days B forced her to walk up and down the blade.Tucker stops humming.She lets out a heavy sigh as she walks past something familiar.You doing OK? Danicas aunt asks.Tucker points to a rentbythehour business.Like, right there is where most of the business goes on in that little sauna place, she says.Barely a year ago, Tucker spent countless hours inside there with her customers.This was the first time she saw it from the outside.Tucker gets a second wind as the group nears the motel and bakery where everything changed that May morning, two years ago.Im kind of hoping there are people out there, she says. Yknow, (people who will) see it like me.Maybe shell run into a prostitute she can help, she thinks. Just like those women helped her realize there was life after prostitution.But when she finally makes it to that spot, theres not a pimp or a prostitute in sight.Still, shes beaming with pride and nostalgia. She whips out her cell phone to share her milestone with friends and family.So this is about where it all began, she broadcasts on Facebook Live, describing the 2015 encounter in detail.Photo: Tucker talks to her friends and family members on Facebook Live as she approaches the finish line of the Break the Chains 5K fundraiser in Federal Way on May 20, 2017. (Taylor Mirfendereski KING 5)In the distance, she sees dozens of cheering supporters line the sidewalk.At that moment, the 39yearold thinks of every goal she set in her life.There were only two.The first one was to get her youngest kids back. She failed miserably.But now, she is feet away from her accomplishing her second.She jolts through the screaming crowd of supporters, highfiving her way to two women one who organized the race.You did it! they shout.Tucker wraps her arms around the women. She begins to cry.Thousands of customers, 10 states, six years, three pimps.And one finish line she never expected to cross.Photo: Jennifer Tucker smiles after walking across the finish line of the Break the Chains 5K in Federal Way on May 20, 2017. (Taylor Mirfendereski KING 5)Chapter 9EpilogueIts four days later, and Tucker is propped on a chair in a Tacoma tattoo parlor.Tucker realized she couldnt erase her tattoos any more than she could her previous life.I could totally keep all of my life in the past and just pretend like it didnt happen, she said. But that would make 39 years of my life spent in vain.Tucker winced as the tattoo artist spelled the word in red ink across the Mercedes symbols on each shoulder.Forgiven.Dig Deeper: Video Story, Panel DiscussionWATCH: Jennifer Tuckers JourneyThe below video story aired on KINGTV on Oct. 25, 2017.WATCH: A Conversation On Sex TraffickingTucker joined KING 5s Taylor Mirfendereski and Mark Wright on Oct. 26, 2017 for a live audiencedriven discussion about understanding and ending the cycle of sexual abuse. Other panelists included Allison Jurkovich, director of advocacy services for the Organization for Prostitution Survivors and Emily Glassert, a clinical therapist at the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center.If You Need HelpThe national hotline for human trafficking victims is 8883737888. Call this number to report a tip or to request services.Weve also compiled a list of Washington groups that provide support to prostitution survivors and sex trafficking victims as they recover from their experiences.How This Story Was ReportedKING 5 followed Jennifer Tucker over the course of four months. Details in this story were taken from police records, court documents, text messages, voicemails and escort ads, in addition to interviews with Tucker, victim advocates, service providers and prosecutors.This story is affiliated with Selling Girls, a ninemonth nationwide investigation into sex trafficking. TEGNA, our parent company, launched the project at each of our 46 stations across the country to help hundreds of thousands of American kids who are lured into a life they didnt choose. To watch the sixpart series and to follow KING 5s ongoing local coverage of sex trafficking in Washington state, click this link .Contact The ReporterTaylor Mirfendereski is a multimedia journalist, who focuses on indepth reports for KING 5s digital platforms. Follow her on Twitter TaylorMirf and like her on Facebook to keep up with her work. For story ideas, email her at tmirfendereskiking5.com.Copyright 2017 KING

The Uber ride from hell: Horrified passenger films intoxicated prostitute in the front seat performing oral sex on driver and all company did was offer 10 creditAn Uber rider filmed his driver allegedly receivingoral sex from a womanPassenger Aner Manuel said the incident happened in Chicago on July 17An intoxicated prostitute is seen kissing the cars driver and lowering her headManuel said Uber gave him a 10 credit while investigating the dangerous rideHe posted the video to prompt Uber to appropriatelyrespond to the complaintUber said it is now investigating and removed the appalling driver

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February 17, 2010Format: PaperbackVerified PurchaseSex, money, and more sex. And theres plenty of it in Doloris Frenchs 1988 book entitled Working:My Life As A Prostitute. The Happy Hooker: My Own Story French made no apologies within the 384 pages of this book whereupon she parlayed her high libido into big bucks in the U.S.,the Caribbean and Europe. French wrote that in 1955 when as a little girl she was watching the TV show I Love Lucy with her mother in Louisville, Kentucky, the notion of sex for money first gelled. Watching Ricky and Fred fall over a beautiful woman while Lucy and Ethel angrily scorned her, French asked her mother why the two woman were being so mean to the men for watching this womans every move. After her mother explained to young Dolores that the woman was a call girl, Dolores wrote in her book: Thats what I want to be when I grow up! The Raped Vagina: A Military Prostitutes Story French preserved the authenticity of this book beautifully, ensuring the anonymity of her clients, madams and fellow prostitutes by using pseudonyms with the exception of Sydney Biddle Barrows, the Mayflower Madam whom French briefly worked for in a brief stint in New York. Mayflower Madam: The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle BarrowsBefore French reached her twenty seventh birthday, she had worked in telephone sales, as an art director and census taker. Working in an unsatisfying job as an administrator and fund raiser for a small Atlanta based radio station, she met the stations general production manager, named Stephanie. French wrote: I didnt know at first how someone wearing emerald earrings and a diamond engagement ring fit in at our small station. Striking up a friendship, French found out that Stephanie had a second job: she was a prostitute. Confessions of a Working Girl: A True Story French was intrigued, and one day, Stephanie had a date that she couldnt keep, and asked French to fill in for her. The night before her first experience as a prostitute, French wrote: That night, I lay in bed, thinking about what it would be like to walk into a strange room the next day and have sex with a strange man for money. I had already slept with a number of men I hadnt cared for, for the company or the pleasure or as a favor or just because we were both there. What was so difference about this, I wondered. The money, of course, the great equalizer as someone called it. Survivor: Memoirs of a ProstituteDolores French graphically describes this experience, and many others, embarking on a career choice where men were viewed as prey for financial gain. Miss Bangkok: Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute French wrote on this experience: It was over with quickly, and I got dressed. He was delighted to give me money, nearly half my weekly salary. That man treated me with more respect than I had got in most other occupations, and he paid me a lot closer to what my time and my mind were worth. He paid me with a smile on his face...and I was proud to have been able to help him. Due to propriety, it is impossible to describe Frenchs multitude of experiences as a prostitute, which is extremely graphic in Working. However, Dolores French makes it very clear throughout the book that if a woman enjoys sex, being a prostitute affords her the opportunity to have a lot of it. And if she doesnt enjoy sex, at least shes being paid, and handsomely at that. Confessions of a Working Girl: A True StoryHer career takes her from hooking at shopping malls in Atlanta to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, taking on all the sailors of the U.S. Warship Nimitz in Saint Thomas, and on to Amsterdam, and New York. French also wrote of her appearance on the Phil Donahue show, and explaining to her family the truth of what she did for a living. French also described the tricks of her trade, cataloging her clients as follows: There seemed to be basically only four kinds of clientsmaniacs, druggies, nice guys, and cops. Vice Cop: My TwentyYear Battle With New Yorks Dark Side However, there were other clients French also served. French wrote in that regard: A lot of celebrities call escort agencies. What their looking for is anonymity. A rock star or tennis star or a famous author or politician or athlete wants sexual services but is worried that the person they meet might talk afterward and want more from them, either personally or financially.Mentioning the famed Polly Adler as a trailblazer in the legitimacy of societys need for prostitution, French became the most public prostitute in America. A House Is Not a Home Although tiring at being asked questions such as how many times she contracted VD or if she felt dirty and degraded, French talked to police officials about prostitutes rights, announcing to the world that a prostitute who was a rape victim should press charges against anyone who committed a crime against her, including her customers. Furthermore, French wrote: Prostitutes do have some unique problems. like being arrested, and dealing with fear, and dealing with stigmatization, and worrying that their children might be taken away from them. Although never doing hard time like other women in her field did, she does have a minor scrape with the law, which she escapes due to fancy legal footwork of her attorneys, one of whom she marries at the end of this book. Cop to Call Girl Whether you are turned off by the vulgarity in Working, are for or against the legitimacy of prostitution or what side of the fence you sit on in terms of societys need for sexual release via prostitution, Working makes a very interesting read in a field very few talk about.

History edit Sex work in Australia has operated differently depending on the period of time evaluated. For this reason discussion is divided into three distinct periods: convict, late colonial, and postfederation. Precolonial prostitution among Aboriginal peoples is not considered here, since it bore little resemblance to contemporary understanding of the term. citation needed The arrival of the Europeans changed this wife exchange system, once they started exchanging their European goods for sexual services from Aboriginal women. citation needed During the convict period, English common law applied, and dealt with brothel keeping, disorderly houses, and public nuisance. The late colonial period viewed prostitution as a public health issue, through the Contagious Diseases Acts . Since Federation in 1901, the emphasis has been on criminalising activities associated with prostitution. Although not explicitly prohibiting paid sex, the criminal law effectively produced a de facto prohibition. 1Convict period 17881840 edit Prostitution probably first appeared in Australia at the time of the First Fleet in 1788. Some of the women transported to Australia had previously worked in prostitution, while others chose the profession due to economic circumstances, and a severe imbalance of the sexes. While the 1822 Bigge Inquiry refers to brothels, these were mainly women working from their own homes. 1Colonial period 18401901 edit In the colonial period, prior to federation , Australia adopted the Contagious Diseases Acts of the United Kingdom between 1868 and 1879 in an attempt to control venereal disease in the military, requiring compulsory inspection of women suspected of prostitution, and could include incarceration in a lock hospital . 2Federal period 19011970s edit After federation, criminal law was left in the hands of the states. But criminal law relating to prostitution only dates from around 1910. These laws did not make the act of prostitution illegal but did criminalise many activities related to prostitution. These laws were based on English laws passed between 1860 and 1885, and related to soliciting, age restrictions, brothel keeping, and leasing accommodation. 3Post 1970s edit Since the 1970s there has been a change toward liberalisation of prostitution laws, though the actual approaches have varied. A May 1990 Australian Institute of Criminology report recommended that prostitution not be a criminal offence, since the laws were ineffective and endangered sex workers. 4 A survey conducted in the early 2000s showed that 15.6 of Australian men aged 1659 have paid for sex at least once in their life and 1.9 had done so in the past year. Men who had paid for sex were more likely than other men to smoke, to drink more alcohol, to have had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or been tested for HIV, to have more sexual partners, to have first had vaginal intercourse before 16, and to have had heterosexual anal intercourse. 5The NSW Wood Royal Commission into Police Corruption in 1995 recommended sex work be decriminalised to curb corruption and abuse of power.Health edit Health and safety regulations and peer education have been effective at keeping STIs in the sex worker population at a low level, similar to the general population, and comparable amongst the states (Maginn 2013). Although there had been claims that sex workers were responsible for STI levels in mining communities, subsequent research has shown this not to be true. 6Human trafficking in Australia edit Main article: Human trafficking in AustraliaThe number of people trafficked into or within Australia is unknown. Estimates given to a 2004 parliamentary inquiry into sexual servitude in Australia ranged from 300 to 1000 trafficked women annually.The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Trafficking in persons: global patterns lists Australia as one of 21 trafficking destination countries in the high destination category.Australia did not become a party to the Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others when it was implemented in 1949. It has implemented in 1999 7 the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children , supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime , 8 to which it is a party. Australia has also ratified on 8 January 2007 the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography , which requires it to prohibit, besides other things, child prostitution . For the purpose of the Protocol, a child is any human being under the age of 18, unless an earlier age of majority is recognised by a countrys law. In all Australian jurisdictions, the minimum age at which a person can engage in prostitution is 18 years, although it is argued against the age of consent, and it is always illegal to engage another in prostitution.Australian Capital Territory edit History edit Prior to passage of the 1992 Prostitution Act, prostitution policy in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) consisted of containment and control under the Police Offences Act 1930 9 This prohibited keeping a brothel, persistently soliciting in a public place, or living on the earnings of prostitution. This law was not enforced. In 1991 a report entitled Prostitution in the ACT: Interim Report (Australian Capital Territory) was produced by the Select Committee on HIV, Illegal Drugs and Prostitution describing the then state of the industry, the shortcomings of the law, and the possible reforms available. Having considered the example of other Australian States that had adopted various other models, the committee recommended decriminalization, which occurred in the 1992 Prostitution Act. (Collaery 1991).Current situation edit Following decriminalisation with the passage of The Prostitution Act 1992, aka Annas Law, 10 brothels are legal, but sex workers are required to register with the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS). 11 The ORS also registers and regulates brothels and escort agencies. Sex workers may work privately but must work alone. Soliciting remains illegal (Section 19).Subsequent amending acts include the Prostitution Amendment Act 2002 12 and the Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Act 2011 13 (Part 1.7), a minor administrative amendment.Legislative review 2011 edit The legal situation was reviewed again with a Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safetys inquiry into the ACT Prostitution Act 1992, following the death of a 16yearold woman, Janine Cameron , from a heroin overdose in a brothel in 2008. 14The inquiry was established on 28 October 2010. The committee, chaired by ACT Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne , devised terms of reference that were as follows:the form and operation of the Actidentifying regulatory options, including the desirability of requiring commercially operated brothels to maintain records of workers and relevant proof of age, to ensure that all sex workers are over the age of 18 yearsthe adequacy of, and compliance with, occupational health and safety requirements for sex workersany links with criminal activitythe extent to which unlicensed operators exist within the ACTother relevant matter 15Written submissions were required by 26 February 2011 at which time 58 submissions had been received. 16 Submissions to the committee included Scarlet Alliance . 17 The Alliance requested changes that would allow sex workers to work together, the removal of registration (which is rarely complied with), 18 and the repeal of sections 24 and 25 dealing with sexually transmitted diseases . The Eros Association, which represents the industry also called for removal of registration and for an expansion into residential areas. 18 As in other States and Territories, conservative Christian groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) called for criminalising clients. 19 20 Groups supporting this position included the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia, 21 22 while sex workers argued against it. 23 The Catholic Church has also opposed it. citation needed Ms Dunne stated that the committee would consider exit schemes 24 however AttorneyGeneral Simon Corbell stated that it was unlikely there will be any substantive changes to the status quo. 25 26 The committee completed its hearings on evidence on 13 July 2011, 27 and issued its report in February 2012. 28 The Government issued a formal response in June, 29 30 31 stating it would follow most of the recommendations and that the inquiry had affirmed that sex work was a legitimate occupation.In the October 2012 elections the opposition Liberals campaigned on a platform to oppose allowing more than one sex worker to use a premise in suburban areas 32 but were not successful in preventing a further term of the ALP Green alliance.Advocacy edit Advocacy for sex workers in the ACT is undertaken by SWOP ACT (Sex Work Outreach Project). 33New South Wales edit New South Wales (NSW) has the most liberal legislation on prostitution in Australia, with almost complete decriminalisation, and has been a model for other jurisdictions such as New Zealand. Brothels are legal in NSW under the Summary Offences Act 1988. 34 The main activities that are illegal are:living on the earnings of a prostitute, although persons who own or manage a brothel are exemptcausing or inducing prostitution (procuring: Crimes Act s.91A,B)using premises, or allowing premises to be used, for prostitution that are held out as being available for massage, sauna baths, steam baths, facilities for exercise, or photographic studiosadvertising that a premises is used for prostitution, or advertising for prostitutessoliciting for prostitution near or within view of a dwelling, school, church or hospitaladvertising premised used for prostitutionengaging in child prostitution (Crimes Act s.91CF) 35According to a 2009 report in the Daily Telegraph , illegal brothels in Sydney outnumbered licensed operations by four to one. 36Early era edit NSW was founded in 1788 and was responsible for Tasmania until 1825, Victoria until 1851 and Queensland until 1859. It inherited much of the problems of port cities, penal colonies, and the gender imbalance of colonial life. Initially there was little specific legislation aimed at prostitution, but prostitutes could be charged under vagrancy provisions if their behaviour drew undue attention. In 1822 Commissioner Bigge reported stated there were 20 brothels in Sydney, and many women at the Parramatta Female Factory were involved in prostitution. 37 The Prevention of Vagrancy Act 1835 was designed to deal with undesirables. 1The 1859 Select Committee into the Condition of the Working Classes of the Metropolis described widespread prostitution. Nineteenth century legislation included the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1883 and Police Offences Act 1901. Attempts to pass contagious diseases legislation were resisted, and unlike other States, legislative control was minimal till the general attack on vice of the first decade of the twentieth century which resulted in the Police Offences Amendment Act 1908, and the Prisoners Detention Act. Street prostitution was controlled by the Vagrancy Act 1902 (sec. 41 c) 1 enabling a woman to be arrested as a common prostitute. This was strengthened by an amendment of the Police Offences (Amendment) Act 1908, which also prohibited living on the earnings.Modern era edit Strengthening the laws edit The Vagrancy Act was further strengthened in 1968, making it an offence to loiter for the purpose of prostitution (sec. 4 1 k). These provisions were then incorporated into the Summary Offences Act 1970, s.28.Decriminalisation edit In the 1970s an active debate about the need for liberalisation appeared, spearheaded by feminists and libertarians , culminating under the Wran ALP government in the Prostitution Act 1979. Eventually NSW became a model for debates on liberalising prostitution laws. But almost immediately, community pressure started to build for additional safeguards, particularly in Darlinghurst (Perkins 1991), although police still utilised other legislation such as the Offences in Public Places Act 1979 for unruly behaviour. Eventually, this led to a subsequent partial recriminalisation of street work with the Prostitution (Amendment) Act 1983, of which s.8A stipulates that(1) A person in a public street shall not, near a dwelling, school, church or hospital, solicit another person for the purpose of prostitution (2) A person shall not, in a school, church or hospital, solicit another person for the purpose of prostitution.This resulted in Darlinghurst street workers relocating (Perkins 1991).Further decriminalisation of premises followed with the 38 implementation of recommendations from the Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly Upon Prostitution (198386). Although the committee had recommended relaxing the soliciting laws, the new Greiner Liberal government tightened these provisions further in 1988 through the Summary Offences Act in response to community pressure. citation needed The current regulatory framework is based on the Crimes Act 1900, 39 Disorderly Houses Act 1943 (renamed Restricted Premises Act in 2002), Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, and Summary Offences Act 1988. The suburbs of Kings Cross in Sydney and Islington in Newcastle have been traditional centres of prostitution. New South Wales is the only Australian state that legalises street prostitution . But community groups in those locations have occasionally lobbied for recriminalisation. 40As promised in its 2011 election campaign, the Liberal Party sought review of the regulation of brothels. In September 2012, it issues a discussion paper on review of the regulations. 41 It stated that the purpose was threefold, the protection of residential amenity protection of sex workers and safeguarding public health (Maginn 2013). Nevertheless, there is no evidence of a negative effect of brothels on the community. 42 43Politics edit Generally prostitution policy in NSW has been bipartisan. But in 2010 the Liberal (centreright) opposition announced that it would make prostitution reform part of its campaign for the March 2011 State election . The plan would involve a new licensing authority, following revelations that the sex industry had been expanding and operating illegallly as well as in legal premises. The Liberals claimed that organised crime and coercion were part of the NSW brothel scene. 44 The last reform was in 2007, with the Brothels Legislation Act. 45 The Liberals were duly elected as the new government in that election. citation needed Advocacy for sex workers in NSW is undertaken by SWOP NSW (Sex Workers Outreach Project). 46Northern Territory edit Brothels are illegal in the Northern Territory under the Prostitution Regulation Act 2004. 47 The Northern Territory Licensing Commission 48 can license Northern Territory residents for a licence to operate an escort agency business. 49 Street work is illegal, while sole operators are legal and unregulated. Sex workers have protested against the fact that the NT is the only part of Australia where workers have to register with the police. 50 As elsewhere in Australia any liberalisation is vigorously opposed by religious groups. 51This section needs additional citations for verification . Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.(April 2014)( Learn how and when to remove this template message )Unlike other parts of Australia, the Northern Territory remained largely Aboriginal for much longer, and Europeans were predominantly male. Inevitably this brought European males into close proximity with Aboriginal women. There has been much debate as to whether the hiring of Aboriginal women (Black Velvet) as domestic labour but also as sexual partners constituted prostitution or not. Certainly these interracial liaisons attracted much criticism. Once the Commonwealth took over the territory from South Australia in 1911, it saw its role as protecting the indigenous population, and there was considerable debate about employment standards and the practice of consorting. citation needed Pressure from reform came from womens groups such as Women Against Discrimination and Exploitation (WADE). (Bonney 1997) In 1992 the Prostitution Regulation Act reformed and consolidated the common law and statute law relating to prostitution. The first report of the Escort Agency Licensing Board in 1993 recommended further reform, but the Government did not accept this, feeling there would be widespread opposition to legalising brothels. The AttorneyGenerals Department conducted a review in 1996. A further review was subsequently conducted in 1998. 52 In 2004 The Suppression of Brothels Act 1907 (SA) in its application to the Territory was repealed by the Prostitution Regulation Act. The NT Government has consistently rejected calls for legalisation of brothels. 53Queensland edit Brothels are legal. They are licensed by the Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA). 54 The PLA reports to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC), which reports to parliament. There are two types of sex work that are legal in Queensland:Private sex work: A single sex worker working alone. It is an offence for such a worker to solicit publicly. Advertising is permitted with restrictions on the wording. 55Sex work in a licensed brothel.All other forms of sex work remain illegal, including more than one worker sharing a premise, street prostitution , unlicensed brothels or massage parlours used for sex work, and outcalls from licensed brothels. The CMC continues to oppose outcall services 56 57 although this is currently favoured by the PLA. 58According to a 2009 report, only 10 of prostitution happens in the licensed brothels, the rest of 90 of prostitution remains either unregulated or illegal. There were 25 known legal brothels in 2009, and 75 of sex work involved outcall. 59 60 There are continuing reports that an illegal sector continues to thrive. 58 In 2012 sex workers in Queensland won the right to rent motel and hotel rooms to work, under the AntiDiscrimination Act. 61 Economic circumstances continue to be a determinant of women seeking sex work. 62History edit Much emphasis was placed in colonial Queensland on the role of immigration and the indigenous population in introducing and sustaining prostitution, while organisations such as the Social Purity Society described what they interpreted as widespread female depravity. Concerns led to the Act for the Suppression of Contagious Diseases 1868 (31 Vict. No. 40), part of a widespread legislative attempt to control prostitution throughout the British Empire through incarceration in lock hospitals. Brothels were defined in section 231 of the Queensland Criminal Code in 1897, which explicitly defined bawdy houses in 1901. A further act relating to venereal disease control was the Health Act Amendment Act 1911 (2 Geo. V. No. 26). Solicitation was an offence under Clause 132E, and could lead to a fine or imprisonment. Other measures included the longstanding vagrancy laws and local bylaws.The Fitzgerald Report (Commission of Inquiry into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct) of 1989 led to widespread concern regarding the operation of the laws, and consequently a more specific inquiry (Criminal Justice Commission. Regulating morality? An inquiry into prostitution in Queensland) in 1991. This in turn resulted in two pieces of legislation, the Prostitution Laws Amendment Act 1992 and the Prostitution Act 1999. 63The Crime and Misconduct Commission reported on the regulation of prostitution in 2004, 64 and on outcall work in 2006. 59 65 Five amendments were introduced between 1999 and 2010. In August 2009 the Prostitution and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2009 was introduced 66 67 68 and assented to in September, becoming the Prostitution and Other Acts Amendment Act 2010 69 proclaimed in March 2011.South Australia edit Brothels are illegal in South Australia, under the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 70 and the Summary Offences Act 1953. 71 Soliciting in public places, receiving money from the prostitution of another, and procuring are illegal, but the act of prostitution itself is not.Early era edit Despite the intentions of the founders, prostitution became identified early in the history of the colony, known as the social evil, and various government reports during the nineteenth century refer to estimates of the number of people working in prostitution. In 1842, within six years of the founding of the colony, it was reported that there were now large numbers of females who are living by a life of prostitution in the city of Adelaide, out of all proportion to the respectable population. 1 72The Police Act 1844 73 set penalties for prostitutes found in public houses or public places 74 This was consistent with the vagrancy laws then operating throughout the British Empire and remained the effective legislation for most of the remainder of the century, although it had little effect despite harsher penalties enacted in 1863 and 1869. 75Following the scandal described by WT Stead in the UK, there was much discussion of the white slave trade in Adelaide, and with the formation of the Social Purity Society of South Australia in 1882 along similar lines to that in other countries, similar legislation to the UK Criminal Law Consolidation Amendment Act 1885 was enacted, making it an offence to procure the defilement of a female by fraud or threat (the 1885 Protection of Young Persons Act). 76 Opinions were divided as to whether to address the issue of prostitution by social reform and prevention, or by legislation, and many debates were held concerning the need for licensing and regulation. 75The Twentieth century saw the Suppression of Brothels Bill 1907, the Venereal Diseases Act of 1920, the Police Act 1936 and Police Offences Act 1953. 75This section needs additional citations for verification . Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.(April 2014)( Learn how and when to remove this template message )While current legislation is based on acts of parliament from the 1930s and 1950s, at least six unsuccessful attempts have been made to reform the laws, starting in 1980. In 1978 one of many inquires was launched. Parliament voted a select committee of inquiry in August, renewed following the 1979 election . The Evidence Act 1978 was amended to allow witness immunity.Millhouse (1980) edit The committee report (1980) recommended decriminalisation. Robin Millhouse s (former Liberal AttorneyGeneral, but then a new LM and finally Democrat MLA) introduced (27 February 1980) a bill entitled A Bill for an Act to give effect to the recommendations of the Select Committee of Inquiry into prostitution. It generated considerable opposition in the community and failed on a tied vote in the Assembly on 11 February 1981.Pickles (1986) edit A further bill was introduced in 1986 (Carolyn Pickles ALP MLC 19852002) but dropped on 18 March 1987 due to Liberal opposition and community pressure, with a 132 vote.This section does not cite any sources . Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed .(April 2014)( Learn how and when to remove this template message )A number of issues kept sex work in the public eye during 1990 and 1991. The next development occurred on 8 February 1991 when Ian Gilfillan ( Australian Democrat MLC 19823) stated he would introduce a decriminalisation private members bill. He did so on 10 April 1991 but it met opposition from groups such as the Uniting Church and it lapsed when parliament recessed for the winter. Although he introduced a similar bill on 21 August 1991 but on 29 April 1992 a motion passed that resulted in the bill being withdrawn in favour of a reference to the Social Development Committee, although little was achieved by the latter during this time.Brindal (1993) edit Another bill came in 1993 and then Mark Brindal , a Liberal backbencher, produced a discussion paper on decriminalisation in November 1994, and on 9 February 1995 he introduced a private members bill (Prostitution (Decriminalisation) Bill) to decriminalise prostitution and the Prostitution Regulation Bill on 23 February. He had been considered to have a better chance of success than the previous initiatives due to a sunrise clause which would set a time frame for a parliamentary debate prior to it coming into effect. He twice attempted to get decriminalisation bills passed, although his party opposed this. 77 The Decriminalisation Bill was discharged on 6 July, but the Regulation Bill was lost on a conscience vote 16 to 28 on 27 July. citation needed Cameron (1998) edit Meanwhile, the Committee released its final report on 21 August 1996, 78 but it was not till 25 March 1998 that Terry Cameron MLC (ALP 19952006) introduced a bill based on it. It had little support and lapsed when parliament recessed.Brokenshire (1999) edit The Liberal Police Minister, Robert Brokenshire , introduced four Bills in 1999, the Prostitution (Licensing) Bill 1999, the Prostitution (Registration) Bill 1999, the Prostitution (Regulation) Bill 1999 and the Summary Offences (Prostitution) Bill 1999, to revise the laws and decriminalise prostitution. The Prostitution (Regulation) Bill was passed by the House of Assembly and received by the Legislative Council on 13 July 2000, but defeated on 17 July 2001, 12:7. 75 The Bill was also supported by the Australian Democrats . 79 The then Minister for the status of Women, Diana Laidlaw is said to have been moved to tears, and called her colleagues gutless. Another MLC, Sandra Kanck (Australian Democrat 19932009) angrily stated that sex workers had been thrown to the wolves by Parliament. 80KeyGago (201213) edit No further attempts to reform the law have been made for some time, however in 2010 a governing Labor backbencher and former minister, Stephanie Key , announced she would introduce a private members decriminalisation bill. 81 82 Religious groups immediately organised opposition, 83 although the opposition Liberals promised to consider it. 84 Consultations with the blackmarket industry continued 85 and in June 2011 she outlined her intended legislation to amend the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 and the Summary Offences Act 1953 to ensure sex workers had the same industrial rights and responsibilities as other workers, that minors under the age of 18 years were not involved in or associated with sex work, preventing sex services premises from being established within 200 metres of schools, centres for children or places of worship, allowing local government to regulate public amenity, noise, signage and location in relation to sex services premises with more than three workers, promote safe sex education and practice by clients and sex workers, and enable sex workers to report criminal matters to the police like in a similar matter to other citizens, but not where workers could report victims of abuse for intervention assistance or men who sought out such young women as potential rapists or pedophiles. 86She presented her proposals to the Caucus in September 2011, 80 87 and tabled a motion on 24 November 2011 That she have leave to introduce a Bill for an Act to decriminalise prostitution and regulate the sex work industry to amend the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935, the Equal Opportunity Act 1984, the Fair Work Act 1994, the Summary Offences Act 1953 and the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 and for other purpose. 88The proposal was opposed by the Family First Party that had ten per cent of the votes in the Legislative Council , where Robert Brokenshire now opposed decriminalisation. 89 However Police Commissioner, Mal Hyde , stated that the laws need to change. 80 After considerable discussion and some compromises the Sex Work Reform Bill 90 91 was introduced in May 2012, but was defeated by one vote, 20 to 19 in a conscience vote on second reading in November 2012. 92Status of Women Minister Gail Gago introduced a similar bill in the Legislative Council, but withdrew it following the defeat of Stephanie Keys Bill. 93Key introduced another Bill 94 in May 2013. 95 96LensinkKey (201516) edit In July 2015 Michelle Lensink Liberal MLC introduced an updated version of the KeyGago legislation to the South Australian Legislative Council. 97 Key and Lensink are collaborating across party lines to develop the legislation, sexual exploitation being the obvious potential in an industry like this, and its introduction to the Legislative Council is intended to test key elements of the legislation with important opponents in the upper house. 98 Family First MLC Dennis Hood is a key opponent, arguing Im yet to have anyone say they want their daughter to be a prostitute. S 98

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