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Gta where you can have sex

Gta where you can have sex

Gta where you can have sex

Xbox:PS2:Clock stopped at 00:00. Weird sudden weather changes. If you kill yourself, the time stays at 12:00.Additional NotesThe PS2 combinations for cheats marked with an asterisk () were not officially released by Rockstar Games. They were discovered by edisoncarter from GTA Forums by wiring the PS2 controller up to the PCs parallel port and trying numerous combinations at high speed. Needless to say, this is not recommended for people to try at home, since it also requires special software to make this work.Quests through the source code of the game also reveal various hidden button codes for special cheats, yet the button combinations are up to the point of writing . Perhaps we shall find out the combinations in the future, but for now these cheats can only be triggered with cheat devices. The cheats include (but are not limited to):all cars with nitrous

Two unnamed prostitutes working for Asuka and 8BallTriviaGeneralIn all games, some areas have security cameras , and even signs saying THIS AREA IS MONITORED. Despite this, the area is still considered secluded.3D UniverseIn GTA III, prostitutes can be interested in anyone with a car and enter the car if the driver waits long enough.In GTA III there are two types of prostitutes: African American and Caucasian. The Caucasian prostitutes mostly absent during the daytime, but in Campus, you can clearly see that female students and Caucasian prostitutes has a same face.In GTA VC, there is an unused prostitute with blonde hair, black heels, white leggings, red skirt with the black belt, six gold bracelets, and with a light blue and white mini tank top the unused model is in the game files.In GTA III and Vice City, if the player picks up a prostitute and parks the car at a place with no civilians, the protagonists health will go to 125. This may even reduce the health on Vice City, if youve achieved the ability to max your health to 150 or 200.In GTA San Andreas, if the player types in the cheat code for invisible cars, or simply look behind with the camera, you will see that nothing is happening in the car, simply the protagonist and the hooker sitting in the car, doing nothing (it is also possible to see it just by changing to firstperson view ).In GTA San Andreas, the black San Fierro prostitute somewhat resembles Jamaican singer Grace Jones, while the white Las Venturas prostitute is said to resemble the singer Madonna.In GTA San Andreas, there was a cut elderly prostitute who wore a pink vcut vest, leopard print shorts, pink heels, and smoked a cigar. She can be found in the files of the game and can be enabled.In GTA San Andreas, hitting a prostitute will result in them fighting back with a knife , pistol or fists .In GTA LCS, while in a car with a prostitute, Toni may say Whos your Mommy? I mean Daddy....In VCS, after being with a prostitute for some time, Vic usually says Why dont we do this for like... ever?GTA IV and EFLCIn TBoGT, prostitutes giving Luis a 70 service will often sarcastically comment on Luis penis size.If the player picks up a prostitute and parks their car so that it is slanted and begins a service, and the car slides back during the service the service will stop, but the effects will remain so the player does not have to pay.You can have multiple services with a prostitute by hitting the gas before the prostitute gets out of the car. However, abusing it will cause her to become aggressive and will attack Niko if she ever got out of the car.If the player invites a prostitute into the car and gets out before she gets in, the prostitute will spin around in the car one time and say as if she was rejected by the player. After that, she will stay in the car no matter what (being chased by the police , firing off the gun, etc.). The only way to get the prostitute out is to either kill her (after a little while the protagonist will push the body out), approach the passenger side door, open the door and pull her out, or park the driver side of your car next to a solid object (a wall, another vehicle etc.) and get out, causing the prostitute to exit the car first.In The Lost and Damned , there are a couple of mistakes regarding the prostitute actions while in a Prison Bus . If the player opts for the first two services, the prostitute will engage her actions while remaining in the vehicles valid seat (the third one in the right side). However, if the player opts for the third service, at the time the prostitute is preparing for the act, she will be slowly moving to the driver seat while performing the animation. Once the service finishes, the prostitute will return to the seat in the same way. This will be an oversight, as a normal Bus is unable to pick up prostitutes.GTA V and OnlineLike any other pedestrian, if the player harasses them, prostitutes can call on the cops to come to their aid, resulting in a wanted level for that.In GTA Online, the player can still pick up a prostitute and have all services available while using a female character.Also in GTA Online, players cannot pay the prostitute cash that is banked, and therefore must pay the cash on hand to the prostitute.The player can increase their stamina stat by having sex with a prostitute.When picking up a prostitute as Michael and stopping at a place that isnt very secluded, the prostitute will tell him to go somewhere more secluded. After that, Michael may sometimes point that he is married, which will make her leave the car.Paying for a service equal to the amount of money held by the player will result in no money being lost.Sometimes when switching to Michael, he will pass around some prostitutes, and they will ask him what he is doing there in a sexually suggestive manner or ask him if he is looking for a date, but he will say he is just window shopping (i.e. looking, but not buying) and is happily married. This cutscene happens after the mission Reuniting the Family . Amusingly, the player can then hop in a car and pick up one of those same prostitutes. This scene can also happen at daytime, making it the only time you can receive a prostitutes services during the day.If Franklin stops by a prostitute while on a mission, the prostitute will ask him Do you want a piece of this ass to which he will reply Not right now. If the player has subtitles turned on, they will notice that piece is incorrectly spelled peice.Sometimes hookers can recognize the player from a previous service. This depends on the hookers voice and hairstyle.Theres a glitch that if the player enters a vehicle (even an adequate one) in the drivers side near a prostitute, a message appears saying that the vehicle is not recommended.If the player is near a prostitute while driving a police car , turning on the sirens will make her flee, sometimes spouting dialogue.If the player parks his vehicle in the driveway of Michaels Mansion and gets out while having a prostitute in the vehicle, they will both exit the car and go inside.Rarely, if another player calls a mugger on the player with a prostitute, the prostitute will get out of the car with their knife and try to jack the player out of it. This only works if there are no nearby pedestrians in this area.Other players cannot enter the vehicle while the player and the prostitute are having sex.

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas... a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.Now, its the early 90s. Carls got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster.On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.Liberty City. Vice City. Now San Andreas, a new chapter in the legendary series.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available now for PlayStation2, Xbox, PC and select Mobile devices.January 7, 2014GTA San Andreas Out Now for iOS, Android, Amazon Devices Windows PhoneCheck out the brand new trailer and experience the best looking version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas yet, now on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle HDX devices with remastered, highresolution graphics including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models. San Andreas on Android also supports compatible USB and Bluetooth Android controllers including the popular MOGA brand series.For a complete list of compatible devices please visit the Rockstar Support page . Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available for 6.99 from the App Store , Google Play , Amazon Appstore for Android and the Windows Phone Store . More info available at http:www.rockstargames.comsanandreasmobile .December 11, 2012Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now available to download from the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE Marketplace .To help prepare you to go backback to SA, what better to watch than The Introduction the original 20minute prologue video that highlights the action in the days before the story in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas begins. The Introduction is told from various characters viewpoints, which are intertwined together to reveal the network of organized crime forces operating throughout the state of San Andreas. Tension builds as threats are carried out, stakes are raised and communication breaks down. In Los Santos, a driveby shooting in Grove Street Familys territory ignites a series of events to be further explored in the game.November 12, 2010The critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto Trilogy of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas officially arrives for the Macintosh today.These incomparable classics are now available together on the Mac for the first time, exclusively via TransGamings GameTreeOnline.com Mac gaming portal for 30 days, with additional retailers to follow across North America and Europe.September 23, 2005Rockstar Games is pleased to announce that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is coming to the XBox in October. The compilation features Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas together for the first time as a complete trilogy. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is set to hit shelves in North America on October 18, 2005.Additional information about Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available at: www.rockstargames.comgrandtheftauto .September 23, 2005Rockstar Games is pleased to announce Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, which will include on DVD The Introduction and Rockstars debut documentary film, Sunday Driver. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition will be in stores on October 18, 2005.Highlighting the action in the days before the story in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas begins, The Introduction is told from various characters viewpoints, which are intertwined together to reveal the network of organized crime forces operating throughout the state of San Andreas. Tension builds as threats are carried out, stakes are raised and communication breaks down. In Los Santos, a driveby shooting in Grove Street Familys territory ignites a series of events to be further explored in the game.Sunday Driver is an allaccess documentary film chronicling the ComptonWatts chapter of Californias low rider car club, The Majestics. A cutting edge and uncompromising film, Sunday Driver is an evolution of the Rockstar brand into film. Directed by Carol Strong, the documentary offers an incredible portrait of a community working together to build the ultimate customized vehicles while struggling to legitimize their lifestyle under close scrutiny by the authorities. With an upfront look at the men behind the chrome, Sunday Driver explores the origins of the Majestics car club and, by using first person interviews, explains what it means to be a Majestic. Dedicated to creating the definitive modified automobile, The Majestics come together to help each other realize their dreams. Sunday Driver will also be released separately on UMD, a format used by the PSP(TM) (PlayStation Portable) system. For more information on Sunday Driver, including the official trailer, clips, stills and more, check out the official Sunday Driver website at www.rockstargames.comsundaydriver .The Special Edition is the complete Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas experience.June 7, 2005Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is out now for Xbox and PC. To celebrate, new screenshots and movie clips have been added to the official minisites. Click here for the Xbox minisite and here for the PC minisite.April 29, 2005Check out the latest issues of Official Xbox Magazine and PC Gamer for some of the first previews of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Xbox and PC, respectively.If you have been waiting all this time to play it on Xbox, you wont want to let it pass by San Andreas is a mustplay videogame experience. Official Xbox Magazine, June 2005San Andreas PC offers beautiful hires visuals. Forget the real world: I want to revisit Los Santos the next chance I get. June cant come soon enough. PC Gamer, June 2005April 29, 2005Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Xbox and PC on June 7th. The official minisites, featuring screens, specs and more, are now live: Xbox Site PC SiteMake sure youre on one of the mailinglists below to receive the first word onfurther updates.December 16, 2004Rockstar Games is pleased to announce that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is making its way to the Xbox and PC this June. Both versions will be in stores in North America on June 7th, 2005 and in Europe on June 10th, 2005.Check back soon for more info and media...November 17, 2004Check out the SOUNDTRACK section of the site for all new details on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Box Set SoundtrackScheduled for release on December 7th, 2004 in North America and December 6th, 2004 throughout Europe The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 8CD box set will be one of the most dynamic selections of music ever assembled, spanning the entire San Andreas radio dial.The San Andreas soundtrack Double CD hits stores this Tuesday, November 23rd, exclusively including the DVD, The Introduction the cinematic prologue to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.November 17, 2004Visit the Rockstar Warehouse at www.rockstargames.comwarehouse for exclusive access to San Andreas gear including mens and ladies tees, baseball caps, board shorts, and more.Also check out the Official Desktops Series page at www.rockstargames.comsanandreasdesktops for some all new wallpapers postcards just added.November 17, 2004As the vast many of you are making your way through an epic adventure across Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and all points in between... The critical word streams in...IGN.COM: Im not going to beat around the bush. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the single best PlayStation 2 title I have ever played... it has a production value thats second to none, boasts a faithfulness to 90s source material with an eerie accuracy... In short, its a terrific unending masterpiece of a game and one that will never fall victim to an overexaggeration of its lofty status. Its the defining piece of software for Sonys successful sophomore system, and its almost impossible to imagine a PlayStation 2 library without it. San Andreas is... a world that can offer different people different things... Live the life you want to live do the things you want to do, its entirely up to you. But however you choose to do it, do it now. Drop everything and do it right now. This is the best PlayStation 2 game ever made. Period.OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE: The term big really doesnt do it justice. Its huge, massive, colossal, stupendous, and somewhat humbling in its enormity. No matter what expectations youve developed based on the information that has dribbled out over the course of the past six months, you are wrong. If youre expecting Vice City, only set in the 90s and with some RPG bits, you are wrong. If you believe that they cant possibly push it as much as they have before, that it cant really be that good, you are wrong... the truth is its spectacular... The game promises just about everything and somehow manages to deliver even more than you expected.CHIGAGO TRIBUNE: San Andreas moves toward the next generation of consoles and the kinds of evolving human tales waiting to unfold.TIME MAGAZINE: An extraordinary experiment in interactive storytelling... San Andreas combines the richness of art with the freedom of real life to create something entirely new, totally unclassifiable and really, really cool.NEWSDAY: A masterpiece.GAMESPY: This is precisely the kind of experience that reminds why, exactly, we play games: to be liberated from the constraints of reality, and explore living, breathing worlds.THE GUARDIAN (UK): Elaborate, extravagant... a truly epic videogame... the ultimate digital playground.BBC (UK): ...it builds and expands almost immeasurably upon the last two games... it is hard to envisage anything topping this barnstorming instant classic.PSW (UK): The most complete, enchanting, immense and rewarding experience ever seen in gaming... Whats been done here is nothing short of magnificent... San Andreas truly redefines gaming for a new generationOctober 26, 2004The ultimate chapter in the Grand Theft Auto trilogy is here. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is in stores now.Im not going to beat around the bush. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the single best PlayStation 2 title I have ever played. IGN.comOctober 19, 2004Its Venturas, baby. The eagerly anticipated Las Venturas update to the Flash section is here.Also check out the MOVIES section for the world premiere of Homecoming: Official Trailer 3.Just one week until game release. Visit the BUY NOW section for last minute preorder information!October 19, 2004Check out the SOUNDTRACK section for updated information and audio. Including the first word on the The Introduction DVD the cinematic prologue to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, exclusively available with the official soundtrack double CD. The double CD tracklist, as well as allnew, extended radio station clips in the soundtrack player await you.October 1, 2004The Official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Desktops Series page has been updated with a newly released set of San Andreas postcards, featuring the cities of Los Santos and San Fierro.Visit www.rockstargames.comsanandreasdesktops for desktops, screensavers and postcards.September 25, 2004Site update. The city of San Fierro is now unlocked in the Flash section of the site.And in the MOVIES section, the debut of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Trailer.September 8, 2004By popular demand the first set of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas official desktops have just been released. Check out www.rockstargames.comsanandreasdesktops for a selection of wallpapers and screensavers in all common screen resolutions. More to come!September 3, 2004Rockstar Games and Interscope Records Announce Partnership for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Soundtrack.Rockstar Games and Interscope Records proudly announce a joint venture for the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The details surrounding the artists and track listings on the soundtrack will be kept tightly under wraps until the weeks leading up to the games launch this October. Stay tuned for more information.August 20, 2004Welcome to the launch of the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website. Welcome to Los Santos.Featuring the debut of the very first San Andreas trailer.In grand Grand Theft Auto fashion, much more is always to come. For the first word on all web updates and other announcements, make sure youre on either the Grand Theft Auto or the Rockstar mailing list at the links provided below.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system this October. Preorder now to avoid disappointment.Subscribe to our mailing listRockstar Games and Interscope Records Announce Box Set Soundtrack Details For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas8CD Box Set Follows the November 22nd European and November 23rd North American releases of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Double CD featuring the bonus DVD, The IntroductionNew York, NY November 16, 2004 Rockstar Games, the worldrenowned publishing label of TakeTwo Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), and Interscope Records, a part of Universal Music Group, proudly announce the details of the 8CD box set soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the latest installment in the bestselling Grand Theft Auto franchise. The box set is scheduled for release on December 7th, 2004 in North America and December 6th, 2004 throughout Europe.With the game set in the early 1990s, the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack features one of the most dynamic selections of music ever assembled. The music spans the entire FM radio dial of the West Coast during this particularly influential period in American music and culture. The 8CD box set will feature over 80 music tracks as well as some of the satirical commercials and witty DJ dialogue emblematic of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Each disc of the box set will feature a style of music available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas many ingame radio stations from Willie Nelson to Public Enemy, Rick James to Humble Pie, Soundgarden to James Brown, En Vogue to Black Uhuru making this one of the most diverse and powerful collections in music history.The complete track listing for the 8CD box set is as follows:CD1 Bounce FM2. Kool The Gang Hollywood Swingin3. Rick James Cold Blooded4. The Gap Band You Dropped A Bomb On Me5. Cameo Candy6. Ronnie Hudson West Coast Poplock7. Youre On Bounce FM8. Zapp I Can Make You Dance9. Dazz Band Let It Whip10. Roy Ayers Running Away11. Ohio Players Funky Worm12. Maze Twilight13. That Was Bounce FM14. Glory Hole Theme Park: Fun With Strangers15. Eris Pump Up ShoesCD2 Radio Los Santos Playback FM1. Playback FM Intro2. Public Enemy Rebel Without A Pause3. Brand Nubian Brand Nubian4. Slick Rick Childrens Story5. Youre On Playback FM6. Eric B. Rakim I Know You Got Soul7. Rob Base DJ EZ Rock It Takes Two8. That Was Playback FM9. Kid Frost La Raza10. The D.O.C. Its Funky Enough11. Da Lench Mob Guerillas In Tha Mist12. Comptons Most Wanted Hood Took Me Under13. Cypress Hill How I Could Just Kill A Man14. 2 Pac I Dont Give A Fuck15. Ice Diamonds

Claude is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III , and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas .Claude never speaks in any of his appearances.ContentsHistoryBackgroundNothing is known about Claudes life before 1992, other than he had emerged as a top contender in an illegal racing ring and owned an abandoned garage in Doherty , San Fierro . Rockstar, however, states that Claude is: Definitely a drifter, probably from the west coast, new to Liberty City and his surname may or may not be Speed .Events of GTA San AndreasRacing with Carl JohnsonClaude, in 1992 , became involved with Catalina , who had recently split up with Carl Johnson , before racing CJ in a losing effort. Following the loss, he hands over his garage to Johnson, before leaving San Andreas with Catalina. The two head to Liberty City where they embark on a nine year crime spree ending with Catalinas betrayal.Events of GTA IIIBank Heist and JailbreakAt the start of the game, Claude and Catalina robbed a bank in Liberty City. Catalina, however, turned on her boyfriend, shooting him and leaving him for dead, justifying her decision with Im an ambitious girl, and youre just small time. Claude is arrested by the Liberty City Police Department . He is convicted of all charges and is sentenced to ten years in prison. While being transferred to a prison in Portland View , Claude escapes from a police convoy after the Colombian Cartel attack the convoy to free the Oriental Gentleman . Claude and 8Ball escape to a safehouse in the Red Light District , before moving on to Luigis Sex Club 7 . Luigi Goterelli , the owner, gives Claude his first job in the city, to drive Misty from the hospital back to the club.The Leone FamilyClaude, successful in his errand, continues to be employed by Goterelli, who also has him kill a drug dealer and two pimps , before having him drive Misty to Joey Leones Garage . Claude then begins to work for Joey, killing both Mike Forelli and Lee Chong , before chauffering Toni Cipriani , later working for him against the Triads , principally killing three Triads warlords . Claude, impressing the Leone Family hierarchy, is introduced to the Don , Salvatore Leone . Salvatore, seeing nothing but good things for Claude, has him looking after his girl Maria for the evening, kill Curly Bob (who was selling secrets to the Colombian Cartel , now coled by Catalina) and later destroy a freighter used as a factory for the drug SPANK . During this time, Claude also works for El Burro , the leader of the Diablos , helping him on various tasks , and Marty Chonks in his attempts to get out of his various problems .The YakuzaAfter destroying the Cartel freighter, a paranoid Salvatore attempts to kill Claude by having him enter a bomb laden car . Salvatores wife Maria , however, pages Claude and directs him to a small pier where the two meet Asuka Kasen , coleader of the Yakuza , and flee to Staunton Island after Maria had told her husband that she and Claude were an item. Asuka, unconvinced of Claudes loyalty, has him kill Salvatore Leone to prove himself, before having him kill a number of other people causing her problems . She later introduces him to her brother Kenji and Ray Machowski , a corrupt police man working for the Yakuza. Claude helps Kenji with his problems, including settling debts and freeing a man from prison , and helps Machowski in his attempts to remain unnoticed, eventually helping him flee the city by the airport .Later Jobs and The ExchangeClaude continues to look for work and finds employment with King Courtney , who has him attack the Diablos before attempting to kill him on orders from Catalina, and Donald Love , who has him kill Kenji Kasen disguised as a Colombian Cartel gangster in a Cartel Cruiser to provoke a war. Asuka, unaware of Claudes role in her brothers death, launches an assault on a Cartelcontrolled building site and begins to torture Miguel , coleader of the Cartel, into giving away Cartel secrets. Armed with the information, Asuka sends Claude on various missions to hurt Cartel operations, including stopping the selling of and stealing a shipment of SPANK. Claude briefly finds employment with DIce , leader of the Red Jacks subsect of the Southside Hoods , and attacks the rival Purple Nines into defeat . Claude returns to the building site and finds that Asuka and Miguel are both dead, whilst a ransom note from Catalina, wanting 500,000 for Maria, is left for him.Claude goes to the Cartel mansion, escapes an ambush, destroys a helicopter piloted by Catalina, thus killing her, and rescues Maria . Marias fate is then left unknown as the screen fades to black while she is talking, before a gunshot is fired and she stops talking.PersonalityClaude is a calm and serious man who appears almost emotionless regardless of the situation. Provided he is paid for his services, he will take orders from his bosses without reluctance or complaint, usually giving a nod to show that he understands, and doesnt respond even when he is scolded or shouted at by his bosses for doing something wrong. He also prostrates to his bosses if required, in Kenji Kasens case.Claude shows no true loyalty to anyone, as long as he is paid or it leads him closer to his goal of revenge, he will work for anyone, and kill anyone, as evidenced by him killing Kenji Kasen . He even fights on multiple sides of gang wars, working for the Mafia , the Diablos , the Yakuza , and the Yardies , completely without hesitation.For the vast majority of the game, Claude is taciturn anddoesnt speak. He will only make a slight grunt when he is hurt, or an Oh! whenever he drowns, gets shot, run over, or when he falls down. He may also give passing vehicles the middle finger when crossing the road.Claude remains true to his mission of finding and taking revenge on Catalina for leaving him for dead, even showing the slightest bit of pity for Maria when he allows her to live after freeing her, only to possibly kill her himself. Its also clear that Claude is only out for himself and will use people for his own ends or benefits until he no longer sees a reason to use them anymore which more often than not ends with Claude killing them.AppearanceClaude is a tall Caucasian male in his late twenties to early thirties, with brown hair and a faint 5 Oclock shadow. He always wears a black bomber jacket with bronze zippers with a black Tshirt underneath, green cargo pants and blue sneakers. He has a muscular build, during Give Me Liberty , Claude wears a baggy orange prison jumpsuit with rolledup sleeves.In the PC version of GTA III, there is an alternate outfit consisting of a brown leather jacket, blue jeans, white sneakers and a brown moustache. Aside from that, Claude is the only 3Dera protagonist (except for Mike ) that wears the same clothes throughout the entire game.Claudes appearance in San Andreas is very similar, though he has a more youthful and detailed face. His clothes consist of a reskinned black biker jacket with a black Tshirt, olive cargo pants and white and black sneakers.Mission AppearancesAs the protagonist , he appears in all missions .GTA San AndreasFarewell, My Love...GTA OnlinePlayers can choose Claude as a father in Grand Theft Auto Online when creating a character (Collectors Edition and Character Transfers only).Characters murdered by Claude

Likes4.79 5 stars (36 votes)PLEASE SHOW YOUR LOVE HIT DONATE TO HELP ME GET BETTER MODELS AND FEATURES FOR THIS MODWELCOME TO MY BTTF DELOREAN TIME TRAVEL MODUPDATESBETA 0.2 UPDATED INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR LIGHTSBETA 03 Complete New Car Model and Textures, High Resolution Polygon ModelBETA 0.4 Few texture fixtures, and refelection issue hopefully solved, removed suspension under car causing glitchingAdded new NUMBER PLATER to go with the look of the car from the Second FilmBETA 0.5 Completely new car interior model, time circuits and buttons light up at night, Coils glow at night aswellVersion 1 Bringing the delorean model out of Beta mod, and supplying you guys with 2 extra Models BTTF1 AND BTT3 VERSIONS, to add to the collection, all replace the space docker until i work out the DLC pack installation , so you will be able to drive one of the cars or replace any other car in game to have all three at onceTHIS VERSION OF THE MOD WILL ONLY CONTAIN THE DELOREAN TIME MACHINE FROM ALL THREE MOVIESOTHER FEATURES AND MODS WILL BE UPDATED SHORTLYTHIS REPLACES THE SPACEDOCKERINSTALL FILES IN THIS LOCATION, USING OPEN IVGrand Theft Auto Vx64e.rpflevelsgta5vehicles.rpfBUGSSOME TEXTURES DONT LOOK CORRECT, I AM WORKING ON A FIXTHE WINDOWS CANT BE BROKENAND BULLET HOLES LOOK STRANGEFEW TEXTURE ISSUES INSIDE OF CARFEATURESADD NEONS (USING MOD MENU)ENJOY THIS DELOREAN AND ANY FEEDBACK YOU GUYS HAVE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVETHE NEXT UPDATE WILL INCLUDE MORE HIGH RES TEXTURES AND MAYBE NEW MODELS AND CAR VERSIONSTHEN THE FUN WILL COME WITH A FULL TIME TRAVEL MODBUT FOR NOW ENJOY MYDMC BTTF DELOREAN

Posted 14 September 2017 09:58 PM Edited by killdrivetheftvehicle, A week ago.The Setting is a satirically reimagined World.Disclaimer: The producers of this video game concept are not endorsing or condoning any criminal activities described in this video game concept. This video game concept is entirely fictional, so any resemblence to real life people or events is entirely coincidental.Its 2017. Jake Lee is a third generation American expatriot of Hong Kong, who is coming back from military service in Afganistan. His grandfather moved to ASU during the financial boom in the 60s as an illegal immigrant to San Fierro, but became a citizen through marriage, and moved to Liberty City, because there was a bunch of relatives there. What he didt know was the relatives worked for the triads, so thats what Jakes father had to do too. He never spoke about his business to his own family. It was only by accident that Jake found out. That was when Jake enlisted for the military, and served in Afganistan. Lucky for Jake, he never caught a bullet, but he nearly died in a roadside bombing. Two guys from his unit perished that day and one after a week at a hospital. Jake is sent home. When he gets home, his mother tells him that his father has died.SpoilerAt the funeral, Jake is approached by a member of the triad to come and see the head of the triads, of which it would be impossible to decline. The triad head knows Jake served in the military, and wants him to join the triad, a secret society, of which there would be great benefits. But joining means also, that he has to stay with the organization until his death, and never speak about it to outsiders or even his family members. And then he says, that because of the secrecy, he is to be killed anyway, if he decided not to join. So he joins.Then and there he becomes a rookie, and is given missions to complete. After he proves loyalty and skill, he is given more demanding missions all over the world and during them he gains contacts and friends. Each level lasts for a year and after 10 years Jake is promoted second in command.Jake is given the task of the international head by the triad head, and he meets all the triad heads and their seconds in command in Hong Kong and learnes about the situation all over the world. Jake is the righthand man of the Triad head and performes tasks for him and makes sure his word is the law for the other members of the organization.Global empire building begins and Jake needs to travel the globe, take care of business and enjoy what little spare time he has.Then after 10 years the triad head dies of old age, and Jake is promoted to triad head. Now you get to do what you like (except to leave the triad).The map is in the form of a Globe, so that distances are shorter and daynight cycle is easier to make.Gaining money from your turf by making the businesses pay a tax to your gangFronts: Club BarYou start as a tough guy, advance into coordinator and finally the manager.As tough guy you get sent to places, that are late on payment, or not paying, while theyre supposed to. Your job is to convince, that its in the best interest of the owner to pay up. Your pay is at first 500 per day, level 2: 1,000, level 3: 2,000.As coordinator your job is to apply people to trouble spots, and to take care of competition. You hire and fire tough guys. Your pay is at first a 5 commision, level 2: 10, level 3: 20.As manager you decide where you operate, hire and fire coordinators, and decide the rates. You have to pay half of your earnings as a tribute to the triad head.Prostitution:Gaining money from your employed women in exchange for pimping serviceFronts: Hotel MotelYou start as a street pimp, advance into whorehouse manager and finally prostitution manager.As street pimp you drive your employees to the best suited spots, choose the working outfits for the employed women, make sure customers pay up and dont damage the goods. You take care of competition and your employees. You get half of every dollar your employees make, then have to pay half as a tribute to whorehouse manager.As whorehouse manager you advertise the business, make decisons about the look and feel of the whorehouse and find out what the customers desire. You make sure each encounter with personnel is recorded in video and audio, and make sure that the business is disguised as a legit business. You get the tribute paid to you, then have to pay half as a tribute to prostitution manager.As prostitution manager you decide the scale of operation, hire and fire personnel. You get the tribute paid to you. You have to pay half to the triad head.Loan Sharking:Lending to the needy, while making a profitFronts: Office Car sales yard Device shopCash investment needed to start: 100.000You start as a collector, advance into repoman and finally the cash managerAs collector you convince customers that its in their best interest to pay up. Your pay is 500 per day, level 2: 1,000, level 3: 2,000.As repoman you secure the available payment by repossessing valuables. At first level your pay is 5 commisssion, second level 10 and third level 20As cash manager you hire and fire personnel and decide rates. You have to pay half of your earnings to triad head.Blood Sport:Running illegal fights and betting venuesFronts: Meat packing factory Meat warehouseYou start as a brawler, advance into bouncer and finally into managerAs brawler you win and lose when told to do so. At first level your pay is 500 per fight, second level 1,000 and third 2,000As bouncer you let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. At first level you get paid 5 of winnings, second level 10 and third 20.As manager you invite fighters, set entrance fees for audience, hire bouncers, brawlers and bookies. You pay half of your share to the triad head as a tribute. Barefist fights (Men fighting wo gloves) Cock fights (Male Poultry fighting to the death) Dog fights (Canines fighting to the death)Robbery:Acquiring cash and valuables with forceFronts: Warehouse Security CompanyYou start as a stickup guy, advance into burglar, then robber and finally heist master Small time heist As stickup guy you hold out small stores and gas stations using a fast car, mask and a gun. A good stick up is a twoman job. You have to pay 20 of the take to the heist master for planning and intelligence. Burglary As burglar you enter into peoples homes and businesses while they are away using stealth and a van. A good burglary is a threeman job. You have to pay 20 of the take to the heist master for planning and intelligence. Big heist As robber you enter into businesses while they are in a vulnerable state, when a lot of cash or valuables is on their hands, and all security disabled. A good big heist is a fiveman job. You have to pay 20 of the take to the heist master for planning and intelligence.As heist master you do the intelligence, plan the heists, hire the crews, take 20 of the action and divide the spoils after each job. You pay half of your take to the triad head.Drugs:The import, production and distribution of intoxicating addictive substancesFronts: Factory WarehouseYou start as a pusher, advance into deliverer and finally a dealer Distribution As pusher you fetch the product from your stash and go to your corner to sell it to customers. You also take care of competition, authorities and angry customers and give free samples to test the product. At first level you get 5 of each sale, second level 10, third level 20. Import As deliverer you fetch the product from the supplier and take it to a stash, take care of competition and authorities. You also move the product from stash to stash. At first level you get 500 for each delivery, second level 1,000, third level 2,000. Production As dealer you negotiate for deals with suppliers and hire and fire women to work in your production facilities after each week. You decide how strong a product you buy and how much you cut it. Then you make sure it gets tested and sold. You pay half of your take as tribute to the triad head.Human Trafficking:The Acquiring and import of useful people like: working slaves, sex slaves and future prostitutesFronts: Shipping company Hauling companyYou start as a guard, advance into henchman and finally a captainAs guard you make sure noone escapes before sale and make sure the product is in good condition before sale. At first level you get 500 for each trip, second level 1,000, third level 2,000.As henchman you capture the escapees. intimidate the product and take care of the competitors. At first level you get 2,500 for each trip, second level 5,000 and third level 10,000As captain you define routes, hide the contraband, determine the value of the individuals and advertise and pick costumes for each individual. You also hire and fire personnel after each trip and negotiate with suppliers and customers.You pay half of your take to the triad head Acquisition and Loading with a truck you drive around collecting people into the container drive to the port load the container onto a ship The trip water and treat the cargo make sure noone escapes determine the value of each individual Unloading and Sales wash, feed and treat the cargo load the container off the ship to a truck drive the truck to the sales point and unloadProduct Counterfeiting:The production and sales of copied product sold as the originalToys, electronic games