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How to make an enema before sex

How to make an enema before sex

How to make an enema before sex

Enema funInserting the nozzle, the warm water gently filling you up, the wait, the urgency, the complete clean feeling that lasts the rest of the day... whats not to love about a good enema? So heres some random information on the subject.First, however, a word. Lately theres a whole bunch of useless web pages just copying and pastingscraping each others content to get good search engine rankings and show lots of ads... NONE of this here. Since Im not making money off ads and spam, please consider buying anything you need from our store . Thanks!Your first enemaNever had an enema before? Well, heres how to start! Other people can probably skip this section. The first step is to head to the local drug store and buy an enema kit. All of the big US chains have them, and most of the smaller stores, so you shouldnt have any trouble finding one. Dont worry, you wont get any odd looks or questions theyre very commonly sold items, with plenty of standard uses. Youll want to buy a combination kit that comes with both enema and douche nozzles, not a doucheonly kit, and certainly not a hotwaterbottleonly nonkit. If you dont have any thick lubricant at home, also pick up a small tub of vaseline or a tube of KY jelly (the original thick stuff, not the silk or other liquid varieties). When you buy the enema kit, itll come disassembled, so the first step when you get home is to put it together. Dump out the box theres not many parts, so its pretty easy. If you bought an opentop bag (see the Bags section), slide one end of the hose onto the plastic nib on the bottom of the bag. If you bought a closedtop kit, slide one end of the hose onto the hose adapter, which is the plastic part with 1 screw threads on one end and a hose barb on the other. Slide the shutoff clamp about 8 onto the other end of the hose. Depending on the kit you got, the nozzle will be in one or two pieces, and there should be two nozzles. If you only have one nozzle, and its a long plastic one with a crossshaped end with lots of holes, you got a doucheonly kit, not an enema kit itll still work, youll just only have the choice of the oddshaped nozzle! If the nozzles are in two pieces, with a threaded adapter to screw onto the threads on the nozzles, screw the enema nozzle (the shorter, round, smooth one) into the adapter, then insert the adapter into the end of the tubing. If the nozzles are onepiece, and have a hose barb on the back instead of threads, insert the enema nozzle into the tubing. Poke the hanging hook into the top of the bag (thats the side without the hose, if you got a closedtop bag), and assembley is complete!Now that its assembled, its time for your first enema. Make sure you have a couple hours of free time, as youll want to relax and enjoy the experience, and it wont be any fun if youre rushing. Turn on the sink, and let it warm up. While the sink is running, spread a large towel out on the floor. When the sink has warmed up, adjust it to about 103 degrees, where it will feel hot on your wrist, but not too hot, burning, tingling, etc. Make sure the shutoff clamp on the tubing is turned off, which for the most common type of clamp, you do by squeezing it inwards until it clicks tight. If you have an opentop bag, stick the bag with attached tubing under the faucet, and fill it up through the top of the bag. If you have a closedtop bag, fill it up through the threaded opening on the bottom, then screw the hose adapter into the opening once it is full. Hold the bag upright, aim the nozzle into the sink, then open the shutoff clamp to let the air out of the hose. As soon as airfree water starts coming out, shut the clamp again. Hang the bag from the towel rack, shower door, or any other point about 34 feet off the floor, with the hose running over to the towel you spread out.Get out the lube, and put a good glob on your finger. Rub it slowly onto your anus, relaxing as much as possible. After relaxing a bit, slowly work the tip of your finger further in, until youve lubed your entire anus. Apply a bit more lube to the nozzle itself, then carefully insert the nozzle into your anus. If it doesnt just slide in easily, get more lube on your finger, and work it into your anus more. After inserting the nozzle, wash your hands, then lie down on the towel. The official enema procedure is to start on your left side, roll to your right side halfway through, then roll again a couple more times, but this really doesnt increase the effectiveness much, so just lie down however is comfortable to you... on your right side, left side, on your back, or however else you want to.After making yourself comfortable, relax a minute, feel the nozzle in your anus (if you used vaseline, you may need to hold it in with your hand, or it will slowly slide out), then reach down and open the shutoff clamp. Youll feel a quick bit of cool water (it cooled down in the hose while getting ready), followed by a gentle warmth. Relax and feel the warm water flowing into your body... if you feel any pressure, enough that it becomes uncomfortable, reduce the flow (partially shut the clamp) or stop the flow until it passes. Depending on your body, it may take from a minute to ten minutes to get the whole bag in, so just be sure to go slowly and relax as much as possible. Once the bag is empty, close the shutoff clamp, and carefully remove the nozzle from your anus.The longer an enema is in you, the better it works, with 15 minutes being almost universally cited as the best time to retain an enema. You dont have to hold it the full 15 minutes, of course, but it is suggested. Gently massage your stomach, and feel its new shape. Stand up and look in the mirror. Or just curl up and enjoy the new sensation in your body. When youre done, move over to the toilet, and let your body completely empty itself... depending on your body, it might be quick, or it might be several shorter periods on the toilet over the next hour or so.After youre all done (and given yourself a second or third enema if you want!), its time to clean up. If you have an opentop bag, fill it back up with water, rinse it out, and open the shutoff clamp to let clean water run through the hose as well. If you have a closedtop bag, unscrew the adapter from the bag, rinse the bag out, then coil the tubing up in the sink, open the clamp, and let clean water from the sink flow through the hose. Wash the nozzle off with a mild soap if you used vaseline. Hang the bag upside down to air dry, and youre all done!If youre giving an enema to someone else, the procedure is the same, but communication is key. Until you know your partners body really well, youll need to depend on hir to tell you what to do. Knowing when to start working lube and your finger further into your partners anus, when to slow down the flow, etc takes experience, which you wont have the first time you give an enema, so youll need to ask questions and listen to know what to do. However, giving someone an enema, or having one given to you, can be a very rewarding experience, so its well worth the little bit of extra time to make sure its done right!Solutions RecipesWaterOne of the more common solutions, not surprising due to its cheapness and almost universal availability. Water tends to be gentle, with minimal urgency, and doesnt tend to have any aftereffects. However, plain water is very quickly absorbed by the colon, which can have serious sideeffects, so should only be used occasionally, and enemas shouldnt be large (over 2qts) or repeated. The sudden absorbtion of water can cause effects from the mild, such as excessive urination, to the dangerous, such as electrolyte imbalances, edema, and so forth. Water also doesnt tend to be very clensing, although it is relaxing.BisacodylBisacodyl is, in this wolfys opinion, the ideal enema solution. It goes in easily, causes no irritation, and yet can produce urgency of a neighunimaginable scale. At low doses its a gentle solution that leaves you feeling clean, at medium doses it produces a gentle yet strong urgency, while at high doses it forces an accident within minutes, all without cramping or irritation. And the size varries its effects as well, with a small enema producing effective cleaning of the lower parts of the colon, a medium or large one complete cleaning of the colon, and a very large one a fulldigestivesystem cleaning unlike anything else. And the aftereffects are, except for large enemas, clear lubricating mucus and a nice relaxed anus with no irritation!Some enemas and results:15mg, 4oz: usually works in 1060 minutes, medium effects50mg, 4oz: usually works in 1015 minutes, strong effects50mg, 1qt: strong effect, few aftereffects25mg, 2qt: mild effects, adds a bit of stimulation to any enema50mg, 2qt: moderate effects, will usually produce an accident before 20 minutes.100mg, 2qt: strong effects, will usually produce a major accident within 10 minutes100mg, 4qt: moderate effects, but tends to keep working for the rest of the dayBisacodyl is extremely effective at producing urgency, more effective than most other solutions, and much more effective than any other solution thats gentle and nonirritating. A high dose virtually gaurantees an accident. And when bisacodyl starts working, it wont stop until its all out of your body. The effect of a given strength varries widely between people some may find 25mg in 2qts produces a quick but gentle accident, while others might find 125mg does the same for them. The size for given effects also varies a lot between people, especially what constitutes very large and makes the effects last instead of bisacodyls normal lack of sideeffects. A patent on bisacodyl enemas for colon clensing suggests up to 45mg in up to 3 quarts of water, however they also include 20cc of soap, which makes the bisacodyl more effective, but also causes cramping and longlasting irritation, while a large dose of bisacodyl with no soap is just as effective without the bad sideeffects. Until you know just how a given dose of bisacodyl affects you or your partner, start with an average dose, rather than jumping right in with a large dose. Furthermore, if the recipient has had other enemas recently, the dose usually needs to be increased to get the same effects, as the more thats in your colon, the better bisacodyl works.Bisacodyl, in high doses, is very difficult to retain, and will often cause accidents. A butt plug or plugshaped nozzle will help, but over 75100mg or so, wont stop the accident for any significant duration. An inflatable nozzle, however, will. A good inflatable nozzle (the type that prevents the recipient from leaking a drop even if they try) combined with a good dose of bisacodyl produces a rather unique effect, where every muscle in your body is trying to force the enema out, but cant not for everyone, but something well worth trying. If the recipient gets off on a bit of bondage, or if you need a good punishment, this is not to be missed.Bisacodyl also combines very well with other solutions. A bit of soap increases the speed and power of the bisacodyl. With most other mixtures, the bisacodyl amplifies the effects of the other ingredients, or can add some urgency to an otherwise mild solution.Unfortunately, bisacodyl is hard to get in enemaready form. The only available forms for rectal administration are 10mg suppositories, which do not dissolve in water (but can be quite fun on their own), and little 1.25oz enemas with 10mg of bisacodyl, which are very easy to use (just dump five into your enema bag for 50mg), but very expensive. By far the cheapest source if bisacodyl available at most stores is 5mg laxative tablets, which can be found at virtually every drug store, supermarket, pharmacy, bigbox store, some gas stations, etc, etc, etc. Correctol, dulcolax, fleet, and thousands of store brands have these 5mg tablets, which are almost invariably small and orange or larger and redpink. The smaller ones dissolve better, but the large ones will work too. Put the tablets in a cup or small bottle (5 for 25mg, 10 for 50mg, etc), add a tablespoon of baking soda (not powder), a few ounces of hot water (as hot as your sink has), and shake the container around every few minutes. Without the baking soda, the delayedrelease coating on the tablets will not dissolve well, nor will it in cool water. Depending on the brand of tablets, in 530 minutes you should be left with orangepink water with a fine powder at the bottom. Since the powder settles out, for opentop bags, you should dump it in just before starting the enema, and for closedtop bags, you should shake the bag well just before starting. Its also suggested the recipient have their butt elevated as much as possible, usually by kneeling with their rear in the air and their chest on the bedflooretc, to ensure an enema distribution of the powder throughout their colon.When used in a 12qt enema, a good dose of bisacodyl will completely clean the colon, taking 1060 minutes to flush the last remains of the enema out, after which it wont have any further effects. When a larger enema is used, it may produce liquid for several hours so if youre planning on further anal activities, dont make it too big. Bisacodyl (other than small, strong enemas) tends to leave the anus relaxed, unirritated, and the rectum lined with smooth slipperly clear mucus perfect for anal sex, as long as you wait long enough to make sure theres not going to be more laxative effects. So, whether its a guy, a girl with a strapon (the best invention EVAR, btw!), or just a dildo, wait a couple hours then see how much fun you can have.SoapOne of the old standbys, soap is possibly the second most common enema solution after plain water. Any soap used for enemas should be natural, following the rule that you shouldnt stick anything up your butt that would be harmful if taken by mouth. Dr. Bronners soaps are immensely popular, and are about the only liquid soap safe for enema use. Ivory bar soap is widely used, by letting the water run over it to fill the bag, but is not as natural. Soap tends to cause cramping and moderate urgency, while being extremely irritating. A rinse of plain water should be used after a soapy enema to help rinse out the residue, which tends to collect and cause further irritation. Soap can increase the effect of other solutions, at the expense of lots of irritation. Dr. Bronners peppermint bears special mention, as it causes a pleasant cooling minty feel afterwards, and is worth trying even if youre not normally a fan of soap.VinegarLemon JuiceLike cramps? Then these are for you! 4oz of either one in 2qts of water will produce some modate cramping, while 8oz will produce strong cramping, and 2oz mild cramping. A plain water rinse is suggested, else your colon might be sore at the higher strengths. 8oz in 2qts can be quite difficult to retain, so be prepared for an accident with long (15min) retention times. Due to the cramping, this makes an excellent punishment enema, or one for someone who gets off on a bit of groaning.IsotonicBaking SodaEpsom SaltPlain water is dangerous, as due to its low salt content, your body absorbs it very quickly... the solution (no pun intended) is to add salt. Baking soda, epsom salt, and ordinary table salt all work for this. A tablespoon per quart of either baking soda or epsom salt (2tbsps for 2qts, eg) gives a very gentle, soothing enema, that isnt absorbed nearly as quickly by your body. 12tbsp per quart of table salt works too, but doesnt seem to have the same soothing properties. Higher strengths, especially of epsom salt, will cause irritation, cramping, and urgency, with a tendency to draw water out of your body, so watch for dehydration and electrolyte problems. If you plan on giving several enemas in a session, adding the 1tbspquart of epsom salt or baking soda is highly recommended, as it both makes the enemas more gentle and prevents the very unpleasant side effects of absorbing too much water.VolcanoFire ExtinguisherRemember those volcanoes you made in grade school, where you filled them with baking soda, poured some vinegar in, then sat back and watched it foam all over the dining room table? Well, its still fun! Give 1qt with a few tablespoons of baking soda, rinse the bag out, then give 1qt with 8oz of vinegar or lemon juice. Dont do this with any kind of retention nozzle! Produces lots of gas and some rather strong cramping, both from the solution and gas cramps from the resulting gas. And due to the volcano effect, dont do this on the dining room table.PepperLike things hot? Want to spice things up? Try a tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder in 2qts of water. Causes a feeling of warmth, some urgency, some cramping, and a bit of burning (which goes away after a few seconds) on the way out.SennaSenna is a laxative that, unlike bisacodyl, which works instantly, needs to be absorbed to work. Steeping a half cup of senna leaves in a cup of water, straining out the leaves, and retaining the resulting solution (dont expel it hold it until your body absorbs all of the fluid) will have almost no effects for about 2 hours... then youll get some cramping, and then a completely empty colon a few minutes later. Since senna doesnt need to irritate the colon to work, this one is great to prepare for anal sex or more enemas. You can also get senna by dissolving senna laxative tablets, however they tend to be far more irritating, and unpleasant, usually causing a bowel movement from the irritation well before the desired gentle one.EquipmentThe most basic, and most common enema setup is a bag, which holds fluid, a hose, and a nozzle to deliver that fluid into the recipient. Other designs are syrings, bulbs, and shower shot style systems connected directly to a water source.NozzlesThe most fun piece of equipment, in my opinion at least, is the nozzle. This is the item that connects you to the rest of the enema gear, that directly stimulates a very sensitive and pleasurable area of your body, that is responsible for making sure an enema stays in, that transfers warmth, that has all sorts of fun shapes, ripples, knobs... mmm!Nozzles come in a huge assortment of types, materials, sizes, and functions. While a standard drugstore enema bag is all most people will ever want, just about every enema fan starts collecting a variety of nozzles sooner or later.The standard plastic nozzle included with most enema kits is usually poorly made, and even when the fitandfinish is good, the shape makes the nozzle slide out, is usually too small to rapidly administer an enema, and does nothing to help hold an enema in. While they certainly have their uses, they can be improved upon.The most common shape is like a small butt plug, having a tapered head with a narrower shaft. Unlike a smooth nozzle which has to be held in, this design holds itself in once the head is inserted (use lube!), the anus holds the nozzle in for you. Depending on the size, which can range from the diameter of your pinky to a couple inches across, they also serve to help retain the enema, just like a butt plug would. For larger sizes, just like inserting any other object into someones butt, be sure to go slow and use lots of lube!Infinite variations on this design are available, such as a bulbous head instead of a tapered one, multiple bulbs on the shaft, stimulating ripples, ridges, and other fun features. The best way to shop for a nozzle is to look at whats out there, and see what looks exciting, keeping in mind the intended use. A nozzle thats relatively smooth wont be good for retaining an enema, while one that has big bulbs wont be good for thrusting in and out like a dildo while administering or holding the enema. Be wary your eyes can be bigger than your anus realisticly assess what you can take (measure the diameter of your favorite dildo, for example), and make sure not to get a nozzle you wont be able to fit in!Cheaper nozzles of this variety are injection molded of inexpensive plastic, while fancier ones are turned on a lathe, and are available in a huge range of materials, the most common being delrin (a very tough plastic, usually either black or white) and aluminum. Aluminum has a much more substantial feel than plastic, and transfers heat exceptionally well, allowing you to feel the warmth or coolness evenly spread throughout your anus.Another type of nozzle of this shape, a smooth shaft with a few ripples and a pluglike head, are nozzles sold for administering barium enemas. Due to their massmarket nature, theyre much easier to find and cheaper than fetishspecific nozzles, often only a few dollars. Theyre quite high quality nozzles (especially the green flexible one, imho), but are only available in smaller sizes. For someone just getting into enemas, I would highly suggest purchasing one of these, before buying an expensive latheturned nozzle for many people theyll be ideal, and the price is unbeatable.Of course, with any standard nozzle, since it fit in, it can easily fit back out. For most uses this isnt a problem, but if you want to be able to truely relax your anus and body, take an enema while performing other activities, or force yourself or someone else to hold a strong solution without risk of any leaks, youll want an inflatable retention nozzle. These are constructed of a flexible or stretchable material, typically latex or silicone rubber, which are inserted small, then inflated large, using a squeeze bulb like youd find on a blood pressure cuff.The first design, and least useful, are hospital catheters of various types. Deflated, theyre very narrow, then the tip can be inflated to an inch or so depending on model. They dont seal well, tend to slip inwards, and dont accomplish very much.Much more useful are double balloon nozzles, which have both an inner and an outer balloon, and typically inflate much larger than repurposed catheters. The cadillac of enema nozzles, these can seal someone completely tight, making sure not a drop is leaked no matter what solution is used or what activity youre doing, or even how much someone wants to push it out. The nozzle is inserted, then the inner balloon is inflated, filling the rectum. Next, the outer balloon is inflated outside your body, sandwiching the anus between the two balloons, and ensuring a perfect seal. While these enema nozzles may be the best you can get, the downsides are the complexity of use (completely overkill for most enemas), and the price, usually 150200 but for some uses, theres no replacement.Almost as effective as double balloon nozzles are inflatable butt plug nozzles. These have gotten really cheap, and can be had for 35. Made of latex rubber, theyre shaped like a mediumsized butt plug, with two hoses out the bottom, a thick one for fluid, and a thin one for the squeeze bulb. Since they start out reasonably large, the recipient will need to relax and prepare as for anal sex or any other large object, and use lots of lube. Once inserted, the nozzle inflates to the size of a jumbo butt plug, and cant easily be removed. Due to their low cost and effectiveness, I highly recommend purchasing one of these as your first inflatable nozzle. Keep in mind that being latex, you shouldnt use vaseline, even though its otherwise an ideal lube for large nozzles.Another cheap and mildly effective nozzle is a disposable silicone one meant for helping people retain barium enemas. Made of a rubber body with an attached silicone sleeve at the end, the sleeve is inflated, holding the nozzle in reasonably securely. These can be had for 10ish, and while theyre meant to be disposable, theyll last several years with good care.An alternative to a nozzle is a colon tube, which, with lots of lube, can be inserted into the rectum, then carefully manipulated until it passes further into the colon, filling you from the middle. These are sold in french sizes, and youll want to look at a chart before buying one. Make sure to get one of springy, flexible latex or silicone, not hard rubber. Make sure it has no sharp edges, molding flaws, burs, or anything else. Cover it with a good, thick lube, and squirt some lube into your anus as well. Twisting and aiming it, very, very gently push it further into your colon. Do NOT push, shove, or in any other way be rough, or youre asking to end up in the hospital unlike the tough anus and reasonably hardy rectum, the colon walls are thin and delicate.BagsA standard drugstore 2qt bag is adequate for almost all uses, and rarely costs more than 15 for the complete enema kit. Theres three common types, all of which have pros and cons. The most common is a closedtop bag, which is only open on one end, and uses a threaded fitting in the bag to either attach the enemadouche hose or to insert a plug allowing it to be used as a hot water bottle. The second most common type is the opentop bag, which has the hose attached to the bottom, and an open top for easy filling. The third are travel bags, usually opentopped ones made of thin latex, which can be stored very compactly for travel.A closedtop bag can double as a hot water bottle (giving you a very good excuse if someone notices it and gets nosey), can easily be moved around without risk of spillage, can be squeeze by hand or by your body weight to increase the flow, and can easily be shaken to mix up ingredients. The downside is the difficulty filling it, and the need to detach the hose to refill it, making a refill take longer, and preventing refilling it or adding anything while giving the enema.An opentop bag cant be used as a hot water bottle, is easy to spill, and so forth, but can be refilled, can have more solution added while administering the enema, is easier to clean, and can be hung under the shower head for a highvolume water enema or douche.Travel bags mostly come as opentop bags, but made of thin latex instead of heavy rubber, which can be folded up and placed in a small pouch, then can be unfolded and filled for use, often explanding as the weight of the water stretches the latex. Another variety takes this further, where the bag is inflated like a balloon, shrinking to an even more compact size when done. The first variety is just like any other opentop bag, and is recommended for anyone who wants to keep enema equipment with them on the go, as it easily fits in the bottom of a purse, suitcase, etc. The second variety does not work very well, can not be used with any solution other than plain water, and cant be filled from at least half the sinks out there, so I would not recommended it at all.Beyond the standard 2qt bags are specialized bags, usually for larger or multiple enemas. 3qt ones can be found at some drugstores, but are not common. Larger bags can be purchased from fetish stores, with 1 gallon being the most common size, often available in highquality silicone. Some stores sell even larger bags, up to 2.5 gallons, intended for multiple enemas in a session without needing to refill or prepare more solution. Specialty bags are available in a variety of colors and shapes, including ones shaped like a female torso, pieces of fruit, etc.Another ypte, which has recently made a comeback, is intended to be sat upon, with a nozzle sticking out the side, which becomes the top when the bag is on its side. When you sit on the bag your weight compresses the bag, forcing the water upwards. While fun, and able to be used in places where theres nothing to hang a bag from, theyre not very versitile, and are quite expensive.Tubing and clampsTubing usually comes in two flavors, smooth latex and ribbed vinyl. The ribbed vinyl type is included with most kits, and has a long life, but can be annoying to clean, and some people consider it too small. Latex tubing can be purchased from many enema supply stores in a variety of colors, lengths, and sizes. 516 is most common for both types of tubing.Clamps are available in a few styles. The most common is the stock ones with most enema kits, which have some ratchet teeth and a flexible plastic body, letting you restrict the flow to an of the clicks. Another type uses a rotating lever, which is more durable and doesnt pinch the flow at all when open, but cant be set to a partial setting. A third type uses a wheel that can be rotated and slid in a slanted groove, linearly adjusting the flow.EtcA squeeze pump can be put in the hose from the enema bag, allowing sudden spurts of water, or to increase the flow or pressure on demand. Sometimes called a higginson syringe. In their most common form, theyre just a squeeze bulb with a check valve on either end, forming a simple pump.Yfittings and couplers allow multiple hoses to be connected, with a coupler joining two for length, and a Y connecting two bags to one person or one bag to two people.Bulbs and syringesAn enema bulb is a rubber bulb with an attached nozzle. To use it, the bulb is squeezed, stuck in a bowl of the enema solution, released to suck in the solution, inserted into the recipient, squeezed, and so forth until the desired volume enema is given. One of the best positions to do this in is with the recipient over the givers knees, for easy access to the anus, and since the bulb has to be held rightside up. This method can be much slower and more erotic than a bag, as the giver controls every aspect of the enema, and the constant insertionremoval of the nozzle can be quite stimulating.A syringe is used like a bulb, but since it has a plunger, seals, etc, can be used in any position.Shower shotsNo, its not a drinking game its a device that connects directly to the shower plumbing, to give enemas without needing to deal with bags, etc. While convienent, it can only give straight tap water enemas, and the pressure is unregulated, more than high enough to injure. So, while fun, use cautiously!TemperatureFor most uses, around 103 degrees is ideal a nice, relaxing gentle warmth. Goes in easily, and seems to allow most solutions to have their maximum effect. This will feel hot on the inside of your wrist, but not too hot, wont tingle, etc. You can go a few degrees hotter, but not many, and you should be careful you do not want to be explaining to the doctor at the ER how you managed to scald one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Around 105 degrees will feel slightly tingly on your hand, and is about as hot as you should go. Around body temperature (98 degrees) is the mildest, and is hardly felt going in, but doesnt have the nice relaxing effect of a bit warmer. As you go cooler than that, the coolness starts to cause cramping, with around 75 degrees being a good cool temperature to cause a bit of cramping. Colder than that will cause significant cramping, although can be fun, especially to cool down on a hot summer day! As the enema directly interacts with your bodys core, it can cool you down very quickly, so only use really cold water on hot days.SizeVirtually everyone can take 2 quarts, unless theyre a midget or severely constipated, and if the latter, theyll be able to take it on their second enema after getting the blockage out with the first one. Most people can take 3 quarts on their first enema of a session, but not everyone can, and itll need to be administered slowly. On their second enema of a session, as long as they got the first one entirely out, most people can take 3 quarts without too much work. Some people can take 4 quarts on the first enema of a session, but not many, and most of them need to go very slowly to do so. Many people can take 4 quarts after theyre already cleaned, but they still need to go very slowly, and not everyone can.Of course, just because you can take larger, doesnt mean its right for whatever youre doing. A larger enema takes longer to expel and increases the chances of a later accident. 2 quarts produces a good cleaning with minimal aftereffects. For preparing for anal sex, 1 quart is a lot quicker. For absorbing a small retention enema, a few ounces is plenty. That said, sometimes the extra bit of fullness is exactly what you want... the largest Ive taken is 6 quarts, and Ill state its quite an experience.PressureIt takes very little pressure to give an enema, with the bag about 23 feet over your anus, at only 1psi, being perfect for most people, and even that can be painful or dangerous if misused. When using a retention nozzle, especially an inflatable one, the bag should be hung as low as possible. If you find yourself needing to raise the bag higher to get good flow, it might be time to upgrade to a larger size tubing, such as 38 instead of 516. Showershot devices can produce enough pressure to quickly kill you, and should never be used with anything other than a small, smooth nozzle.PositionsLying on your left side with one or both knees tucked up helps an enema start to flow in, while lying on your right side helps an enema flow in deeper... many people suggest starting on your left side, switching to your right side halfway through taking the enema, then switching sides a few times while holding the enema, for maximum clensing.Lying on your back with your knees up can be very comfortable, and lets the water fill your body evenly, with no extra pressure on any part of your colon.The kneechest position is kneeling down with your head against the floor, like youd use for worshipping, doggystyle sex, etc, and is the best for letting an enema flow into you, as it runs downhill. This is also the best position for any enema with suspended particles, such as pepper, dissolved bisacodyl tablets, etc, as it ensures an even distribution throughout your colon, rather than concentrating in your rectum.Standing up or leaning against a wall, counter, etc isnt best for getting an enema in, but many people find its the best position for taking a really large enema.Lying on your back in the bathtub with your feet against the opposite end works quite well, especially in a hot shower (keeps the tub from being cold!), and you dont have to worry about leaks. If youre already clean, you can expel the enema in this position too.While the above are the most common, theyre certainly not all there are any position you can put your body into is a position for taking an enema!Another position, if you could call it that, is while exercising, with situps, pushups, jumping jacks, and jogging in place (or on a treadmill) quite satisfying, especially with a reasonably strong enema solution. Not only do you get your mornings exercise, but the movement helps work the solution around your body, leaving you extraclean, and makes it a lot more interesting to try retaining, too! Also highly suggested if you wake up not in the mood to exercise, as it makes even the most tired of mornings fun...UsesThe first half of this document tells you a bit about the hows enemas, but doesnt tell you much about the whys. Enemas have been used for thousands of years for various purposes, from relieving constipation, to clensing the body, to helping with other ailments, to, as you probably guessed from this article, a wide variety of erotic uses. A good enema can be relaxing, soothing, calming the nerves with a special orgasm after a hard day at work.

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20131708 12:01:1820181001 20:29:18So you want to use an enema but dont know where to start! Thats why we are here to give you the lowdown and teach you how to use an enema for the very first time.The first thing you think when you hear anal sex probably isnt clean. Well, push your preconceptions aside,because the truth of the matter is it can be!If you use an enema and practiceproper hygienebefore having anal sex then you will be in for some of the cleanest sex you have ever had!Douching sounds a bit scary, but the honest truth is thatusing an enema makes getting readyfor sex iseasier, faster and much more convenient.I cannot emphasize how much using an enema canimproveanal sex. So my advice is to give douching a try!How to Use an EnemaGetting StartedUsing an anal enema can be a strange experience for first timers. This is why choosing an enema that is comfortable and made specifically for anal douching is so important.There are a lot of different types and sizes out there but when it comes down to it, your enema only needs to do one thing clean you up before sex.Choosing an EnemaWhen you select your enema you want something that is simple to use, easy to clean, and will last you a long time.I typically recommend the Pros Enema (pictured above) because it works well for almost everyone. It is relatively inexpensive at around 12, and the simple design is easy to disassemble and refill.Even more,it is comfortable to use, and the tip it narrow andgoes in easily. It is simple, no frills and gets the job done for not too much money.Theremovable heads alsomakeit easy to clean. All it takes is a bit of soap and water and a thorough rinse inside and out.Best of all there are 4 different sizes to choose from from small all the way to XL for the more heavy duty situations. If you are looking for a no frills douche then you really cant go wrong here.

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In a doublecontrast or aircontrast study, the colon is first filled with barium, and then the barium is drained out. This leaves only a thin layer of barium on the wall of the colon. The colon is then filled with air. This provides a detailed view of the inner surface of the colon. It makes it easier to see narrowed areas (strictures), diverticula , and swelling.The singlecontrast study may be the better choice for certain medical reasons. It may also be a good choice for older people who may not be able to tolerate a doublecontrast study, which takes longer and is more uncomfortable. If the results are not clear, then a doublecontrast study may also be done.Why It Is DoneA barium enema is done to:Find swelling of the intestinal wall that occurs in inflammatory bowel diseases . Examples are ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease . A barium enema also may be used to keep track of the progress of these diseases.Find problems with the structure of the large intestine. Problems may include narrowed areas (strictures) or pockets or sacs (diverticula) in the intestinal wall.Help correct a condition called ileocolic intussusception. This occurs when the end of a childs small intestine protrudes into the large intestine.Check on belly symptoms such as pain, blood in stool , or altered bowel habits.Check on other problems such as anemia or unexplained weight loss .ContinuedBefore a barium enema, tell your doctor if you:Are or might be pregnant .Are allergic to latex. Latex products are often used to give the contrast material. If you have a latex allergy , different products will be used.Know that you are allergic to barium.Have had an upper digestive barium test (upper GI or barium swallow ) recently.Have had a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy recently.Before a barium enema, you must prepare your large intestine so that it is very clean. The colon must be completely clear of stool and gas. Even a small amount of stool can affect the results of the test.For 1 to 3 days before the test, you will most likely be on a clear liquid diet .On the day before the test:You should drink very large amounts of noncarbonated clear liquids, unless your doctor has advised you not to.You will then take laxatives to empty your intestines .You may be asked to take a tap water enema to clean any remaining stool from your colon.On the day of the test, you may need to repeat the enema until the liquid that passes is free of any stool. Sometimes a rectal suppository or a storebought enema, such as a Fleet enema, is used instead of a tap water enema.Talk to your doctor about any concerns you have regarding the need for this test. Ask about its risks, how it will be done, and what the results will mean. To help you understand the importance of this test, fill out the medical test information form (What is a PDF document?).How It Is DoneDuring the testThe colon is filled with a contrast material that contains barium so that the colon can be seen on an Xray. This is done by pouring the contrast material through a tube inserted into the anus . The barium blocks Xrays, causing the bariumfilled colon to show up clearly on the Xray picture.You will lie on the Xray table while the first Xray film is taken.While you are lying on your side, a welllubricated enema tube will be inserted gently into your rectum. The barium contrast material is then allowed to flow slowly into your colon.A small balloon on the enema tip may be filled with air to help you hold in the barium. Tightening your anal sphincter muscle (as if you were trying to hold back a bowel movement ) against the tube may help. Taking slow, deep breaths may also help.You may be given a shot of medicine to relieve the cramping.ContinuedYour doctor will watch the flow of the barium through your colon on an Xray fluoroscope monitor that is like a TV screen.You will be asked to turn to different positions (sides, front, and back). The table may be tilted slightly to help the barium flow through your colon and to take Xrays from different directions.Your doctor may also press gently on your belly with his or her hand or a plastic paddle. This can help move the barium through your intestines .If a doublecontrast study is being done, the barium will be drained out and your colon will be filled with air.A singlecontrast study usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. But the actual time the barium is held inside is only 10 to 15 minutes. A double or aircontrast study may take up to an hour.After the testWhen the test is finished:The enema tube is removed.You will be given a bedpan or be taken to the toilet to get rid of as much of the barium as you can.One or two more Xray pictures (postevacuation films) will then be taken.After the test, you may go back to your regular diet unless your doctor gives you other instructions. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids. They replace those you have lost, and they help flush the remaining barium out of your system. Your bowel movements may look white or pinkish for 1 to 2 days after the test. Your doctor may tell you to take a medicine, such as a laxative , to help you pass the rest of the barium.How It FeelsA barium enema can be uncomfortable and tiring. But it usually doesnt last very long.Many people report that the preparation and bowel cleaning are the hardest parts. The laxative may not taste good, and the frequent bowel movements can be tiring. Also, the anal area can become quite sore during the process. Warm sitz baths or a local anesthetic salve, such as Preparation H , can help ease this discomfort.ContinuedYou may be embarrassed by the test. You may worry that you wont be able to hold the barium and that it will leak onto you or onto the table. The doctors who perform this procedure are used to this. They will be able to help you.The Xray table is hard and sometimes cold because airconditioning is used to keep the equipment cool. When the barium first flows into your colon, it may feel a bit cool. As your colon fills, you may have a feeling of fullness, moderate cramping, and a strong urge to have a bowel movement. If an aircontrast study is performed, you may feel more cramping or gas pains from having gas pumped into your large intestine. Taking slow, deep breaths through your mouth can help you relax.The test may take awhile. You may want to bring something to do quietly (like bringing a book or magazine to read).You may feel tired for a day or so after the test. Make sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after the test. This test can be exhausting.RisksThere is very little chance of a problem from having a barium enema.Sometimes the barium that remains in the colon hardens. This can cause severe constipation (impaction) or obstruction. To decrease your risk, drink extra fluids after the test. If your doctor recommends it, use an enema or mild laxative after the test.In rare cases, barium can cause swollen areas in the colon. These are called barium granulomas.Perforation of the bowel is a more serious, but very rare, complication. Under the pressure from the barium or air, a weakened section of the colon may break open. This allows the contents of the intestine to spill into the abdominal cavity. It may occur in people whose bowel wall has been weakened by intestinal problems, such as inflammatory bowel diseases ( ulcerative colitis or Crohns disease ).Call your doctor right away if you:

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How to assemble a One Gallon Enema Bag set:The one gallon enema bagOpen the enema tip set (7. ) and take out the bag to hose connector, then connect it to the bottom of the bag.Connect the hose to the bag to hose connector.Slip the stainless steel clamp over the hose and be sure to clamp the hose closed before adding liquid to the bag.(Optional) If you want you can now slip the extra large white plastic clamp to use two clamps, which assist with slowing the liquid flow down andor to stop the flow. NOTE: the plastic clamp is not ideal for either filling the bag with water or moving the filled bag from one spot to another, they have a tendency to pop off!Place the stainless steel S hook with vinyl covering through the hole at the top of the bag. The S hook is designed to fit over many shower heads, door knobs and hooks, etc.Choose one of the enema tip nozzles from the tip case to connect to the end of the hose. You are ready! Be sure the clamps are completely closed when you fill the bag with your desired liquid. Remember the BDSM credo: Always be safe and sane and consensual... and have fun!Hanging so innocently on the IV Stand... the Klystra XLarge Double Enema Nozzle andtheir Red 5 Quart Olympic Heavy Rubber Enema BagRead the book: Intimate InvasionsOne Gallon Enema Bag and Large Penis Style Butt Plug NozzleNurse Kumis Cap and Stethoscope, hereCheck out the Enema Play page, too, for more information on safeand sane enema scene play!One Full Gallon Enema Bag Kit!Yowza!! This is our premier enema kit! A full ONE GALLON rubber enema bag which attaches to a full 6 foot long hose and includes our enema tips set and a steel hanging hook with protective coating. To make this even more enticing, it comes in a large vinyl zipper pouch for storage (and taking with you on the weekends, of course!). All of our other enema nozzles fit, too! So if youre ready for the big one... here it is! Come and get it!Clearly, the true enema fetishists choice!!(Nurse Cindy with One Gallon Silicone Enema Bag and Nozzles )More Enemas Many of us have memories of a nurse saying, bend over this is good for you!... Enemas, enema syringes and douches have been used as a part of wholesome health practices, hygiene and overall revitalization for centuries!But in our kinky little BDSM medical scene world, it takes on a whole new twist! You can use the douche attachment on our Enemadouche bulb syringe for vaginal preplay cleansing then switch to the enema butt plug nozzle for anal cleaning!Our enema kit is just the attitude adjuster for that unruly patient! Its a complete ensemble of enema bag, hose, vaginal and rectal nozzles and a handy hanging hook! Hook it up to one of our IV Stands and watch the waterworks!Or try an enema with the a bit more kink to it! ...our Kinky Enema Starter Kit has an inflatable (oh, so nasty) enema nozzle along with the enema ki t ... regardless of your enema expertise, this kit will add a new dimension to your experience!And for those seeking a really powerful enema experience, the use of shower attached nozzles is really growing in popularity! We also have an advanced set, aptly nicknamed, The ArseAnal Shower Enema System , because it has an aresenal of nozzles and attachments!And for some water closet reading, be sure to read our Enema Edition 1 and Enema Edition 2 of our MedicalToys.com quarterly newsletters!Each Lube Shooters threepack comes with three lubeapplicator barrels and one plunger and cap.Perfect with Surgical Lubricant for prelubing to use one of any enema nozzles!Well say it again... this is one of our most popular items, hands down! And for catheter style enema nozzle newbies, the double balloon enema nozzle is easy to use, as well! Simply insert the tip so that the first balloon is inside and the center portion is held by the sphincter muscle . Then, with the inflation bulb, inflate the inner balloon until it feels comfortably full.This inflation forms an inner seal thus preventing any leakage. Then inflate the second outer balloon with the other inflation bulb for the final seal which holds the enema nozzle securely in place during the flushing.Depending on your experience level, we now give you a choice of the standard size 500cc inner balloon enema nozzle (Silicone Double Balloon Enema Nozzle) or the 750cc inner balloon enema nozzle (Silicone XLarge Double Balloon Enema Nozzle)