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Lovely sex with her husband

Lovely sex with her husband

Lovely sex with her husband

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Loving Wives A Husband Lets Wife Have Sex... Ch. 01A Husband Lets Wife Have Sex... Ch. 01by Amavoyeur Authors note: This story involves a husband who agrees to let his wife have sex with a businessman. Its called cuckolding. If you think this is weird or perverse, then please dont waste your time by reading any further. Dont leave comments as if you werent expecting this type of story.Victoria held up the shirt and skirt she wanted to wear tomorrow and looked at her husband. What do you think, Jayson, for the interview?I think the top is a bit seethrough.Ill be wearing a bra. Besides, I need this job so I must look my best. She had been content with a parttime job until Jayson hadnt been able to get another film role. His agent couldnt find him work for the moment.I love the way you look at me with those innocent eyes, Victoria. Lets have some nooky. Drop the clothes and come here.Her dark eyes, dark eyebrows, long dark hair had always turned heads. This time she could see her husband surveying her naked body, 54 with shapely legs. Do you have an erection under there?Yes. He swept aside the duvet, offering himself. Ready and waiting.Can we try and take it more slowly, Jayson. I need more time to get aroused. As far as she was concerned the only failing in her marriage was the way Jayson always came too quickly without satisfying her. Her orgasm, small though it was, came from fingering her pussy, sometimes after Jayson had rolled over and gone to sleep.She came over to the bed and leaned down to kiss him. He played with her boobs but quickly pulled her down to lie beside him. He grabbed a condom and rolled it on. Luckily, her pussy would get moist at any suggestion of sex so her husbands 5 inch cock easily pushed into her. As he humped her she murmured, Youre so big, Jayson, a bull of a man. Your staying power is awesome, I want only the best and you are the best, darling. Do you want me to have the best orgasm, the best lover?Yes, oh yes, screamed Jayson. I watch you ... the bathroom ... imagining you getting the best.Thats my time, my secret. Victoria knew her husband liked to ogle her masturbating if he wasnt asleep.You think of other men, dont you? His statement was more like a plea to say yes.To preserve his fantasy she said, You know I do. She could feel him coming.He quickly came into his condom, and rolled to the side. Can you go on the pill, Victoria. It wouldnt have to wear a condom.She didnt want to take a contraceptive pill because she hoped to get pregnant soon. But she wanted to wait until Jayson landed a decent acting role, which he said was just round the corner in one of the longrunning soaps on TV. Thats why she always insisted Jayson must wear a sheath.Her fingers played with her pussy lips as she imagined herself being the centre of attention at a party, flaunting herself at the men before one of them carried her to bed. Her little fantasy. When she was ready Victoria quietly left the bed and took her vibrator to the bathroom. She locked the door, lay on the towel and masturbated. She knew Jayson was spying through the neat hole in the door as she plunged the vibrator into her pussy. They both knew she fantasised about a stronger man, harder bigger, as big as the dildo pumping her pussy. Soon her orgasm came as she also stroked her clit.The next day, after lunch, Victoria walked into a modern office block, all glass, chrome and tiled floors, and asked for Chris at the reception desk. A secretary escorted her in the lift and they stepped out onto the twentysecond floor. While she sat in the comfortable waiting room she ran over what she knew about the company and the man who was about to interview her. Chris was a billionaire. His company dominated the leisure, spa, weekendbreaks business in the UK, especially in London and the surrounding counties.After a while, a beautiful personal assistant showed her into Chriss enormous office.Victoria felt nervous as she looked at Chris who got up to shake hands. Soon she was at ease as Chris showed her the view over London with Buckingham Palace in the distance. He explained a little about his company. By the time they sat in armchairs, facing each other across a low coffee table, she was completely relaxed.Coffee was served by his personal assistant. He said, This is Tam and the job advertised is to work with her. Tam shook hands and sat in a third chair. Tam had striking oriental looks, young, pretty and had a lovely smile. Chris continued, Tam does everything for me at a personal level. Whereas I have secretaries who do the office work, Tam looks after me here and at home, accompanies me to events, and runs my personal life.So, said Victoria to Chris, looking after you is a full time job for two people. She had time to study him, his with a well toned 6 foot frame, age about 5 years older than her body by the look of it. His blue eyes seemed to read her mind.Yes, I need two assistants and its necessary when holidays or sickness come along.As the interview continued and more details emerged about the job, Victoria felt she could certainly do the work. And the salary was very high, far higher than Jayson could earn. She got on well with Chris and Tam. Time flew by and they suggested Tam take her to Chriss penthouse apartment where the interview would continue into the evening.Half an hour later, Tam showed Victoria round the large spacious apartment. Each bedroombathroom suite had views over the Houses of Parliament and the Thames River. Tam said, Your bedroom will be next to mine and we each have our own bathroom.But Im married ...Dont worry, Victoria, if you get the job youll have two days off each week, and when Chris is abroad on business he will take only one of us, so the other will have plenty of spare time.The arrangement felt okay. Do you think Ill get the job? She really wanted it badly and would tell Jayson that if he didnt find another days work, her salary would easily take care of everything.I think you have a good chance of becoming his number two PA. However, you need to accept that Chris expects to be looked after with complete loyalty to him. Hell arrive soon and tonight will be a test to see whether you can cope with his demands. You should text your husband to say you wont be back home till very late this evening.She keyed into her mobile, Jayson, I have a good chance of getting the job. Everything is fab. I have to stay late so please dont wait up.Jayson texted back, Hes choosing you because youre pretty. But I guess Chris is in charge. He sounded grumpy.Victoria had butterflies in her stomach with the anticipation of meeting Chris again. Tam confided, If you desperately want the job, take my advice. You need to look seductive in the evenings. I suggest you borrow some clothes from my wardrobe to change into, were about the same size ... here let me show you.Seductive?Yes. You are to dress each evening. Do you want to try ... give a good impression? I know what Chris likes women to wear. You are very beautiful and I will choose the appropriate clothes for you. She lead Victoria into her bedroom and opened the full length builtin wardrobe.Victoria was so excited. Shed never seen such expensive clothes for her to try. Tam said, Im changing as well and taking a shower. Come follow me and well get ready together.They took turns to shower, Tam first and when Victoria had finished and came out she found Tam in her underwear pulling out clothes for her to see. There was already new lingerie on display on the bed with the price tags still attached.You can have the Agent Provocateur panties and holdups, said Tam. I can see youre hesitating, but I can reassure you it is necessary to dress entirely for the occasion and not to skimp by wearing cheap underwear. Also, dont wear a bra because youll look lovely in this top from Paris, white shirt buttoned up to your neck. It will show off this delicate band of lace round your neck itll make you look very feminine.Victoria dressed as Tam suggested.Oh ... my ... God, said Victoria, looking at the full length mirror. My boobs are showing. Deep down she felt daring and alluring. She reached for her phone and texted Jayson, You wont believe the clothes Ive borrowed from Tam. Very sexy for this evening.Jayson replied, Why does he want you looking sexy? You have to talk business to get the job.Tam put her hand round Victorias waist. Chris wont allow any texting so you need to say goodbye to your husband.Victoria texted Jayson, I cant speak again my love till I get home tonight. She pressed Send and switched off her phone. She turned to Tam, Can I rely on you to tell me what to do, Tam? Will you do that ... you know ... warn me of things that Chris doesnt like, such as this phone thing?Of course, Victoria. Ill look after you. I know Chris likes the way you look, youre such a sweet girl, innocent face and beautiful legs ... he adores shapely legs. And hes convinced you can do the job. Now we have to make sure he gives you the contract.Victoria had never had such compliments and her stomach churned to think Chris might admire her.You look terrific, said Chris as he entered his apartment and kissed Victoria on both cheeks. Hasnt Tam done a great job in selecting your clothes! Victoria and Tam laughed with Chris as he examined her dark features in contrast to the white top she wore. And her black skirt hugged her hips to end 4 inches above her knees. He excused himself to take a shower.On his return, he guided Victoria over to the huge window in the sitting room to look at the view. I think, said Chris, you may be the woman I can trust ... in the same mould as Tam. Trust is a special thing ... I need to trust you ... you need to trust me.His hand round her waist was a surprise but she let it go. She said, I am determined to earn your trust, especially if Im involved with your private life.If youre going to work for me, you will become mine. I must come first in your life.Surely not ahead of my husband ... he comes first. Thoughts invaded her mind at how Jayson was, in fact, quite selfish. Jayson rarely paid much attention to her. But he was her husband.Im sure your husband is a good man but he doesnt come first in our relationship. Your thoughts must always be on me alone, how to make my life better, how to make the situations around me better. Tam says I own her. Does it frighten you?Im not sure. You want me to become yours. But Im happily married. She WAS married it wasnt always happy, it could be better, he could have a regular job instead of being out of work half the time, and in bed he should be taking more care, more time over sex.Tam came in with two glasses of white wine for them and then withdrew.He said, Cheers. I know you are married and he is a fortunate man. I hope he takes care of all your needs.She didnt want to discuss her husbands lack of sex technique that was private. No man is perfect but Im happy.Which means he doesnt take care of everything?There are some things which he ... She felt embarrassed.I can tell this is a sensitive issue between a wife who wants something and a husband who cant deliver.All Im saying, Chris, is that only Jayson can say Im his ... for him alone. Her voice had waivered. A voice in her head cried out, whos better ... that lousy husband of yours or Chris?Chris didnt say anything and put his hand further down her back to rest on her outside hip, and she felt him draw her closer. It must be the wine going to her head she thought. Her body didnt seem to mind the closer contact with the billionaire, but her brain registered that she shouldnt be accepting this. She had boundaries.Victoria found her voice. I think I should ask Jayson about the job. Her words didnt sound truthful, and she wondered what it must sound like to Chris.Good. I want your husband involved to the extent that he backs you. He needs to support the work youll be doing for me. Im sure hell agree with everything.If that were the case Id have no problem with working for you. She paused to make sense of it. I mean, my marriage is important.Of course. But in this job you have to give me loyalty, so that if Jayson were to query any part of it ... you must be strong enough to say I come first.Maybe I can do that.Your marriage will be stronger, Victoria.Why? She sought the answer to put her mind at rest.Because Jayson will have a greater respect for you ... your opinions, your highly paid job, the sacrifices you make. These are all good things in a marriage.She felt stronger now, more confident. The evening sun was beginning to set causing an intense pink horizon. Were her nipples hard as a result of the thin fabric of her white shirt, or because of his hand resting on her thigh? She said, Is there anything in this job that I can refuse to do?Like what?Marriage means I have sex with only one man. There, she had said it but realised it might blow her chance of getting the job she really wanted the job: the money, the security, the satisfaction.First, I never force an issue, which means I wont compel you to go to bed with me. But if we do have sex it will be because you want it. Which also means you wont want it with Jayson.Her breath hitched. I cant do that to Jayson.Yes you will. He will want it that way. Your husband will want you to have the best.It was tempting to believe his words. How would Jayson react if she committed adultery? she wondered. Her head had a voice telling her, Jayson will come round to the idea.Chris asked, Does Jayson have an open mind?Jayson will do whatever is needed.Will he give his permission for you to go to bed with me? He paused, Oh Victoria, look at your face ... Im fooling around with you ... its my unsubtle way of saying you are adorable. Do you forgive me?Victoria had stopped breathing but smiled in relief. Oh my God. Phew. Youre a naughty man, Chris.Lets sit down. The setting sun had created shadows and Tam switched on a couple of table lights. She topped up their wine glasses as Victoria sat on a large sofa and Chris sat next to her.I want to involve your husband ... will you send him a text message? Will you do that for me?Victoria switched on her mobile. She was curious. What do you want me to say?Start the following message. He watched her ready herself with her thumb over the keys. Say ... Jayson darling. I am sitting at Chriss apartment and Im getting tipsy with wine. He has made an indecent proposal that I should have sex with him if you give me permission.Victoria felt herself flush, and for some reason she couldnt explain, her nipples became more sensitive. I cant send that, Chris. Hell be mortified. It felt strange for her thumb to hover so readily over the Send button.You wont know what his reply is because youre going to switch off your phone directly afterwards. Later, you can tell Jayson it was a wild joke I was playing on him. Chris waited.She would explain tonight to Jayson. Having sent the message she started to giggle. I cant believe Ive done this. She jumped in surprise at the ding of a reply text.Chris intervened. You cant read that, Victoria. Switch the phone off.She did as she was told. For some strange reason she liked doing what he ordered. The flirting seemed harmless.What does Tam do ... Does she ... you know ... in bed?Chris put his hand on her arm. It sent a nice feeling through her body, which made her feel guilty. Are you embarrassed that Ive touched you?Not really ... I know I shouldnt like it ... thats all.Flirting is okay with you isnt it?Victoria had sometimes flirted in a mild way. Flirting is nice with the right person ... like you. She wanted to say something about not going any further but she couldnt get the words out.Give me your foot, Victoria, I want to try something.She uncrossed her legs and hitched up the one foot nearest to him. He took her ankle, slowly unstrapped the shoe, and placed it on the floor. Victoria always loved Jayson to rub her feet but Chriss technique was more gentle, more searching as if he were holding a delicate object. Can I do this to you? he said, as he perched more on the edge of the sofa.She leaned back even further. I suppose there isnt any harm, Chris.After a minute, he carefully took her other ankle and brought that up to his lap while he placed to one side the leg he had just massaged. You have exquisite legs, Victoria.Chris, I cant let you do this. If Jayson were here he wouldnt allow it.Why? He would want to see his wife enjoying herself.Maybe, but you mustnt go further. Promise?I promise to adore you, Victoria. He knelt before her and she put her head back against the deep cushions. Her second shoe had come off and he continued to knead her foot muscles, a rhythm that made her feel relaxed. He had put her ankle into his crutch and it rested against his cock the more he massaged, the harder he became.I can feel you, Chris, you must stop ... now.Is Jayson better than me at doing this?She took a deep breath. You do it better. Her nipples had gone painfully hard. The will to keep her legs together had faded as he slowly parted them. This is wrong. Im married. Her voice had weakened.I think Jayson would like to see you happy. Besides, I know what youre wearing under your skirt. Tam told me. As he said this, she felt her hips sliding towards him as he expertly slid her body towards the edge of the sofa. This made her body lie back even more as she looked up at the ceiling.Jayson wont like this, Chris.I want you to tell your husband everything. I think hell be pleased.No he wont. Her laboured breathing was caused by the opening wide of her legs, which she knew must be revealing her lace knickers. She felt damp down there.Lets send him a text. Wheres your phone?No, you mustnt. Please.She jolted as she heard Tam whisper in her ear, Dont worry Victoria. Itll be fine. Whats your code number? She came to sit next to Victoria.Victoria automatically gave the code to her as Chris caressed along her thighs sapping her strength.Oh, Victoria! ... exclaimed Tam. Your husband has sent a couple of replies to your text. He says, Victoria darling. Dont ask for my permission to have sex with Chris. You can make that judgement if you think you must in order to get the job.Victoria looked over at Tam in astonishment.Tam said, And theres another message half an hour ago. It says ... If you are going to have sex I want to know all the details.Victoria burst out crying. Chris immediately came to sit on the other side of her and held her head in his lap. Victoria, its all my fault. Im so sorry.Victoria cried a little more but felt better with Chris whispering lovely messages to her. As her tears dried, Chris looked over at Tam and lowered his voice, Can you take her skirt off.She felt Tam kneel beside her legs and unzip her tight skirt while Victoria lifted her bottom. What shall I do with my husband?Chris kissed her on the lips. Tam replied, You must tell Jayson everything. Chris will want him involved.Chris cupped Victorias face and continued to kiss her lips, her neck and ears. It felt heaven. She knew it must be Tam slowly pulling down her knickers as Chris unbuttoned her shirt to expose her naked breasts. Tam came alongside and whispered to her, Lets undress Chris.by Amavoyeur 18comments 57026views 54favoritesShare the love

Share162 sharesAnd it seems the actress has no problem admitting she is still attracted to younger men portraying the former queen who lusts after a young Indian servant, in her latest flick Victoria and Abdul.Describing her instant chemistry with her 30yearold costar Ali Fazal she confessed to the Radio Times there was no acting at all required.No acting required!: Portraying a queen who lusts after a young Indian servant in her latest flick Victoria and Abdul, Judi said the chemistry with costar Ali Fazal, 30, (above) was naturalHe is very, very tall. He is extremely beautiful and he is an utterly delightful, charming man ... and a good actor, she said.Dame Judi went on to recall a unbelievably rapturous scene with fellow actor Tom Bell in the 1965 film He Who Rides a Tiger, adding: That was quite a day. That was terrific.Dame Judi met boyfriend David in 2010 when he asked her to open a red squirrel enclosure at the British Wildlife Centre near her Surrey home.However, she admits she was not on the lookout for another partner following the death of her husband of almost 30 years Michael Williams in 2001.Caught her eye:He is very, very tall. He is extremely beautiful and he is an utterly delightful, charming man ... and a good actor, she saidNew chapter:Dame Judi met boyfriend David in 2010 when he asked her to open a red squirrel enclosure at the British Wildlife Centre near her Surrey home (pictured together in 2016)Fellow actor Williams, with whom she had daughter Finty, 44, passed away after a battle with lung cancer, aged 65.I think if you were looking for something it might have been different, but I had no intention of getting involved with another man, she said.Of Williams, whom she met on the set of sitcom A Fine Romance, she said: I miss him but I talk a lot about him. Little things can still catch you unawares...You can be laughing and quite suddenly its as if somebody comes along with a hammer and you get these taps.Memories: The romance came after the death of her husband of almost 30 years Michael Williams (above) to lung cancer in 2001Share or comment on this article

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Inspired by this change the couple embarks on erotic stories including the Fifty Shades books that lead them into a new and exciting sexual adventure.A Fifty Shades real life experience shared by a couple that made their sexual play into an adventure using such sexual tools as Liberator shapes and handcuffs for added fun. Enjoy a variety of sexual situations in this highly erotic story that features an erotic twist where the roles change and things get rather hot.Monday MorningA man finds himself thinking of a long lost flame one day after the passing of his wife. It is years later, but he still thinks of her fondly and reached out to her only to find that she feels the same. Enjoy this true erotic story with a romantic feel.A woman is turned on my her lover but must be away so to spice things up long distance, she sends him an erotic story based on a fantasy she has with him. This is the erotic story that she wrote and provides some rather steamy details.Mutual MasturbationIn this true erotic story two lovers have come together after years of having been apart from one another. Friends in high school, they have been courting one another online as adults and are now ready to reconnect on a new level that is highly sensual.A man comes home to find his lovely wife masturbating while watching lesbian porn. Instead of hiding it from him, she encourages him to watch with her, asking him to talk dirty to her as she masturbates watching. A mutual masturbation session commences.Erotic RevolutionA married man weary from his business travels returns to an empty house his wife and kids are visiting his sisterinlaw during a painful divorce. He ventures to a sports bar where he encounters a sexy brunette who will make his evening a great deal more exciting.A high school couple reconnects after having not seen one another in over 16 years. 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After a wave knocks her off and she inadvertently rips her own panties a handsome stranger comes to help her in more ways than one.Christopher Gammaut was raised by a strict Christian family where he valued the religious values of his evangelical Christian community. In later years he became a minister and lived with a very cold marriage until he met Amanda Mantoux.Barb ClenendonA woman gives some sexual history as well as the story of her fist time with her husband and his friend which leads to a rather erotic opening to even more partners in their open marriage. Enjoy this true sex story as told by one of our customers.A woman finds her husband murdered and the plot thickens as the Mafia is out to get her and the police suspect she did it. She finds her saving grace in the snowy mountains in a remote cabin until she learns that she is not spending the winter alone, but with a handsome, rugged man whom finds her just as attractive.The Life of Don WindsomIn the erotic story a woman leaves her boring staff meeting and has an erotic story that leaves her noticeably wet. Her mind plummets deeper into her fantasy as she hears her lovers voice suggest that she take a bubble bath when she gets home to help her relax and sooth away the tension that filled my body.This is a love story between a man and his old high school crush in how they reconnected many years later and then made a life for themselves through hard times and good ones. With a sensual scene after one of the most intense traumas of his life the story is heartfelt and inspiring.Making ItThis erotic story is told through his perspective as he sexually pleasures his female lover waking her up in a most sensual fashion. 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Read more to find out what it is that turns it all around for him.The Second CummingA recently divorced woman decides to attend her 20 year High School anniversary after having reinvented herself with a makeover and getting in shape. As she arrives at the reunion she feels like a fool and lost until a handsome, former classmate brushes her lightly against her arm and says softly Hanna?This meaningful erotic story begins with a dramatic love affair gone wrong and the tension between the two lovers is raw and intense. Later things progress into a heartfelt story about healing and moving forward with the opportunity for love.Revenge SexIn this wild fantasy a woman works as a temp at an office where she is told not to go into a special room that is just for special employees. Curiosity eventually wins her over and she discovers and orgy going on inside. Read more to see what happens next.A woman who is tired of being cheated on by her husband decides to fulfill her best friends fantasy and have sex with her and her husband as a way to fill her fantasy of having revenge sex. Will her plans work and will it be all she desire? Read more to find out.HomeA young virgin woman seeks a legendary lover to be the first to teach her sexual pleasure. She finds what she is looking for and more after she is overtly seduced being given all that she desired and more, much more.Part 2 A celebrity shares how he and his sweetheart first connected and details their first sexual encounter when their love was new and the flames of desire took them to new heights of sexual pleasures.The NeighborsPart I A celebrity shares how he met and fell in love with the love of his life and the sexy way she captured his attention. The flirtation is shared through his vantage point and describes his lust and building admiration for her as they intimately get to know one another.A divorced man describes his sexual encounter with his neighbors daughter that begins when she returns home from college and is home on break. His wildest fantasy comes true as this blond beauty comes onto him and they enjoy a hot summer afternoon together.One Womans StoryThis true sex story is told by a man who has sex with a woman who is rather rude and condescending toward men and enjoys using sex to control them. He describes how they end up having sex and what it was like from his perspective as he dislikes her more and more as their time together progresses.A romantic story about a woman who struggles for most of her life and becomes a doctor in the Ukraine. Her first marriage ends badly and on a whim she decides to sign up to a Russian mail order bride service. She never expected that she would find the best sex and love of her life.Swinging in the CityA woman decides to sexually provoke her lover by wearing a very short skirt and no panties out for the evening. After some intense moments, they return to their hotel where she continues to drive him wild telling him all the while what she wants and anticipating a good spanking for her naughty play.This true erotic story is told by Mary who describes how she and her boyfriend went to a swingers party without her knowing that is what it was at first. She details her sexual adventures during the course of the evening as well as why she will be coming back for more.Saturday NightA woman prepares a sexy evening for her husband on their 30th anniversary. As she does, she recalls their first sexual encounter and shares it with our readers. 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The club is held at an elaborate mansion where secrets are well kept and he finds a woman who he will always remember as one of his greatest lovers.MaturingIn this arousing story a woman shares her first time at a swingers club where she is taken by two other women as their male partners watch. The story begins in the shower with her girlfriend as she gets ready to go to the club and get progressively erotic as the evening continues.This dramatic and sexy tale begins with a young woman in college who has had enough of being stood up by her boyfriend. When she goes to visit his dorm room to tell him off his attractive roommate is there to comfort her in more ways than one. After time passes the two go through a roller coaster of adventures together for an interesting read.Mystery ManIn this very sexy story a woman describes the erotic ways that she begins house sitting for her handsome neighbor. It isnt too soon before her neighbor comes home early and a wild sexual story unfolds to delight your senses.In this sexy tale a business woman returns to her empty home after a long day at the office followed by a boring office party. Lonely after a divorce she resigns herself to living a life of solitude. However, tonight would be different, tonight her mystery man would reveal himself under strange circumstances.Tara the VarunaIn this sexy tale a man in his forties goes out alone to explore a swingers BDSM club to find out what sexual adventures he can experience. He finds two women that make the evening a wild and exciting outing and one that he will not soon forget.This dramatic story is an erotic tale of a man who is betrayed by his wife and swears off women. He puts all his time and effort into his boat. He hires a crew to work the vessel and is taken by surprise by his feelings toward one of his crew Tara. 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However, there is one woman that haunts him from his first and only marriage years ago. He keeps the memories of her shut away... until now.In this true erotic story a couple goes to a sex club in Dallas, Texas and begins to enjoy two other couples. However, as things get even more hot and heavy, some of the women partners begin taking on spectators which leads to a wild night of group sex.Mutual MasturbationA married man shares his fantasy of watching his wife with another man. One day he realizes that he wants to make it a reality. The story gets even more interesting as his wife shares her side of the story and you see his and her viewpoints of this threesome.This true erotic story is about a couple who discover that watching one another masturbate can be a very erotic form of foreplay and increases their desire for one another. It begins with the simple every day task of taking a shower and continues days later.Tongues of FlameThis story goes back in time to the days of cowboys and the wild west. Taking place in a brothel a woman shares her own tale of watching her friend run things and some of the sexual details that go on one evening that leave her extremely aroused and eager for more.This erotic story is a poetic description of love making from a womans perspective. With exquisite details shared and a sexy building of passion throughout this story it is something that any lover of erotica will enjoy.Fun In TwickenhamIn this true erotic story a young woman in college is being visited by her roommates brother Kevin. One morning by accident he walks in on her while she is in the shower. After having had some flirtatious moments things heat up quite quickly and evolve into a steamy sex story to titillate your senses.This is a true sex story between a bisexual, crossdressing young man who has a girlfriend who is also bisexual. They share their fantasies, they have erotic, sexual encounters and make plans to fulfill their fantasies with one another.Sexy Seattle Part 2This sex story is about a man Rolf Kenisen who is overseeing a construction project in the desert. The work requires long hours with little time for anything else. As his work load lessens, he decides to find sexual companionship only to find love as well.In this second part of this true erotic story a man finds his sex new hiking partner has a sexual fantasy that she wants him to fulfill with her during a weekend camping trip in the woods of Washington. After miles of hiking to their destination, she determines they have walked far enough to let her fantasy come true.Tugs WarThis true sex story begins with a man stationed near Seattle looking for a hiking partner to hike Mount Olympus. After searching for a hiking partner he finds an attractive woman who has placed an ad looking for one as well. After hiking they return to his place to shower after a long hike. A playful flirtation begins and the story quickly turns into a sexual adventure.A well written erotic tale of two lonely people who have lost their way in the world in extreme circumstances. An unusual meeting leads them to open up to one another in a manner that is completely foreign to both of them and leads them to make life changes that will forever alter their lives.The SurpriseThis story begins with a woman describing her bisexual relationship with her best girlfriend and her boyfriend. Her girlfriend shares a sex tip with her while visiting a day spa and she goes home to try it on her boyfriend who rather enjoys it.A married couple go to a romantic dinner. Later the husband presents his wife with a surprise by blindfolding her and having a sexy woman come to pleasure her in their bedroom. Things get heated as she opens herself to such a new and unexpected sexual experience.Kefalonian Cock TalesA man who lost his wife a year ago attends a funeral for an older buddy of his and finds himself meeting his adult daughter whom he finds delightful. Each console one another over their loss and find themselves drawn to one another more and more until things take a turn for the erotic.A true sex story about a husband and wife that go on vacation with another couple in Greece taking the book Fifty Shades of Grey which inspires an erotic threesome that occurs with one of the hotel staff for one of the couples. A detailed and hot description for a wild read.Taken with YouA woman going through midlife and feels ignored by her husband decided to give herself a thrill by going to a club and seeing if she can still attract the opposite sex. She flirts and has a wonderful time so she decided to do it again. Things get very heated and she is finally able to find sexual bliss.A sexy woman in the UK is relaxing in a hot bath when her boyfriend and friend come home to discover that she has left the door open. As she notices both her boyfriend and buddy eagerly watching the soapy bubbles slide over her breasts she knows that things are about to get quite hot.Beaver HuntA sexy tale about a widowed man who has been living a mundane life until a very sexy woman begins to come on to him causing his whole world to be turned upside down. 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The story has oral and vaginal sex along with female ejaculation for a very hot storyThe Nude BeachEnjoy this tale shared by a man who describes his wife with another woman while he watches. It is a sexy story that explores an open marriage and those that enjoy the swinging lifestyle. The woman is a stranger whom they pick up at a club with a wild evening ahead.A true story of a man whose attraction for a woman on a nude beach leads him into an exciting sexual adventure with a couple on vacation in the South of France while visiting from the UK.Letter for a Bad GirlA couple that decide to bring some swinging adventure into their lives. The husbands friend is invited to have sex with his wife while he watches and enjoys the pleasure she is given.A Letter to a Bad Girl is an erotic story based on a hot letter that was written for a significant other of one of our website visitors. Enjoy his descriptions of the assignments she had during the day while he is away at work and the fun he hopes to have with her later that evening.Good Clean SexThis story is about woman who is looking for sexual excitement when her friends take her out to a night club. This sex story is sure to make your crave more scintillating tales.Based on a true story, a woman surprises her husband while he is taking a shower and explores all the fun of the hot water drizzling down their bodies as they explore just how sensual their shower can be through oral sex, fingering and so much more.Disappearance of CandyBased on a true story, a female band member while touring in Copenhagen discovers some lesbian and group sex experiences that entice her into exploring more. 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Take a journey with this couple as they spend time spicing things up through hot sex and a hotel stay that you will not forget.An erotic story that is written in the style of a Jane Austen book, however, this sexy story would have made Jane blush as it is quite sexual and will leave one wanting more through this romantically inspired journey.First Kiss Goes FarThis erotic story unfolds as a woman caring for her friend with a broken leg finds herself sexually aroused while putting lotion on her leg around her cast. To her surprise so is her friend. One thing leads to another and the women are experiencing sexual delights beyond their wildest fantasies.An eighteen year old woman cant take her eyes off of the sexy former classmate of hers as he joins her church group. With some flirtatious encounters, the two begin a wild tryst that takes place in daring public places and leaves them wanting more.Used AbusedThis sex story is about a man who lives in an apartment complex in the city. 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