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Motherinlaw does not want sex

Motherinlaw does not want sex

Motherinlaw does not want sex

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0Commented Jul 18, 2017 14:03:30 by anonymousI caught my wife fucking her dad one day when I came home early from work. I got mad and told them I am going to fuck your mom. The dad said go ahead you can have her anytime. I walked out the house and went to her mom house told her what I saw. She was not surprise and said is about time you find out. I told her what her husband had said. She said, he like the young pussy and I am just to old for him. I said no, no you are nice and she strip down took me to her bed, spread her legs and that hairy bush pussy is so beautiful. I fucked her came inside, she didnt even clean up she left my cum in her. She put on a maxipad because she doesnt want her panties to be wet. It was a lot of cum, she like the feel of my cum inside when she walk.My MIL does the same thing after I came she ask me to go to the bathroom and get her the pad. I didnt know what she was talking about until she explain it to me. She put on the pad then her panties. She said it feels knowing my cum was inside of her pussy.Ladies if you havent try it you need to and tell me about it...

Tags: mother in law , affair , cheating , oral ,Finally tasting the forbidden fruit...I had been craving my motherinlaw for years. My wife and I have an excellent sex life, but there was always something about her mom.I loved going swimming at my inlaws house, trying to see as much as I could of her pillowy cleavage. I waited for her to wade in, to watch the miniskirt of her swimsuit float, revealing her luscious thighs and driving me wild with my cravings. My wife used to notice that I would always fuck her harder when we got back from swimming. I told her it was the exercise.One weekend, I found myself presented with an opportunity. My wifes parents had planned to go camping, but I was scheduled to work all weekend. Fortunately for me, my motherinlaw, Lori, had a doctors appointment early Saturday and would also not be able to attend. I didnt masturbate or fuck my wife for two weeks I knew what I planned to do and I was going to drench this woman in my sperm.I waved goodbye to my wife and her dad as they drove off with the kids and dogs to the campground. Since it was later in the day Friday, Lori and I headed inside to have a few beers and eat some food. I spent all evening impressing her with my cooking skills, and she spent all evening drinking. As it became dark, she asked if I could fix her computer before I went home. I willingly agreed.I sat at the computer, taking note of how slowly it was running and removing all the ridiculous programs that people install. She leaned over the chair, her ample breasts hanging close to my face... I couldnt help but sneak a peek. My neglected cock surged with pleasure and I shifted my weight in the chair so that Lori wouldnt notice my throbbing erection.How does all this crap get on here? she asked.Someone is visiting sites and downloading all this bad software, I replied, trying to explain the problem simply. We can just look at the history and see where people keep going.My plan immediately changed when I opened the browser history. It seemed that each morning before leaving for work, my fatherinlaw watched porn online. That in itself was enough to be unsettling, but some of the titles were incredibly hot (and some I even recognized):Mature MILF banged by son in law.Hot older lady fucked by young cock.Mature woman sucking and fucking young soninlaw.My eyes went wide, scrolling through the list of videos. I didnt move, not knowing what to do next.Wow, Lori said simply.Sorry, I replied, and minimized the window. I didnt know that stuff was there.Lori stood, silently, staring at the computer screen. She finished off the beer in her hand, tossed the can in the trash, and leaned back down.What happens in these videos? she asked. I knew at that moment that it was only a matter of time before Id be driving my cock deep into this luscious womans pussy. I just had to keep the momentum going. I went back to the window and pretended to click a random movie. In reality, I chose one involving a mother and her soninlaw.She watched the video, motionless, barely breathing. She watched as the woman slid the guys cock into her mouth, taking it all the way down her throat. She gasped slightly when he penetrated her, devouring the image of his rod disappearing into her wet slit. We watched the whole video together, right up until the guy pulled his cock out and splashed white cum all over the womans body. The woman gyrated in ecstasy on the bed, and the video faded out.Lori stood up, and smiled. Wow, I didnt know he was in to that stuff, she mentioned. I stood, surreptitiously using my shirt to cover the spot on my shorts where my precum had leaked a giant puddle. Well, I guess you should get home, she said.I walked slowly away, thinking I had ruined my chance. I gave her a hug goodbye, which, to my surprise, she held onto long after I expected.I always gave her a little kiss when I left, but this time I was practically climaxing in anticipation of it. She pulled back slightly and I leaned in to kiss her. I gave her the customary lessthanonesecond kiss, pulled back, and looked into her eyes. It was now or never.I leaned in again and kissed her. She didnt resist. Her lips were wet with lipstick and I ran my tongue over hers. I pulled her closer, sliding my hands down to just above her round and supple ass, and let her tongue glide into my mouth, tasting her in a way I had only fantasized about.We broke from the kiss suddenly, and she smiled at the ground. I could hang out a little longer... I trailed off.I have to get ready for bed, she replied, and went to her room to change into her nightgown. I walked out the front door, excited and disappointed. I went to turn on my car, but had forgotten my keys. I strolled back inside, only to find my motherinlaw reclining on the couch in her nightgown, her fingers finding their way across her perfectly pink pussy.She jumped when she saw me. I thought you left! she gasped, and smiled at me, using a pillow to cover her pussy.I forgot... my keys, I stuttered, and walked towards her my keys were on the table next to her head.I grabbed my keys in one hand, and leaned down and kissed her. With my left hand, I ran my fingers across her belly, my tongue discovering her mouth. Slowly, she lessened her grasp on the pillow, and eventually let go, putting one hand around my waist and the other grabbing my forearm. I opened my eyes when I felt her grasp relax, and looked down at her trembling thighs her nightgown had slid up to her waist, revealing her ample, but sexy, bush. Before she could protest, I quickly licked my middle finger and shot my hand down to her crotch. The lubrication wasnt necessary: I hadnt met a woman so inexcusably wet.My fingers found her clit, rubbing in circles, and then in lines... She made some weak attempts to get me to stop, but as soon as the s left her lips, Id run the length of my finger across her clit and between her labia, feeling her warm nectar coat my fingers. That shut her up.I had no trouble sliding two fingers into her pussy. She gasped, no longer capable of kissing me and letting me pleasure her. My two fingers slowly and deliberately explored her pussy, discovering her soft textures and watching her face as I triangulated just the right spot. My fingers slid in and out, deep, shallow, all the while getting even more drenched in her honey. I watched her body, watched her face, listened to her breath, and slid my fingers all the way in. She gasped for air, and her hips tilted to take my fingers completely. Found it!I moved quickly in between her legs, not giving her time to protest. My tongue met her clit, which was covered in her warm juices. She dripped all over my fingers, and I watched rivers of her nectar find their way down her ass cheeks and drip onto the couch.I engulfed her clit in my mouth, sucking, licking, dragging my tongue across it, forcing my fingers into her soaking wet pussy. It wasnt long before I felt her body tense. She grabbed the back of my head, forced my face deeper into her pussy... she squeezed her thighs against my head like a vice, but that didnt stop me. She inhaled in tiny, ragged breaths, and managed to whisper the words I had been waiting to hear all these years,Dont stop.Her body convulsed in ecstasy, gushing hot, sugary cum directly onto my tongue. She let out a moan like a porn star. She bucked against my face, drenching my mouth with her syrup. It felt like minutes before she relaxed and collapsed on the couch. She took huge breaths, still quivering, wipingthe sweat from her forehead.This was it. I silently and gently unzipped my shorts. I had the foresight not to wear underwear, which had caused my aching cock to leak precum all over my shorts like I had spilled a mug of coffee. I grabbed my cock with my right hand. I could not recall a time I was ever this hard. My cock throbbed with each heartbeat, and it was almost painful. I had a clue about how to remedy that.Before she had time to catch her breath, I moved on to the couch. I opened her legs wide and leaned down to kiss her. I felt my cock head touch her swollen pussy lips, and she jolted her eyes open.Should we? she squeaked. I leaned down close to her, kissing her passionately, and she wrapped her arms around my waist. I gently positioned my cock at the entrance to her wet hole, and slowly... slowly... slid myself in to my motherinlaws pussy.The feeling was incredible. Her pussy was tight, since she hadnt been fucked for probably years. She was so wet, though, that she fit perfectly and snugly around my rod. I pushed my cock deeper, all the way in, and she responded by dripping more cum down my shaft as I gave it to her.She began to grind her hips against me, ensuring that she was getting every last inch of me. It was almost too much I slid most of the way out to catch my breath and stop from cumming. No sooner had I done that, than Lori grabbed me by the ass and forced my cock back inside her. I buried my shaft into her, making her take every swollen inch, feeling my balls pressed against her mature virgin asshole. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in deeper, until I filled her to capacity.I couldnt wait any longer. It wasnt that I didnt want to, it was that I was on the brink of cumming since that first kiss. I put my hand to her face, and she looked into my eyes.Can I cum inside you? I whispered. The sentence seemed to push her into a miniorgasm.She closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around me, and leaned up to my ear.You better.I shoved my left hand underneath her at her lower back, holding her lower body just slightly off the couch. I grabbed the back of her neck with my right hand, and introduced her to a sensation she hadnt felt for years.I shoved my dick inside her, fucking her, every single stroke leaving more and more of her sweet juices dripping down my shaft. Beads of sweat dripped from my forehead and splashed on to her tits. She felt me swelling, and lost her breath. I couldnt hold it in anymore I felt like my cock was about to burst if I didnt relieve this sexual tension and dump my ample load into this sexy woman.I erupted inside of my motherinlaw, coating her insides with my sperm. I pumped everything that I had into her, each spasm sending hot jets of thick, sticky, cum deep into my wifes mom. I emptied myself in her pussy, filling her to capacity with semen.She smiled, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of a hot, sticky load inside her again. When I slid my cock out, a torrent of milkywhite cum followed, dripping all over the couch and onto the floor.Lori sighed, running her fingers up and down my arm. She looked at me and smiled, saying something that still turns me on:You have no idea how long Ive wanted you to do that.This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.To link to this sex story from your site please use the following code:a hrefhttps:www.lushstories.comstoriestaboofirsttimewithmymotherinlaw.aspxFirst Time with my MotherInLawaYou may also like...

0Commented Oct 6, 2014 01:35:48 by anonymousMy mother in law has b cups with little nipples that get nice hard when I rub on them. Love her little boobs, though wouldnt mind longer nipples to really wrap my lips around. More often than not, when she changes into her evening dress she will leave her bra off. That way, when the wife daughter are downstairs, and I run upstairs for something, I get to reach under her gown and grab rub on those sweet tits for a few moments. Even at age 71 they feel so nice. I can tell she enjoys it too.I would love if my MotherInLaw let me do that but she is too much of a prude to allow that.

HOME How I became a Cuckold When my wife and I got married at an early age, we were both as naive as you can be. My wife Kim was 24, 59, 130lbs, long brown hair to the middle of her back and 36c breasts. I (Don) was 25, 61, 210lbs, short hair, with a typical physique and I would say an average (6 inch) penis. We were both still virgins, but we had fooled around a little, me up her shirt under the bra and she had jacked me off a few times. Like I said, naive. At the time, little did we know that it would be her mother who would educate us and inevitably train me.When my wife finished grad school, her mom gave us a trip to the Jamaica as a graduationanniversary gift. We were excited. We were young and had no kids so we were going to go down and experience it all. We started working out and tanning a bit all in an effort to get the most from our trip. My wife looked hotter than she ever had. She was smokin hot in her new bikinis and they drove me crazy every time she wore them to tan.When we arrived, we found out that the package included two in room massages. We had never tried that before so we thought it would be a fun opportunity. We got to the room and got settled. It was a three room suite with a living room, Kitchen and our king bed master. The living room overlooked the beach and we could see the sunset every night. After settling in to our room, we called and made dinner reservations and made reservations for our massages the next day.After dinner we went for a walk on the beach. It was still very warm so my wife took her shirt off and was wearing just her bikini and a little wrap. She looked so hot, I could not help myself and we had sex right there on the beach. Little did I know that a first for us, would become the last time I would have any say about our sex lives.We woke early and went to breakfast and a walk on the beach. We were still feeling the excitement from the night before and my wife decided to try topless. I did not even have to ask her, she just decided to try it. I was shocked and massively turned on. We walked for a short while then returned to our room for lunch and our massages.As we finished our lunch, the two men would show up for our massages. I answered the door and found two very tall, very Jamaican men standing there with two a bag in one hand and massage tables in the other. I let them in and showed them were we would like to have the massages. As they set up their tables, my wife and I went to change.We came out of our room with our robes on and to my surprise, my wife walked right up to a table and untied her robe and laid face down. Her masseuse, Chris, covered her butt with a towel and proceeded to start spreading oil across her body. I could feel myself stiffening just watching her already. Then I shyly walked over to my table and tried to lay down without showing my growing hardon. My masseuse, Ibraham, laid a towel over my butt and began massaging oil into my back.I could not believe how great it felt having someone with such strong hands massage my back. I always figured I would be a little afraid of having some guy give me a rub down. Kim on the other hand had no problem at all letting Chris rub her down. In no time she was moaning and mumbling as she was relaxed to the point she was nearly asleep. As we laid there, I had my head laid to the side so I could watch Kims reaction to it all. It was amazing to watch the pleasure in her face.After about 30 minutes or so, Ibraham told me that this was where they like to give the husband and wife some special treatment. I asked what that meant. He told me that they had a special treatment they developed that helped the husband really relax his shoulders and the wife really get a full body massage. I asked Kim what she thought and she replied she was up for anything. I think as long as it meant Chris kept his hands on her, she would have gone for whatever.I agreed so Ibraham pulled out some straps from his bag. He wrapped them around my wrists, then around some loops on the bottom of the table. He said that by letting steady tension pull on my shoulders, it would help the muscles relax and ultimately make the massage more effective. It seemed logical. At first it was a little tight, but I could feel my shoulders relaxing after a short while.In the mean time, Ibraham got some more oil on his hands and he and Chris would both begin working on Kim and her body. Chris was working on her legs and Ibraham was working on her shoulders and back. As they did, I could see such pleasure in Kims face. She gave them moans of encouragement as these two strangers began massaging her entire body. I could see Ibraham slowly working his hands down her sides and brushing the outer edges of her breasts. Kim would moan as he did.I could see out of the corner of my eye that Chris was slowly working his way up the inside of Kims legs, first her calfs, then her thighs. Kim moaned in pleasure as he slowly worked his hands up towards the edge of the towel and finally underneath. Her breathing sped up as Chris, the first man other than me, worked oil into her cheeks. As he did, Kim told him, Oh my god that feels so good. Chris asked if there was anything special she wanted rubbed. She kind of giggled.As she did, Chris slowly began working his hands down her butt between her legs. I was shocked and began to voice a little protest to what I was seeing. As I did, I also found myself sporting a huge hardon that I could not control. Eventually it would pop out pointing down between my legs. Chris just looked over at me as I argued and he said, dont worry Sir, we wont give her anything she does not want. Then he smiled.I began to realize I was in trouble. Chris kept working his hands and Ibraham kept moving closer and closer to her breasts until he finally just gently brushed her nipple with a finger. This was kind of a wakeup call for Kim. She tried to sit up for a second and move away. When she did, the men just held her to the table. She began to struggle slightly as they rolled her onto her back. She kept asking them what are you doing. Chris just looked at her in the eyes as he stood between her legs and told her that they would stop any time she would tell them too.It was like she could not say no, I suspect she was so horny she couldnt. Then it was all but over as Chris reached down and gently slide his shorts down to the floor. He would reveal a huge black penis half stiff starring strait at my wifes opening. Kim looked down at him as he prepared himself. She looked at him and he just said this was part of the service and Ibraham pulled her shoulders down onto the table and held her there. Chris leaned forward and gently stroked Kims lips. Kim moaned and yelled, what are you doing. Chris slid a few fingers between her lips and pulled them out soaked with her juice. He looked at Ibraham and smiled. Then he climbed up onto the table over Kim. She looked at him and started to squirm and struggle. She kept asking, what are you going to do, what are you going to do. Chris looked down at her as Ibraham held her roughly against the table and said, I am going to massage your whole body.With that he began pressing his penis against her lips. She tried to squirm underneath him but they held her. Then suddenly she let out the highest pitch squeal and began breathing really heavy. As she tried to catch her breath I could see Chris starting to slowly slide himself in and out of her. I tried to fight the ties, but found myself glued to what I was seeing. Kim began groaning with painful pleasure and tried to push against his hips. She kept telling him it hurts, please it hurts.Then it began. As Chris kept pressing against her, she squealed and then screamed as she arched her back and I watched her eyes roll back into her head. I knew at that moment something had happened. Chris kept going as Kim kept screaming and squirming underneath him. Ibraham was now pulling on her nipples as she arched her back welcoming Chris. When it finally ended, she fell back to the table. Chris then began to be a little more urgent and pressed harder and harder. He began to speed up and before long was pounding her really hard. In no time, Kim was grunting and squealing again. As she transitioned from squealing to screaming, her second orgasm arrived and it over took her.At first she was fighting to keep Chris out, as this orgasm over took her, she was scratching and pulling at his butt to try and get him deeper. As it continued, Chris began to grunt and Kim replied by begging him for more. Before long she was asking for more and harder. Chris lasted a little while longer, but finally finished and slide off the table. Kim was trying to recover as Ibraham kept massaging and pulling at her nipples. Then I think it hit her, Ibraham figured to have his turn.She turned to him and he smiled. Kim looked worried as she looked at him. He just smiled and said it was up to her, but that she had better know what she was getting into. As he said that, she pulled his shorts down. He would uncover the biggest, fattest penis I had ever seen. It was at least 10 inches long and several inches thick. He just looked at her and told her, just tell me you dont want it, that is all you have to say. Kim just stared at him, looked at his penis, then his face, then his penis. Then he just looked at her and told her to go into the bedroom.As she began to get up, I called for her to not do it. She turned to me and said, I cant help it, I have to try. I struggled to get free to no avail as the door to the bedroom closed. As I rested from my struggles, Chris would begin my humiliation. He started to laugh and I asked him what he was laughing at. He smiled and said, You realize she is no longer your woman. That now she is ours, that she will not be able to say no to us. And that you will never satisfy her again. He laughed as he went into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed.I laid there on the table and all I could do was listen and wonder what Ibraham was doing to my wife. At first I heard grunting and pounding, then the screaming began. Oh My God, AAAHHHHH, then OH MY GOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHDDDDDD. Then nothing for about 10 minutes. As Chris finished cleaning up his table, Ibraham came out. Chris asked how she did. Ibraham looked at him with amazement. Chris asked what? Ibraham looked at him and said, she had actually been able to ride him. She had taken it all. Chriss eyes popped open. That would be a first apparently.About ten minutes later, they would untie me and let me get up. My arms hurt like crazy and they began to laugh. Apparently somewhere in the process, I had cum all over their table and myself. They threw me a towel and before long, they had packed up and left. I walked over to our room to find Kim still laying on the bed. She was totally naked laying on her back with her legs wide apart and her lips so big I think I could have driven a truck inside her. She had cum dripping from her whole and she was laying in the biggest pool of cum I had ever seen.She was to sore for the rest of the trip for us to try anything, not that she would have wanted to anyway. As we met up with her mom and dad in the airport, it became evident that her mom had actually planned what had happened. They giggled and laughed, her mom at one point screamed, no way, you took it all. Apparently she had discovered Chris and Ibraham on their 20th anniversary. She had not slept with her dad since.For the next five years, she would let me sleep with her exactly 5 times. She of course had found a new taste for larger penis. On our 5 year anniversary from going to Jamaica, we went back so she could find her bulls. She slept in one room with them the entire trip. I was only allowed to listen through the walls.After that trip, she decided she wanted some kids so she would let me be with her a little more often until she got pregnant. We now have two beautiful girls and are coming up on our 10 year anniversary of her bulls. She says she has decided that since I am not man enough to give her sons that she is going to go back to Jamaica for the purpose of breeding with Ibraham. She says that she wants a son who can actually satisfy their wives.She says that its ok for me to write this story to you for one reason. Up until now she has not let me see who she has been with besides Chris. All she will do from time to time is let me clean her up if she is in the mood. She says that she would like feedback from your fans to decide if I am allowed to watch Ibraham bred her a son. I have to say, I dont mind my new role, but I would really love to watch her take this huge penis. Please ask your fans to let me watch her as he fills her up.I am providing a hot picture of my wife to help entice more votes to let me watch. She also would like to know if they say no to me watching, what should she do with me while she is with him. Thank you so much for your site and I am sorry for such a long story, I hope it was worth it.Don kimanddon live.com

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