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Photo of sex with relatives

Photo of sex with relatives

Photo of sex with relatives

Milkweed redirects here. For other uses, see Milkweed (disambiguation) .AsclepiasAsclepias syriaca seed pods, upper image from August and lower from DecemberMilkweed sprout, a few days after sowingChemical structure of oleandrin , one of the cardiac glycosidesAsclepias L. (1753), the milkweeds, is an American genus of herbaceous perennial , dicotyledonous plants that contains over 140 known species. It previously belonged to the family Asclepiadaceae, but this is now classified as the subfamily Asclepiadoideae of the dogbane family Apocynaceae .Milkweed is named for its latex , a milky substance containing cardiac glycosides termed cardenolides that is exuded where cells are damaged. 2 3 4 Most species are toxic .Carl Linnaeus named the genus after Asclepius , the Greek god of healing. 5ContentsMilkweed flowers edit Asclepias species produce some of the most complex flowers in the plant kingdom, comparable to orchids in complexity. Five petals reflex backwards revealing a gynostegium (fused stamen filamens and styles) surrounded by a fivemembrane corona. The corona is composed of a five paired hood and horn structure with the hood acting as a sheath for the inner horn. Glands holding pollinia are found between the hoods. The size, shape and color of the horns and hoods are often important identifying characteristics for species in the genus Asclepias. 6Pollination in this genus is accomplished in an unusual manner. Pollen is grouped into complex structures called pollinia (or pollen sacs), rather than being individual grains or tetrads, as is typical for most plants. The feet or mouthparts of flowervisiting insects such as bees , wasps and butterflies , slip into one of the five slits in each flower formed by adjacent anthers . The bases of the pollinia then mechanically attach to the insect, so that a pair of pollen sacs can be pulled free when the pollinator flies off, assuming the insect is large enough to produce the necessary pulling force (if not, the insect may become trapped and die). 7 Pollination is effected by the reverse procedure, in which one of the pollinia becomes trapped within the anther slit. Largebodied hymenopterans are the most common and best pollinators, whereas monarch butterflies are not good pollinators of milkweed. 3Honeybee on antelope horn ( Asclepias asperula ) with pollinia attached to legsAsclepias species produce their seeds in pods termed follicles . The seeds, which are arranged in overlapping rows, bear a cluster of white, silky, filamentlike hairs known as the coma 8 (often referred to by other names such as pappus , floss, plume, or silk). The follicles ripen and split open, and the seeds, each carried by its coma, are blown by the wind . Some, but not all, milkweeds also reproduced by clonal (or vegetative) reproduction.Ecology edit American milkweeds are an important nectar source for native bees , wasps , and other nectarseeking insects, though nonnative honey bees commonly get trapped in the stigmatic slits and die,. 7 9 Milkweeds are also the larval food source for monarch butterflies and their relatives, as well as a variety of other herbivorous insects (including numerous beetles , moths , and true bugs ) specialized to feed on the plants despite their chemical defenses . 3Milkweeds use three primary defenses to limit damage caused by caterpillars : hairs on the leaves, cardenolide toxins, and latex fluids. Data from a DNA study indicate that more recently evolved milkweed species use these preventative strategies less but grow faster than older species, potentially regrowing faster than caterpillars can consume them. 10 11Uses edit Although milkweed is not grown commercially at a large scale, the plant has had many uses through human history. 3 The milkweed filaments from the coma (the floss) are hollow and coated with wax , and have good insulation qualities. During World War II , over 5,000t (5,500 short tons) of milkweed floss were collected in the United States as a substitute for kapok . 12 13 As of 2007, milkweed is grown commercially as a hypoallergenic filling for pillows 14 and has recently begun being cultivated to be used insulation for winter coats. The first milkweed insulated winter coat 15 was produced in 2016 in collaboration with Altitude Sports, a Canadian online retailer of technical outerwear and highend winter coats, Quartz Co., a Canadian brand producing highquality winter coats, and Monark, a Quebecbased company cultivating Asclepias syriaca fibres.A study of the insulative properties of various materials found that milkweed floss was outperformed by other materials in insulation, loft, and lumpiness, but scored well on various metrics when mixed with down feathers. 16 Milkweed is a plantbased insulation that is locally grown in Canada, it is renewable, light and as mentioned earlier, it is also hypoallergenic. Milkweed fibers are used to clean up oil spills. 17SeedsIn the past, the high dextrose content of the nectar led to milkweeds use as a source of sweetener for Native Americans and voyageurs .The bast fibers of some species can be used for cordage .Milkweed latex contains about 1 to 2 latex , and was attempted as a source of natural rubber by both Germany and the United States during World War II. No record has been found of largescale success.Grown commercially since 2012, particularly in Quebec, Asclepias is also known as Silk of America using a term silk 18 attributed by the naturalist Charles Sigisbert Sonnini that was brought into France as an exotic plant and a silk to be included in fabrics. Silk of America is a strand of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) gathered mainly in the valley of the Saint Lawrence River in Canada. The silk is used to manufacture thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and oil absorbents. 19 20Milkweed also contains cardiac glycoside poisons that inhibit animal cells from maintaining a proper K, Ca concentration gradient . 4 As a result, many natives of South America and Africa used arrows poisoned with these glycosides to fight and hunt more effectively. Milkweed is toxic and may cause death when animals consume large quantities of the plant. Milkweed also causes mild dermatitis in some who come in contact with it. Nonetheless, milkweed can be made edible if properly processed. 3The leaves of Asclepias species, and of some species formerly classified as Asclepias such as Gomphocarpus physocarpus , are the only food source for monarch butterfly larvae and other milkweed butterflies . 3 These plants are therefore often used in butterfly gardening and the cultivation of it supports the life cycle of the monarch butterfly which is currently labeled as an endangered species. 21

By Liam Fox in BangkokUpdated January 02, 2018 18:56:50Map: CambodiaPolice in Cambodia have charged an Australian man after he allegedly locked his local girlfriend and her relatives in his house and demanded sex from them.Officers had to force their way into James Bernard Kings house in Sihanoukville last Thursday to rescue his girlfriend, her sister, her niece and her sisters young son and daughter.A police spokesman told the Phnom Penh Post the 69yearold allegedly demanded his girlfriend cook a meal for him, and that her sister and niece, both aged in their 20s, have sex with him.Police negotiated with King for two hours before forcing their way into the house to rescue the women and children.They were not injured but their ordeal lasted for 10 hours.Mr Kings girlfriend, 38yearold You Kea, told the Phnom Penh Post: My young niece and nephew were very scared they hugged their mother and me, but noone was sexually abused.A local prosecutor said Mr King had been charged with illegal confinement, which carries a maximum penalty of three years jail.First posted January 02, 2018 16:56:12Top Stories

Woman warns relatives of deporteesbyDeportees arriving from the UK yesterday.Daphne gives a warning to families of deportees outside the Mobile Reserve yesterday.12A woman, who said she was speaking from experience, warned the throng of family members who awaited the arrival of deportees, yesterday, that their sons and daughters bank accounts had better be in good standing.She said this was a life and death matter as some deportees were coming home to great expectations considering what they sent back to Jamaica while living in the United Kingdom.The elderly woman, who was called Daphne, said some mothers couldnt come to see their children arrive as they took the money their children sent back to Jamaica for safekeeping to care for their younger male lovers.Some a dem mother ya you ago hear bout dem later on. Fiftyoddyearold woman a shop every day, fi wah? A buy tile, tile out young boy house fi him walk pan. Buy big car gi man, dem son money. Some a dem run gone tek out loan, she said.Daphne told THE STAR that since Buju Banton sang the tune Deportee (Things Change) more illegal immigrants have wised up and started sending stuff home to build a foundation.According to her, it is not easy for those involved in illegal activities to sacrifice and come home to nothing.Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Area Four, Devon Watkis, during a press conference yesterday at the Area Four HQ, said, at the moment, he did not want to ascribe deportees to criminal statistics.He said that each deportee would be monitored depending on the nature of allegations attached to the individual.Watkis, however, said that deportees have been killed in the past.Featured Video

Share this articleShareHer family had to wait until this week to see her killer, Stuart Hazell, jailed for a minimum of 38 years at the Old Bailey. But there is a much wider and no less disturbing narrative to the Tia Sharp tragedy.Tia was the product of a world most people could not begin to comprehend a world of drug taking, alcohol abuse, domestic disturbances, social service interventions and loose sexual morals fuelled by pornography that has become part and parcel of everyday life in certain sections of welfaredependent society.Killer: Stuart Hazell, 37, was the livein lover of Tias grandmother Christine Bicknell and had dated Tias motherHad this not been the case, had the lines between what is right and wrong not become so grotesquely blurred, then Tia Sharp might still be alive today. For she would never have been left alone with such a vile misfit as Hazell, an individual with 30 criminal convictions, including crack cocainedealing and violence.Much, if not all of this, was known to Tias family. Moreover, Hazell was not only the livein lover of Tias grandmother Christine Bicknell, he had also dated Miss Bicknells daughter Natalie Sharp, the mother of Tia.Back in Croydon this week, sympathy for Tias family was mixed, with anger at their failure to protect her. On the day Hazell, 37, was sentenced, eight police officers stood guard outside the house whereRefuge: Tia Sharp often preferred to stay with her grandmother Christine Bicknell, which brought her under the same roof as paedophile Stuart HazellTia spent her final hours amid fears the address, which is due to be demolished, could provide a focal point for lynch mob violence and vandalism. Those fears proved to be unfounded, but the illfeeling towards Miss Bicknell, 47, and Miss Sharp, 31, has intensified over the past few days.This is in the wake of their numerous TV appearances and the exclusive front page accounts they gave to rival redtop tabloids (My Lover The Monster and Mums Message To Sex Monster) for which it has now emerged they were paid tens of thousands of pounds.In fact, money had already entered the equation within a few weeks of Tias death. Miss Sharps partner, David Niles, 29, was telling any journalist who approached him for an interview: How much are you offering and can you pay cash? Its not worth anything less than ten grand.This is the same David Niles who had professed his love for Tia shortly after she had gone missing.I was in Tias life from when she was just four years old, so she grew up seeing me as her dad. I loved her like she was my own daughter, declared Mr Niles, who has been unemployed and claiming benefits for the past four years, according to neighbours.We now know, however, that Tia had a lessthanperfect home life with her mother and stepfather.In fact, Mr Niles and Miss Sharp, who have two young sons Tias halfsiblings were investigated by social services three times in recent years, twice in relation to Class A drugs and once over an argument at their flat in Mitcham, South London, when the police were called.Tia, who was sometimes absent from school, was never placed on the atrisk register, but sought refuge with her grandmother in Croydon which brought her under the same roof as paedophile Stuart Hazell. Tia had even expressed a wish to move in with her grandmother permanently once she turned 16.This is the cruel irony at the heart of this story. Needless to say, David Niles was not asked about any of this when he appeared on ITVs Daybreak the other morning. He received a fee of 2,000 for the fourminute interview.The following day, after Hazell was jailed, Mr Niles and many of Tias relatives went to the ITV studios to complete a documentary (Living With A Killer) which was broadcast on Thursday evening. Perhaps the most revealing insight into this family occurred offcamera, however.Parents: Tias mother Natalie Sharp and her partner David Niles have been investigated by social services three times in recent yearsSome of the extended family were asking for the autographs of the celebrities who work there, said someone who witnessed this distasteful circus. They were very excited to be there.Of course, Tia Sharp is just the latest victim of the moral decay that now prevails in parts of Britain.The names may change, they may come from different parts of the country, but all are casualties of the same underclass whose values subsidised in the most part by benefits are being passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, mother to daughter.Tias grandmother Christine Bicknell, the matriarch of the family, is the daughter of a warehouse worker who drank heavily. Christine became pregnant with Natalie at just 15. The babys father, Paul Sharp, a longdistance lorry driver, had been in and out ofprison.He and Christine were married shortly after Natalie was born, but broke up after 18 years together. Christine married again in 2004, but within a few years her second marriage had also ended. At the time, Christine was a barmaid at the Raynes Parks Tavern in Southwest London, where regulars still remember her. One recalls her as being uncouth and foulmouthed.Among the hardened drinkers who propped up the dimly lit bar in those days was a loner with cropped hair and arms covered in tattoos.Stuart Hazell made no secret of his background. His father was a recidivist criminal with a CV that included convictions for theft, burglary, damage to property and firearms offences. Stuart followed in his footsteps and referred to his chequered past as the Hazell curse.Crime scene: Tias body was found in the loft of her grandmothers house, where she had hoped to move at 16Nevertheless, in around 2002, Christine introduced her own daughter to Hazell and they began going out together. Like her, Natalie Sharp had also been a teenage mother: she gave birth to Tia when she was just 18. By then, she had already broken up with Tias father. In the eyes of her family, he was just a sperm donor.What attracted a young woman like Natalie Sharp to Hazell, who was just four years her senior but looked old enough to be her father? Was the common denominator drugs?In 2003, Hazell was jailed for nearly three years for being part of a gang selling crack cocaine and heroin. Hazell and his associates were caught with wraps of the drugs hidden in their mouths and in their underwear. Police said they had caused misery and crime in the KingstonuponThames area.Hazells relationship with Miss Sharp was apparently shortlived, lasting only a matter of weeks, and was over before he was convicted.Yet some time after he was freed from prison both Miss Sharp and her new partner, the aforementioned David Niles, were also arrested for possession of Class A drugs, although no charges were ever brought. Just a coincidence?Either way, in 2007, Miss Bicknell, Sharps mother, started an affair of her own with window cleaner Hazell. She said it didnt bother her that he had also been with her daughter. Just a week after they started going out, Hazell moved in with her in Croydon. And soon Tia herself would be left in his charge.This is the shocking chronology that put Tia in mortal danger. Gradually, she would spend more and more time at her grandmothers house in New Addington, a notoriously deprived area on the outskirts of Croydon.Final hours: When Tia Sharp was pictured out with Stuart Hazell he admitted murdering the 12yearold schoolgirlThe local shopping parade has a cheap takeaway, a betting shop and a supermarket selling discounted superstrength lagers and ciders. On the window of the Randall Tavern, there is a police poster offering a reward for witnesses to an attempted murder in the neighbourhood.Stuart Hazell was a regular at the Randall Tavern until an incident three years ago when he was kicked out for causing trouble. He returned a few hours later.We saw him coming up the path carrying a machete, said the landlord. It was about the time the kids were coming out of school. I locked the doors and told everyone to stay inside. Then I called the police.Hazell was jailed for 12 months for possession of a machete in a public place. Still, Christine Bicknell, who worked in a care home, and Tias mother were prepared to leave her in his care. There was no hint of his unhealthy interest in children but, by Miss Bicknells own admission, Hazell would drink cans of Fosters and vodka and get very argumentative. And he used to smoke weed as well in front of Tia and all the other grandchildren. I used to hate that. I used to tell him: No, not in front of Tia. You know I dont like it. But hed carry on anyway.This is what passes for normal life and a grandmothers sense of propriety on some housing estates in this country.Only when it was too late did it emerge that Hazell was engaged in much darker activities. Police would find internet searches on his computer for naked girlies, illegal underage incest pics, violent forced rape and little girls with glasses. Tia wore glasses.There was only one individual, as the judge said, who was responsible for ending Tia Sharps life. But anyone who has followed this harrowing case, or is simply reading this article now, will surely agree that Stuart Hazell was not the only person to betray her trust.Additional reporting by Tom Barnes.Click here for more video from ITV DaybreakShare or comment on this article

Mama June Dating Man Who Molested Her RelativeEXCLUSIVEMama June is seeing someone new, but theres a big problem ... the guy just got out of prison after serving time for molesting one of Junes relatives ... TMZ has learned.The new guy is 53yearold Mark McDaniel. He was convicted in 2004 for aggravated child molestation. Prosecutors say he molested an 8yearold child forcing oral sex. June was dating McDaniel at the same time he molested the child. We will not identify the child but its someone with whom June has contact.McDaniel served 10 years and was released this past March. He is now a registered sex offender in the state of Georgia.Were told Honey Boo Boos mom has been seeing McDaniel for the last few months ... sneaking away from production of the show and meeting up with him. Were told shes also been setting him up by buying him various gifts.The photo was taken a few weeks ago in a hotel room where June, McDaniel, and other guests were hanging out.We contacted TLC, which produces Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The official says, TLC is not currently in production on HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO. We are very concerned about this new information and are reassessing the future of the series.We reached out to June ... so far no word back.

commentsWere the circumstances different, the photograph of Graham BonhamCarter and his family at the start of their African safari adventure would have served as a lasting and happy reminder of the holiday of a lifetime.Grouped together at Johannesburgs international airport, their faces radiate excitement as they prepare to board a light aircraft to take them to the fivestar Savanna Lodge in the exclusive Sabi Sands game reserve.There, they knew they would see all the big game leopards, cheetahs, lions, hippos and elephants before relaxing in luxurious canvastopped lodges, each with their own plunge pools, verandahs and stunning views.The last picture: From left, Graham BonhamCarter, wife Kay, Shelley Bennett, Piers EgertonWarburton, Brenda BonhamCarter, Fiona EgertonWarburton, Marcus EgertonWarburton and Francis Kirkwood. Those circled died in the crashToday, property manager Graham, 50, can barely bring himself to look at the photograph. Six days after this picture was taken in August 2008, four of the sevenstrong party were dead killed when their rented minibus blew a tyre and somersaulted as they travelled from Botswana to the Madikwe game reserve in South Africa.Last week, an inquest in SouthWest London heard Grahams haunting evidence. He broke down in tears as he described the carnage and paid tribute to his wife Kay, who died in the crash.Graham, second cousin of the Oscarnominated actress Helena Bonham Carter, was miraculously the only one to survive the crash unscathed, but hes had to live with the terrible images ever since.When he came round, having briefly lost consciousness, it was to find his 74yearold stepfather Francis Kirkwood whod been driving the vehicle slumped dead across his body.My mother wept, shed never flown first class before.Grahams wife Kay, 54, mother Brenda, 74, and nephew Marcus, 14, had all been thrown clear of the vehicle and lay dead from terrible injuries.Grahams sister, Fiona EgertonWarburton, then aged 51, was lying in the back of the minibus having suffered broken ribs, a broken collarbone and a compressed lung.On hearing her elder son Piers, then aged 16, crying out for her from the road, Fiona ignored her own agony to crawl to him, not knowing if, having lost Marcus, she was about to lose another son.I meet Mr BonhamCarter at his offices near St Jamess Palace, where he works managing the property of a wealthy businessman. This is the first time he has spoken publicly about the tragedy.Dressed in a fine tailored suit, he cuts a debonair figure .Two African bangles peek out from the cuff of his pink shirt. One copper and cowhide was a gift from his wife Kay, days before the accident. He never takes it off. The second, made from elephant hair, he bought to mark the first anniversary of the accident.Today, he is a study in composure, but in the months following the tragedy, when one memorial service followed another, the grief poured out. It still does, whenever his guard slips.Usually it is when I am on my own driving in the car, when its quiet or when theres a beautiful piece of music playing and I have the time to think, he says.It is painful for Graham to remember his familys enthusiasm when he first floated the safari idea during a lunch at his divorced sister Fionas house in East Sheen, Richmond, which she shared with her sons, mother and stepfather.My nephews in particular were very excited by the idea and said that if they were going to go to Africa, they wanted it to be with me. They knew I had a lot of contacts there and knew all the best places, says Graham.Haunting evidence: Graham broke down in tears as paid tribute to his wife Kay, with whom he spend six years, during his evidence to the inquestBorn in Zimbabwe to his South African mother Brenda, a training consultant for Max Factor, and English financier father Robin, Graham grew up with a passion for Africa.And he took it upon himself to meticulously plan the trip of a lifetime, using air miles hed saved to treat his wife, mother and stepfather to firstclass tickets on British Airways for the outward journey.Ill never forget my mother going to turn right as we boarded the plane and saying to her: No, Mummy, turn left. She wept. Shed never flown first class before, he recalls.Fiona and her boys had arrived a couple of days beforehand to visit South African relatives in Johannesburg, and on August 14 they all flew out to the bush on a propellerdriven plane.Every second of their holiday lived up to expectations. From the luxury of the Savanna Lodge, they travelled to a more rustictented lodge in Botswana, which Graham had first visited when he was 16, before planning the final trip to the Madikwe game reserve. The one concern was when the minibus theyd hired to make the 186mile journey was delivered to them by the car rental firm.It wasnt old, but it wasnt in the best condition, Graham says. It didnt have any airbags, some of the seatbelts werent working and we noticed that the back left tyre looked a bit low.The terrible thing is we had the money to hire a bulletproof limo if wed wanted, but no one in Africa travels like that. Wed considered renting two Range Rovers, but we wanted to travel together as a family rather than in a convoy. That was the whole point of this holiday.The bus swerved... there was no time for screaming.When you are in another country, you sometimes dont make the same judgments you would make at home. We thought wed be all right if we pumped the tyre up, which I think we did.Graham did most of the driving that day, but his stepfather who held an advanced driving licence took over some time after lunch, so that Graham could navigate. They were setting quite a pace, at 75mph, because they were worried about darkness falling and losing their way.At 4pm, while the others dozed in the back, Graham suddenly felt the bang of the rear tyre exploding. Glass was later found in the tyre, but Graham doesnt know if the vehicle hit this on the road or if it was already embedded in the tyre when it was delivered to them.The vehicle swerved to the left and Francis straightened it, then it swerved to the left again, and he straightened it again, but the third time it couldnt be righted and we just rolled and rolled and rolled, says Graham.Supportive: While not close, Helena BonhamCarter and her mother have both phoned Graham to check on how he isSixty seconds was all it took. There was no time for screaming.When I came round, I could see immediately that Francis was dead and there was nothing I could do to help him. Very calmly, I climbed out of the vehicle looking for survivors.It was carnage. Our luggage was strewn over the road, then I saw my mother and Marcus lying not far from the minibus. A door covered Marcuss legs. Then I went looking for Kay.Mysteriously, she was 26 metres from the minibus, lying flat on her back, with blood coming out of her ear. I must have been in shock, but all I can remember thinking was that this was something I just had to cope with in the best way I knew how and, for me, that was by trying to be brave.The inquest, which returned verdicts of accidental death on Kay BonhamCarter and Marcus EgertonWarburton, heard how in a remarkable display of composure Graham did not scream, shout or collapse in tears.Instead, he gathered himself together, calmly helping police with their inquiries and ensuring his loved ones possessions Grahams last tangible link with them did not go missing in the chaos.Graham recalls desperately clutching his wifes and mothers handbags and jewellery, which hed asked the police to remove from their bodies, all the way back to the police station. People find it hard to understand why I didntcollapse or break down in tears, but that wasnt going to bring them back was it? he says. I had to concentrate on what I could do to help and make sure Fiona and Piers were looked after.As Graham was questioned by police at the crash site, Piers and his mother were taken by ambulance to hospital. When Graham went to join them, his nephew was in a terrible state.Piers kept asking me: Can I see Marcus? Wheres my brother? He was refusing to have the wounds in his back stitched until hed seen his brother. I couldnt tell him he was dead, all I could do was try to calm him down so the doctors could treat him.Then a doctor came in and said my sister wanted to see me. She was lying in another room, with an oxygen mask over her face, but she held my hand and the first thing she said was: You can come and live with us.One of her sons had just died, the other was injured, but at that point she was thinking of me, which amazed me. We held hands and just cried. In many ways, it has been much harder for Fiona because she lost a child.Our mother and stepfather were in their 70s and had enjoyed happy lives. Kay and I were lucky to have had six good years together, but Marcus was only 14. His life hadnt even begun.I remember Fiona saying to me, not long after the accident, that it was as if she had a box in front of her and it was filled with thoughts of Marcus. She said: Im sorry, but theres no room in that box at the moment for Kay, Mum or Francis. I understood because I had my own box, and it was filled with thoughts of Kay.Tragedy: Marcus EgertonWarburton was only 14 when he died in the accident. His brother Piers, who is not pictured, survivedThe couple met in Amman in 2000 when Graham was working as director of palaces for the King and Queen of Jordan.Kay, the divorced mother of one daughter, Phillipa, now 24, was the former PA to King Hussein and, later, his son, King Abdullah.It was, Graham says, love at first sight and they married in 2006, returning to settle in Britain. Their one sadness was that Kay, seven years Grahams senior, was too old for them to have children together.We really had the most perfect marriage. We never rowed. She was incredibly gentle. There are only a handful of people that come into your world and touch your lives and Kay was one of them.Piers kept on asking: Wheres my brother?The first time we were introduced, I thought: This is the girl Im going to marry. When Graham flew back home on September 1, 2008, it was with the ashes of his mother and stepfather and the body of his beloved wife in the hold. A traumatised Fiona, still recovering from her injuries, returned later.On the flight home, I remember the air stewardess coming up to me and saying all will be all right one day, which was incredibly kind of her, but Im still waiting for that day to come, says Mr BonhamCarter.Today, Graham and Fiona still receive counselling to cope with their loss, but they have reached the stage where they can talk about what happened without tears or despair, or the inevitable whatifs.Though not close to his famous second cousin, Graham says Helena Bonham Carter and her mother Elena have been incredibly supportive in the aftermath of the tragedy, phoning to check how he is.Graham is now considering taking legal action against the car rental firm which supplied the minibus to them, believing it may not have been roadworthy, but says: Yes, there is anger, but will that bring my family back? No.Graham has returned to the crash site three times to try to make sense of it all, and to obtain from the local police crash reports for the British coroner.Piers, Fiona and I are like a little triumvirate now. We are very close, because no one else really understands what weve been through, says Graham. But we are also aware that others endure far worse than us.Piers is now 18 and has left school. He cant remember anything of the accident or being in hospital and his youthful optimism has helped us to cope enormously.He loved Marcus, he spent more time with his brother than anyone else, but he says: I will always love my brother and miss him, but I dont have to be sad all my life. Share or comment on this articleMost watched News videos

TLC Cancels Honey Boo Boo ... After June Dates Child MolesterEXCLUSIVETLC has CANCELLED Here Comes Honey Boo Boo TMZ has learned, in the wake of our story that Mama June is dating a convicted child molester who sexually abused one of her relatives.The decision comes one day after TMZ broke the story ... June has been secretly dating Mark McDaniel, who got out of prison in March after serving 10 years for forcing oral sex on an 8yearold.Weve learned June has denied shes seeing McDaniel, despite a photo we posted showing the 2 of them at a small party in a hotel room. TLC clearly did not believe her and cancelled the show because they felt she was putting her children at risk.TLC has shot an entire new season of episodes but will not air them. Although the show has fallen off its ratings high, were told its still very profitable, so TLC is taking a financial hit.But the network is not turning its back on the kids, telling us, Supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority. TLC is faithfully committed to the childrens ongoing comfort and wellbeing. Our sources say the network will pay for tutors and counselors for the kids.Mama June just responded she continues to deny that she is dating McDaniel ...

Courtroom clash: relatives argue while man faces feloniesCraig Dulay is facing 9 felony sex abuse chargesBy: Joseph HoytPosted: Nov 08, 2017 04:27 PM PSTUpdated: Nov 08, 2017 04:27 PM PSTTim Becker and KOIN 6 News Staff PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) On Wednesday, a day after her husband, Craig Dulay, turned himself into police, Summer Smith spoke out, hoping prosecutors would put Dulay away.Dulay, according to court records, is facing 9 counts of felony sex abuse 8 of which are in the firstdegree against a close member of the family that happened from Oct. 2010, to Jan. 2011. Dulay has plead not guilty to all charges and is expected back in court in December.KOIN 6 has chosen not to name the victims name, who is still a minor.Smith said she has a recording of her husband admitting to the child abuse.Summer Smith said shes speaking out against her husband Craig Dulay, who allegedly sexually abused a family member whos a minor, because shes terrified there could be more involved. (KOIN)Copyright by KOIN All rights reservedSummer Smith said shes speaking out against her husband Craig Dulay, who allegedly sexually abused a family member whos a minor, because shes terrified there could be more involved. (KOIN)And the (District Attorney) has it, Smith said of the recording.Smith said shes terrified that Dulay, a 57yearold former night custodian at David Douglas he was put on administrative leave on Sept. 11 might have had other interactions with minors. Thats why she spoke to local media about it.She came out and told me because he kept making comments about the way she was developing, Smith said of the family member who Dulay allegedly abused, and she was terrified that it would lead to more more abuse.While she was doing that, Dulays sister, passing through the lobby of the Multnomah County Courthouse, intervened. The defendants sister, who did not want her name known, said she lived with her brother in 2010 when the alleged sex abuse happened.Its not even true, the sister said. Thats my brother and would never, ever hurt anybody.Then Smith responded.He admitted to it, Smith said. Theres voice recording...Because you were cussing on the (recording) the sister said, and he felt pressured.The two would continue yelling at each other, backandforth, until the defendants sister left, about 3 minutes later.Dulay is currently being held in Multnomah County Jail on 2 Million bail.Craig Dulay is facing 9 counts of felony sex abuse. (KOIN)Copyright by KOIN All rights reservedCraig Dulay is facing 9 counts of felony sex abuse. (KOIN)

Enjoyable, but dont expect a second Malizia...7 December 2014 by peterosenau See all my reviewsThe sensational success of Malizia obviously called for a sequel of some kind. So one year later, in 1974, most of the Malizia production staff including the main actors, Laura Antonelli and Alessandro Momo, came back together to shoot Peccato veniale.Somewhere on the beaches of Tuscany, in the 1950ies, a welloff family spends their vacation. The old parents, constantly quarreling, are the least of the problems of their son Sandro. Sixteen years old, pubescent, rebelling, spending the days with his friends playing pranks and starting to get interested in women. However the only woman he is seriously interested in, is the beautiful Laura (guess the actress?), the wife of his older brother Renzo. And while Renzo is usually out for business reasons, Sandro and Laura get to spend a lot of time together on the beach...Well, thats the obvious and constructed vehicle to replicate the success of Malizia, bringing the same two actors back together in a romantic situation. But apart from that goal, the two films are not really comparable. This is because Malizia has a strong dark side to it, the sexual tensions there are not mutual, but forced. The characters are credible and you can sympathize with them. In addition, although usually categorized as comedy, the humor is subtle, clever and discreet, and you could easily call it a drama film with social comment as well.Peccato veniale is quite different in all of these respects. The gags come with a wooden mallet and are usually not very good. Slapstickstyle sequences on the beach you would expect of some cheap Insegnante flicks, but not of a production like this. The family mechanics are not much better, though, and its only good old Lino Banfi who made me smile a couple of times. These comedic elements are predominant in the first half of the movie. The script is trying hard to be more funny than Malizia, but can achieve that only by making basically a fool out of all the characters, except for Laura and Sandro of course.Their relationship is developed rather lacklustre until it gets momentum after the first half. Its not too badly written from then (most of the earlier beach nonsense ceases) and felt convincing to me, albeit not surprising at any point. Initially Laura doesnt even notice Sandros interest in her, then she does, but smiles about it, until she develops feelings of her own. This is actually inevitable in view of her husband Renzo who is so completely stupid and unbearable you wonder what made her marry him in the first place. Once you consider this, you can see the problem that somewhat limits the characterization of Laura. On the part of Sandro, its mostly the same as with Malizias Nino, but without the dark, cruel elements. Missing those, its doesnt take too long to imagine how Peccato veniale will turn out.For Laura Antonelli, this is probably the last time she took the role of a youthful, naive love interest. It barely works out here, and she did well to choose more mature and better roles after 1974. Nevertheless, she is absolutely radiant throughout the film in her implausible beauty. Apart from very sexy beachwear and a couple of shots in semitransparent lingerie, there is no nudity at all rather surprising that they didnt want to beat Malizia in this regard.So overall, this is the more shallow, comedic and forgettable followup to Malizia, and in spite of the many similarities, there are even more differences. If you liked Malizia, its not necessarily the case youll like Peccato veniale as well. While its okay to watch, the rather low level comedy of the first half dragged it down for me and it took long until it could grasp me a little. Overall its a slight disappointment, and it totally fails to top Malizia in any way.3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?Yes

See all my reviewsYes, this is a very good film. With Istvan Szabo directing and Lajos Koltai behind the camera you wouldnt expect anything less. The production values are very high and the film looks magnificent. While based on a novel of the 1920s, I reckon Szabo choose to make a film of this classic Hungarian work because it speaks to modern day Hungary. The issue of corruption remains a corrosive aspect of modern day Hungary. Perhaps because of this, this film is directed at Hungarian audiences and so rates comparatively low in IMDb ratings. Perhaps so, but this film is well acted, brilliantly directed, superbly photographed and well worth watching.4 of 5 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you?Yes